Sunday, June 20, 2021

Pops Day

*takes a sip, sits down on his hard kitchen chair. Has laptop sitting in front of him with a stack of cards, cup of coffee. Windows are open, the sun is shining and the sound of birds chirping makes it feel like a scene from Mary Poppins. Takes another sip, time for some Cards Over Coffee*

Today is Father's Day.

My father wasn't your top-of-the-line dad. He didn't teach you life lessons. He was not a role model. He was not someone you bragged about to your friends. But, he did do the one thing that mattered most to me, he spent time with me.

We went fishing, we played basketball, football and baseball against each other. We played video games, mainly football ones while trash talking at the same time. We went to two NY Giants games, the only two we have ever gone to. We watched sports together during bad and good sports years for our teams. 

And yes, we collected sport cards together which was our biggest bonding moment to this day.

*takes a sip*

We started collecting sport cards in 1994 after discovering packs of cards at a grocery store and later on opening them up in the car (I guess that explains why when I am able to find retail I can never make it home with anything sealed). From there, card addicts were born.

So many memories were made while we collected together. There wzx card shows, card shops, sneaking cards past my mother, talking my grandmother into the hobby, visiting her neighbor who had one amazing basketball card collection, to even opening packs while he drove. Which isn't recommended, but had to be done. 

I will never forget any of those moments spent together They are deep within my brain and exist in my collecting today.

Which is the biggest reason why I collect what I collect and explains my recent mail day from Burbank Sportcards.

*takes another sip and moves onto the mail day*

There are so many 90's set projects I am working on from those deep memories of my childhood.

One of the biggest chases has been collecting all of the Spx sets, including parallels and inserts, with the holograms of the 90's. We opened so many packs of those from all sports and I absolutely fell for the holographic goodness. I have come a long ways with this project but still have a few sets I am missing parts of. One of those is the 1996 Spx baseball.

I was able to pick up 6 of the final 7 cards I need to complete with only Kirby Puckett remaining for this to be finished.

My next grab is one of my next set chases.

Top Crop is shiny map goodness.

Next part of my mail day, were the very first parallel cards that caught my attention.

1995 Summit Ground Zero cards were inserted in packs at a rate of 1:7 packs and were and are still stunning. I finally was able to knock one of the bigger ones I needed down in Sanders. Still need McNair and Martin as my other two big ones.

Other than Spx, I am also chasing Ex sets of the 90's as well for all sports. 

These Fleet Of Foot fell 1:20 packs.

Taking a look at these cards brings me back to those days of collecting with my father. It's amazing what a little piece of cardboard with someone's picture on it can do.

All of these cardboard memories I grabbed from Burbanks Sportscards Beckett Marketplace and saved 10% off by using Code 15BURBANK at checkout. You can also shop their millions of items in inventory now by clicking THIS LINK HERE:

*takes another sip before closing up today's post*

Even though we don't collect together anymore, we still collect apart. We have done trades through the mail and in-person. He also calls me every weekend to discuss the hobby. 

I hope all of the fathers reading this today have a Happy Father's Day and in comments I would love to hear any collecting stories or memories you have with your father.

*takes another sip and thinks about what breakfast to have. Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Unfiltered Review:2021 Parkside NWSL Trading Card Box

*takes a sip, the smell of coffee and turnovers fill the air with a day of hope. Well, hope that I am fed and coffee filled*

I am a fan of trying new things, well, sometimes. If you want me to try a pizza with anchovies, your out of your mind. But, within reason, I am fairly flexible and will break outside of my normal zone.

Especially when it comes to the hobby. I am always willing to try something new.

That's how I felt about the latest product from Parkside.

The National Women's Soccer League cards came out in May and intrigued me especially when I saw it was headlined by Megan Rapinoe. I really enjoyed the last Parkside product I was able to open in the 2020 Parkside Negro Leagues Centennial Draft Class, so I figured this one would be just as good.

*takes a sip, begins to rip*

Each of the 2021 Parkside NWSL Trading Card Boxes comes with 25 cards which should break down to the following, 
  • 20 Base Cards
  • 2 Parallels
  • 3 Inserts
And there are also chances at autographs and rare inserts with each box running you about $9.99-$15. They are currently sold out on the Parkside website but should be available on eBay and other retailers.

