Sunday, January 16, 2022

Opening One Of Those Walgreen Things

*sits down with a cup of coffee, reaches over the table to grab a package of cards that had been set there the day before. it's one of those Walgreen things as I call it.*

In 2020 with the height of everyone buying everything up, anytime I found anything interesting to rip, I bought if I had the funds. This includes those Fairfield repacks you find at Walgreens, which even sold out most of the time.
But I was fortunate with my timing and was able to pick up four repacks, two baseball and two football and have been sitting on them for a rainy day.

Guess's a cold snowy let's rip one of the football ones.

*takes a sip, begins to rip*

In every one of these packs/boxes, there are 75 cards and one manufactured pack. These boxes are about $5 and 1:4 of them come with a hit. The last time I opened one before the card gold rush, I pulled a no-name autograph.

I didn't want to post all 75 cards from the box, that would be a lot of pictures especially using the light box to do them. So I pulled out the key/my favorite ones.
The pack I found in my box was a 2015 Score retail pack. Too bad 2015 didn't have a better rookie class. I battled with myself on whether to open it or not, but I decided for now to keep it sealed for another rainy or snowy day.

The cards are an assortment from new to old which is all apart of the fun of opening one of these. There isn't usually a lot of junk in these or at least by my standards.
Joe Montana on the iconic Pro Set design and Jim Brown card from Topps Magic.

Fred Barnett towards my 1997 Skybox Premium set chase and a PC card in J.T. Turner of the Giants.

Another PC card in Cedric Jones, though I do have probably ten copies already. The Pro Line Jerry Glanville made me chuckle. I truly appreciate those cards and their photography. There hasn't been anything like it in the hobby since.

Two Hall Of Famers. I have always been a fan of Warner.

Frank Gore (looks so off in any uniform that isn't the 49ers) and Theismann. He still has his perfect leg in this photo but I am sure still has nightmares of LT,

Finally, we close it up with my two favorite card finds. Topps Gold Label was a beautiful product and I liked Taylor so this was an excellent find. Then you can't ever complain about finding a Bo no matter the sport.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

This was a fun break for the price. I thought I did pretty decent with the Hall of Famer names in the box and some cards that I didn't show for my late 90's PC. I think the only other way to improve one of these is to include an insert or two. That would intrigue me even more.

I see myself opening up a baseball one the next time I open one of these.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday. God Bless!

Thoughts on my break are welcomed in comments.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Still A Moron

*cards over coffee is new and fresh today like the cup of coffee that sits next to me. I have a card in mind for today's post so let's get on it!*

Since Allen and Ginters release, I have had my eyes on landing one autograph from the set. No, it wasn't a sports player or an upcoming prospect to bank off of, it was an actor autograph.

On October 28th, I proclaimed that I wanted a Jeff Garlin autograph to go with the relic card I posted that day. Well, it happened two months later.

I finally got the autograph I had hoped for in a trade @DarkCards66 after tweeting multiple times that I was still looking for it. He saw my tweet and was happy to help as he didn't have any success in trading it elsewhere. Destiny finally was going to bring that card to me.

*takes a sip before showing off the card*

The autograph of Garlin I wanted for my Goldbergs collection. 

It was actually the show that Garlin formerly starred on.

Wait...formerly starred on???? Wasn't he just on there a couple of months ago when I first put up a post about wanting this autograph? (yes having a conversation with myself, with you and my cup of coffee)

You read it and I typed that right. After playing the role of Murray Goldberg, which to me was one of the most important characters on the show, Garlin came to a mutual agreement to leave the show about a month ago after HR did some investigating about his behavior on set.

The show had already taken a big enough hit the last few seasons with Adam Goldberg (the character who's life is the basis of the show) no longer writing for the show, the passing of George Segal as Pops and now Garlin leaving. I can't imagine it surviving to past this season or how they will fix it so they can. Garlin's character will still live on for the rest of this season but through a lot of old footage, shots from behind, voice overs, etc. Not ideal at all.

I guess you can say it was a moronic move by Garlin for whatever he may had done. Kind of ironic based on how his character would have treated his kids if they had made that mistake.

