Wednesday, December 8, 2021


*sits down to an EMPTY CUP!! gets up refills cup, sits back down for a new #CardsOverCoffee*

Last year, Topps introduced an artist led card series known as Project 2020 which took 20 artists to do a reimagining of 20 classic Topps baseball cards of the past leading to a 400-card set.

At first, the cards took off a little slow until the flippers came in and started making a ton of money off from the cards which then drove others to the set. Even I fell into that trap, buying a Shore Griffey hoping to have hit a gold mine until I found out I was one of over 99,000 to do so. After that card, I never bought another and many left trying to flip them.

The cards themselves didn't entice me very much outside of the one I bought that I was trying to flip.

Then came one that caught my eye. Not just because of the player, but because of the design.

*takes a sip before showing off the card*

The Don C Jeter Project 2020 is an obvious design to most of us who watched television in the 90's.
It is based off from the logo used for the iconic Seinfeld television series. Having added a few Seinfeld cards to my collection in 2021, this card was at the top of my want list to have.

My buddy, @Jake1725, who is a big collector of the Project 2020 series, knew I had wanted this so he had bought it for me for Christmas. A great gift, from a great friend.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post. maybe should watch some Seinfeld with the next cup of yada yada yada*

The Jeter isn't the only Seinfeld related card in the Project series. The Topps Project 70 card of Mike Piazza done by Oldmanalan is a throwback to Jerry's apartment. That is the next card I want for my collection.

As for the Project 2020 and 70 cards overall, my feelings on them have changed as this year has gone on. I have actually come to appreciate them more and wouldn't mind adding a few more to my collection of players I collect or just because I like the look of them.

But first, I need that Piazza!

In comments today, let's talk Seinfeld and the Yankees. Which character matches up with a Yankees player, coach, or management? 

Here is my take,
Jerry-Brian Cashman
Elaine-Derek Jeter
George-George Steinbrenner
Newman-Hideki Irabu

Let me know yours and don't mess up or NO SOUP FOR YOU!

Have a great Wednesday!

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. Well, the real John Peterman almost signed with the Yankees, but asked for too high of a signing bonus and played two years in the minors with the Pirates. Has the added distinction of being my great-uncle.

    I haven't actually watched Seinfield so I can't comment on anyone else.

  2. Jerry's mom - Morganna the Kissing Bandit (sorry, couldn't think of a good one...)

  3. I watched the pilot episode of Seinfeld way (way) back when, and that was enough for me :)


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