*takes another sip, slowly anticipates the turnovers coming out of the oven*

The base set for 2021 Parkside NWSL Trading Cards is built up of 200 stars of the league.
With most coming with some strong action photography. If I ever tried to do this move by Ashley Sanchez I would probably throw my back out and tear my other ACL.

The back of the card is pretty cool. Gives position, number, team, their social media handle along with a scanner to see their statistics. That's a first for me that I have seen.

Here's rest of the base I found in my break,

There are also tough-to-find base card variations that I don't know how to determine, yet. They are limited to 100 for a group of players. So I may have one and not know it.

*takes a sip before moving onto parallels*

There are a few parallels to find in the product as well. 

You can find the following, Foil limited to 1,400 copies, Black/White limited to 700 copies, and Chromes that are 1/1.

Both of these are the foils which feature a touch of foil over the bottom of the card where their names are.

And this is a black and white parallel. I really like the look of this card with the photography as well.

*another sip, turnovers are ready. Now to let them cool*

There are 5 different inserts to find. Some more rare than others.
I pulled Hyped which falls 1:4 boxes. It has a really cool design along with a nice touch of foil.

The next one I found is a Vintage which falls 1 per box.

And yes, it's as magnificent as it looks. It truly feels like a vintage card or one of those you left on your bike spikes too long. It also features one of the best players as well.

There are also tougher pulls in Cityscapes 1:100 boxes and Americana Mini Card which is 1:300 boxes.

*takes a sip before finishing up*

I think the risk/reward factor with these works out pretty well especially if you are a big soccer fan. The base cards look crisp, the parallels especially Black and White are solid and the inserts would make for a fun chase to land the tougher-to-find ones.

Let me know your thoughts in comments below!

*takes one more sip, bite of turnover, Coffee Card Blogger Out!*

Friday, June 18, 2021

Coffee Break:2020 Absolute Football Value Pack

*takes a sip, well after scooping out some sneaky coffee grounds out first that were floating. Hopefully today's pack break goes better than my first cup of coffee is so far*

It's another sunny day and it appears we will be heading towards really warm weather again. For us, really warm weather is in the 80's. The higher the 80's it gets, the more we really start to feel the heat here. Unlike Phoenix, where I see temperatures can reach 117 degrees. Not sure how anyone can live there. If you do and are reading this, tell me how you survive.

Speaking of heat, I haven't had a lot of that recently for these coffee breaks. I am hoping today's pack will turn things around.

*takes a sip, begins to rip*

Each Value pack of 2020 Absolute football comes with 20 cards and usually a few parallels. Packs run $5.98. So it's a cheap pack risk.

The base set built up of 200 cards split evenly between rookies and veterans.

The base set offers up the following parallels, 
PARALLEL CARDS: Printing Plates 1/1.
SPECTRUM PARALLELS: Base Spectrum, Red /100, Orange /75, Blue /50, Green /25, Gold /10, Purple /5,and Black 1/1.
RETAIL PARALLELS: Blue, Green, Yellow, Red Squares /199, Orange Mosaic /149, Blue Diamonds /75, Green Waves /35, Gold Stars /10, Purple Rain /5, and Black Galaxy 1/1.

I have seen some of those Spectrum parallels and they shine like a new coffee mug. I wonder if they make any refractor looking mugs...hmmm....

Absolute offers a variety of foil inserts for rookies-veterans-legends. There 6 different inserts to chase overall. Of course none bigger than the rare Kabooms that I feel I will never pull. 

Inserts have the following parallels, Red /100, Orange /75, Blue /50, Green /25, Gold /10, Purple /5, and Black 1/1.

When it comes to hits, Absolute has and always been packed. There is always a nice variety of what kind of hits you can find from rookies to legends to swatches of jerseys to swatches of helmets. Absolute has always been a fan favorite of mine.

Let's see how lucky I got with today's break:

*takes a sip, begins to rip*


*takes a sip before closing up today's post*

I couldn't really have asked for more with today's break. Found a Burrow, Claypool and a few solid names in base and inserts. Would I call this break as hot as Phoenix? No, not by any means. It was warm though, probably similar to today's temps heading to the 80's.

Until next time, have a great day everyone.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Coffee Break:2020-2021 Donruss Basketball Value Pack Break

*coffee is ready, creamer is getting poured in and a pack of cards is waiting to be opened. We all know it's time for a cup and some Cards Over Coffee*

Today is going to be a beautiful day with temperatures in the 60's and 70's and will be full of sunshine. So instead of a normal long post, I want to get outside and do a short Coffee Break.