I still don't feel like a moron for adding this autograph to my collection as I enjoyed his time on the show. Thanks to @DarkCards66 for the trade again.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

I am happy with my Garlin collection from Allen and Ginter and probably won't chase him any further in it. There are a couple other actors autographs including Paul Rudd I would love to add. But, that will be much more challening.

Thoughts on The Goldbergs, Murray Goldberg, Jeff Garlin or my latest autograph addition welcomed in comments below!

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Friday, January 14, 2022

Milestones Part 2

*takes a sip, cards are ready next to me for today's post. It's time once again for some Cards Over Coffee*

Not only have I reached a milestone with another one of my "Big 3" player collections, I have also reached a milestone personally. A couple of weeks ago, I was told I was in the pre-diabetic stage and heading towards diabetes. In the last couple of weeks, I have re-done the way I eat, added on thirty-minutes of exercise and lost 7.8 pounds in doing so. It's not a huge milestone but compared to the way I was trying to lose weight the last three years, this is huge. I just hope it can continue.

Before I continue onto the cards, I must also admit, in this dietary change that I haven't taken out my "must breakfast combo" of a bagel and of course my friend coffee. I even had a discussion with a Dietician the other day about my eating and she was fine with me sticking with the bagel for now. Overall, I do need to reach a 25-pound weight loss to make it to that milestone. A long way to go, but off to a decent start.

*takes a sip, gets up and puts bagel in the toaster.....toasts it.....puts very little butter on...sits back down...takes a bite and gets ready for more Cards Over Coffee*

Eli Manning is the second player of my "Big 3" to reach a big milestone recently. I don't have my Eli Manning PC on TCDB, but I know there is another guy on the site who collects Eli and I rather not step on his space. Everyone on there knows that he is the Eli guy.

I am hoping on the blogosphere and maybe Twitter, I am the Eli guy.

And being the "Eli guy" I recently hit the 800-card milestone thanks to Wes, Shane and a gift card from a family member.

In Wes' box of Christmas goodies, came the two shiny Eli's. I will admit, the Prizm blue-team color parallel, looks awesome.

With the gift card, I was able to snag two cheap Eli relics on eBay for $5 each.

The surprising one between the two was this one from Upper Deck that was numbered to 75. Looks like these were not easy pulls and I didn't see any others listed. A steal I call it!

Finally, card #800 was a stunner and may be one of my favorite Eli Manning cards I own.
Dual Patch card with Rex Grossman. The swatches for both players are as the new collectors call it, siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicckkkk or as we would have called it in the 90's, that's, you had me at hello.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

With these additions and a few more recently, my Eli Manning collection has roughly 807 cards or so. My next goal isn't at 900 though, it's more like 1,000 which makes it a large milestone. With large milestones comes large cards. I will need to find something pretty special to get for that time of celebration. For now, I have a VERY LONG ways to go. I may celebrate 900 still, but 1,000 will be where it's at.

Maybe I will reach my milestone for weight loss when I reach my Eli one, then it can be a dual celebration.

Comments on my milestone, the cards today or even a milestone from your life or collection welcomed below.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Milestones Part 1

*coffee is ready, cards are as well. lets do some cards over coffee!*

As a player collector, I think it's important to not only set milestones, but celebrate them as well.

I reached a milestone with two of my "Big 3" player collections recently and now is the time to celebrate it. Of course, the first thing I need to celebrate is finally uploading these photos. It took seven, SEVEN hours to upload 72 photos to this blog yesterday. THAT IS NO JOKE. When people wonder why blogging can be challenging, this is one of the reasons.

Enough with the problems I had yesterday, just like with anything else, today is a new day and a new start. Let's celebrate.

*takes as sip of coffee before showing off the cards*

Charles Way is the newest of the Big 3 players I collect. In less than a year, I have reached the pinnacle of collecting him. I am the Number one collector on TCDB for Way by a long shot, I have 43.4 % of all Way cards (109/251) and just reached the 100-card milestone thanks to my friends Wes and Shane.

Here are the ones that took me over the 100 milestone,
2000 Pacific Premiere Date /78

1998 Topps Gold Label Red Label

These are numbered to 50 and hard to find.

Same goes for this Gold parallel of Way from the 1998 Contenders Leather.

Not easy to find and is numbered to 76.