So, let's get on with it!
Each 2020-2021 Donruss basketball value pack break comes with 30 cards. I believe there is one of the holo green&yellow laser parallel per pack. Each value pack is $10-$20 each depending on how/when you bought the pack.

The base card set is built up of 250 cards with 200 base and 50 Rated Rookies.

You can chase the following parallels, Green Flood, Green Laser, Green & Yellow Laser, Light Blue Laser, Orange Laser, Red & Gold Laser, Yellow Flood, Press Proof Silver /349, Press Proof Purple /199, Purple Laser /99, Red Laser /99, Blue Laser /49, Yellow Laser /25, Red & Blue Laser /15, Gold Laser /10, and Black Laser 1/1.

CHOICE PARALLELS: Red /99, Blue /49, Gold /10, Black Gold /8, and Black 1/1.

There are 12 insert sets to chase with the following parallels Green Flood, Red Laser /99, Yellow Laser /25, and Purple Laser /15.

Donruss offers a nice mix of veterans, rookie and legends in their hit selection of jersey, patch and autographed cards.

Let's see what my pack entitled and see if I can finally get my first Lamelo Ball Rookie.

*takes a sip, begins to rip*


*takes a sip before closing*

There wasn't much to brag about in this pack break but I really liked the parallel. I also added a new card to the RJ Barrett collection and finding Giannis is never a bad thing.

I hope you all have a great day and let me know in comments if you opened any and how your break went.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Cards From A Blogger

*coffee is poured and cards are next to the computer and are ready to be discussed. It's time for some #CardsOverCoffee*

I realize every time I get a package or pwe from a fellow blogger, how I don't trade enough with my own kind. Is there a reason for that? I don't think so. I always have plenty of trade bait of every team from every sport but maybe it's wondering if they have something I like. I would say 95% of card bloggers are die hard baseball card collectors and I have been slowly drifting further away from that sport other than late 90's inserts/parallels/set building (which for me is 1995-1999), Ken Griffey Jr and Derek Jeter. It's mainly football and non sport for me at this point other than obviously that 90's stuff for every sport.

I can't say that all bloggers may not have something for me, because one definitely has me figured out. Dennis from Too Many Verlanders blog fame recently sent a package my way that included a little bit of everything I collect.

*takes a sip, gets ready to show off the package*


Dennis sent along some eye popping Giants cards. Only a couple I had, so the rest are brand spankin' new.

This Frank Gifford I have, but this is a huge upgrade to mine that has bad corner issues. Out with the old, in with the new! Still need a Gifford autograph card at some point.

*takes a sip, coffee is starting to get a little cold. Maybe it's time this cup goes out with the old and comes in with the new*

I don't nearly collect Griffey as deeply as I used to, but I have a feeling it will be making a bigger comeback soon. These two new cards helps.

Always was a fan of these Boss inserts of the 90's. Colorful and embossed, awesome.

Paul Perkins auto from Infinity

Ramses Barden Red Zone parallel autograph. This card is numbered to 30.

Here's a new one for me, Jai Lewis autograph. A Giants player I had no autographs of. Big plus here!

Hakeem Nicks Freshan Orientation relic

Paul Perkins Mirror Red relic.

Another Ramses Barden autograph. This time from Topps Magic.

This wasn't the end of this mail day however. Dennis threw up some trade bait on his blog and fortunately I was one of the first able to claim.

Keep in mind, I am not a Twins fan.
But I am a 1997 Leaf Fractal Matrix fan.

So I claimed every one he tossed up.

Also claimed this Chuck Knoblauch Artist Proof which will also go in my 90's collection.

Next card, yes another Twin, is this Marty Cordova Stadium Club Matrix card. Really beautiful parallel and I will take 'em all!

The next card, well, this doesn't quite fit with what I listed above. But, it is a side PC. I collect oddball relics you don't see every day. Move over jersey cards, Authentic Game Used Court swatches are winners!

And the final card, yes I do have this Rueben Randle. But, in my collection a different numbered card counts as a different card. So welcome Rueben Randle number 200something.

Thanks to Dennis for the latest mail day.

*takes a sip before closing*

There are a couple bloggers I trade with a couple of times yearly, with Dennis being one of them and a couple of former bloggers I trade with as well. But, maybe it's time I start to reach out to other bloggers and see what we can work out.

*until then, Coffee Card Blogger Out*