The next tough card to find was this 1998 Fleer Tradition Trophy Collection, there are only 20 of these out there.

And finally,
1999 Score 10th Anniversar Artist Proof parallel.

These are /10. As you can imagine, not easy to find at all.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

I have set my next milestone for my Way collection to reach the 150-card mark. There is a WAYS to go, but, looking at how fast I built this PC in the last few months, it may not take as long as I think to reach it. The tough part once again will be landing the rarer cards such as the two PMG's I have seen listed recently I just couldn't pull off. I may never see those head my WAY.

Thoughts on my milestone and how you collect your player collections welcomed in comments. Part 2 of Milestones will come your WAY tomorrow.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Sunday, January 9, 2022

I Wanna Be Like....Chad

*takes a sip, coffee is very hot this morning. I guess it will pair well with today's card then. takes a seat with laptop raring to go, coffee and card off to the left. time for some Cards Over Coffee*

Growing up we all had a role model we wanted to be. When I was growing up, you always saw Michael Jordan plastered everywhere you went including cereal boxes, posters, shoes, magazines, commercials, movies, etc. The song/phrase "I Wanna Be Like Mike" was a thing as everyone wanted to be the GOAT of the NBA. I must also note, there was plenty of Ken Griffey Jr plastered around as well who I had taken to and not Jordan.

As an adult, I think we have people to look up to as well. "Adult Role Models" are a different kind from the ones we grow up seeing. They are the ones who you look at and say, "What an incredible person to do what they did for another."

Now, these people don't have their own Gatorade line or are seen on commercials as they do what they do quietly. But, I think it's important that we occasionally give those who give back some recognition.

*takes a sip*

Recently, a card was posted for sale on Twitter that interested both @ChadBec82312937 and myself. I wasn't going to be able to afford the card and was trying to trade for it. Since Chad was tagged first, I gave him first dibs on the card and what happened afterwards left me speechless.

*takes a sip before moving on with today's post*

Chad ended up claiming the card, but, he chose to send it to me after doing so. It was a really kind gesture that caught me by surprise since we hadn't really ever had any interactions before.

Then a problem arose, the person who had listed it on Twitter, had sold it on eBay before Chad made his claim. As disappointing as that was, I was okay with that.... but Chad was not. He not only let the seller know how he felt, but then messaged me and promised he wasn't going to leave me empty handed. I told him I wasn't worried, but he still insisted and bought me not only the card, but an upgraded version to the one from Twitter.

*takes a sip before showing off the card*
The card on Twitter being sold was a Leaf Pop Century autograph of John Cusack, but a base version that was being sold.

Chad really upgraded that version with this green /7!

I wanted the Cusack for my non sport collection as I enjoy some of his films including, 2012 (funny-was the year I started to blog), Sixteen Candles, Serendipity and Identity to name a few.

It just amazes me that someone who you have had barely any interactions with would just go and do that for you. It just boggles my mind and makes me really wish I could do the same for someone else. I guess you can say "I wanna be like Chad."

Which by the way, thanks again @ChadBec82312937. I love the card.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

I wanted to take a minute out and say that @ChadBec82312937 isn't the only one out there who gives back. I see it almost every day, people claiming cards for others or getting together and buying someone a card and it just amazes me. With my funding, I don't get the oppurtunity to do fun things like that however I do send people cards without asking for anything in return. It's not quite the same, but for now is my best effort.

*finishes up cup of coffee, starts to look for some breakfast and to brew the next cup*

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Saturday, January 8, 2022

As Long As We Got Each Other

*takes a seat, sits down and tries to squeeze in a post today. the internet was acting up again yesterday but because of the snow. Coffee ready, it's time for a new Cards Over Coffee*

If you grew up in the late 80's and early 90s, it would surprise me if you hadn't heard of or watched Growing Pains. The show ran from September of 1985 to April of 1992 and featured a pretty solid cast led by the late Allan Thicke and Kirk Cameron.

The show was about the Seaver family who lived in Long Island, NY. Psychiatrist Jason Seaver (Thicke) works from home both as a Dr and as a father who watched over his three kids while his wife Maggie, a reporter, worked. The three kids each had different personalities and brought different challenges to the table. There was ladies' man Mike (Cameron), the good student Carol and rambunctious younger brother Ben. The basis of the show was about raising the kids and the challenges or Growing Pains of doing so. They tackled a lot of issues on the show such as drugs, suicide, peer pressure, and alcohol to name a few. But, in the end, if they were together, they could face any of those problems that arose together. 

I remember watching it religiously on ABC every time it came on and having that theme song stuck in my head until the following week. A lot of the problems the Seaver kids faced on the show weren't anything I could relate to at the age I watched it, but there were some I did face later on with friends. which made me think back to the show.

I can't imagine the topics the show would have to cover today if it was still going on.....

*takes a sip before moving onto the card portion of today's post*

*sings theme song in head while trying to type*

*tries to focus long as we got each other....come on....okay...card time*

In the past year, I have added a few autographs from the show since I watched it and since that is how I grow my non sport PC. I added an Allan Thicke and Jeremy Miller last year and now have added a third one with today's addition of a dual autograph thanks to my buddy Valley Of Cards.
A dual autograph of of brother and sister Seaver, Ben and Carol.

Back of the card. I really wished Leaf would add a blip about the actors on their trading cards.

Thanks again to Valley Of Cards for the assist on this card in our trade.

I would be curious if you guys watched the show in comments and your thoughts on it. I am glad they never remade it as remakes are awful. Though I will say I haven't watched any of the new Wonder Years to see if that is or not.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

I think we could learn a lot from Growing Pains to use in today's culture and challenges that kids face or even us as adults face. What we need to realize despite everything going on in the world, is to take the one line from the theme song and apply that to our lives. Because As Long As We Got Each Other, we can tackle any problem in the world. We need each other's back in these trying times.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

*Show me that smile again...oh show me that smile....don't waste a minute on your cryin'.......*

*oh no, it's going to be a long day*

Friday, January 7, 2022

You're Killin' Me Smalls

*coffee is freshly hot in my mug and I am ready to go. It's time for some Cards Over Coffee*

Picture this, it's 1993 maybe even 1994. It's your almost Thanksgiving or Christmas vacation from school and the teacher comes wheeling in a TV with an attached VCR on a tall cart. You get excited knowing that not only vacation began the next day, but you were going to spend your day watching movies or playing board games.

At my school, we did both. Each classroom had a different game or board game you can join in on and in the cafeteria, well, that was the hot spot where the teacher rolled in the cart for the movie. The cooks in the kitchen would prep you a snack made up of popcorn, M&M's, and pretzels and some other odds and ends. It was always something that I looked forward to.

One of those years, we got to watch a movie about some kids playing baseball that had a catchphrase that everyone, even to this day still use. We got to watch, The Sandlot.

*takes a sip, continues on with today's post*

The Sandlot was a 1993 sports comedy that was set in 1962's Los Angeles and follows the life of sheltered Scotty Smalls who had just moved into the town and looking to make friends. The big theme here was that the friends he was making were big baseball fans and loved to play. The only problem is, Scotty wasn't an athlete. Couldn't catch, couldn't throw.

As the movie progresses, one of the friends named Hamilton "Ham" Porter gets continuously frustrated over Scotty being sheltered and unable to handle himself, blurts out the phrase in frustration over an answer to a question, "You're Killin' Me Smalls." 

The phrase took off. I found friends on recess using it excessively after watching the movie. People today have T-Shirts, Memes, GIF's, etc on the coined phrase. It has turned big, and I occasionally find myself using it. I think we all may use it with some of the hobby mishaps as well.

*you're killin' me smalls I say to myself seeing that you don't have a cup of coffee ready to read this post*

The actor who portrayed Ham and used the phrase is Patrick Renna. I think he was a guest at one of the Panini National Convention VIP rooms and signed some autographs. Thanks to a trade with Valley Of Cards I was able to bring home his autograph and a memory to post about.

(no sticker graphs were used in this signing)

Back Of Card isn't that stunning. I wished there had been a write up on him or at least had the line added on here. You're Killin' Me Panini!

Thanks again to my buddy Valley Of Cards.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

I always like adding autographs that add memories and take me back. Today's times are so stressful with Covid, that a simple good memory helps make days go on better.

I hope everyone has a great Friday filled with coffee.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*