Wednesday, January 31, 2024

A Happy Ending

January has been a rough month for me personally, however this blog has been thriving this month I am happy to report. It's taken awhile, but hopefully this blog will only go up from here.

So, I have my coffee ready and hoping to end the month on a HAPPY note.

*takes a sip*

The problem with posting almost every day and not having a lot of funds is that I am running out of posts in my drafts.

I didn't have a lot of options to end this month on and figured it was time to use up one of my posts that's been sitting in drafts for more than a month.

So, I introduce you a happy ending, no not one of those you dirty minds, an adult Happy Meal ending to the month.

In December, McDonald's brought out a sequel to their very popular Adult Happy Meal they released in 2022. This time instead of the Cactus Plante Flea Market, they have brought in Kerwin Frost (I have no idea who that was until Googled), to help assist in this years design.

Instead of the throwback McDonald's characters of last years, I pulled a Grimace I still have, this time they brought back the McNugget buddies to redesign them.

When you order the meal, you can choose between a Big Mac or 10-piece nugget, get fries and the toy of course which is the reason why I bought the meal.

You whip open the box to see this. Then you eat the food before it gets cold because the only thing worse than eating cold McDonald's food is drinking cold coffee.

And like when I pull an insert in a card pack, I saved the toy for last to see....
Three pieces to put together. Fortunately, it doesn't require rocket science to build like some of their toys do occasionally. I can't handle that.

I pulled the Don Bernice who according to McDonald's website is an "experienced fashion designer who creates all the outfits for the Buddies in Frost Way". To me it's either Don King or my preschool teacher who I am leaning more towards it being. That has got to be Mrs. B who had me take a nap when I didn't want to. I can recognize that face she made.

And before you say this is a card blog, why post about McDonald's toys....

I present you the Don Bernice rookie card.

Got you there, didn't I?

It's a pretty cool collectible I plan to hold onto. I hope they come back with another Adult Happy Meal next year. I really dig this idea and nostalgia.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

I just wanted to take a minute out to thank those of you who come by and read this blog when I post and for making this the best month on Cards Over Coffee. I hope you guys enjoy the hard work and time that I put into the blog and every post.

Hope you come ready with a fresh cup for the next post.

Have a great Wednesday.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Chasing The PMG's Part 2

It's coffee, cards, and blogging time! Time for some Cards Over Coffee!

Back in November, I posted about passion for Marvel movies and how I have been chasing the Precious Metal Gem Purple Achievements. Well, I finally have all of them in hand after I got my mail day from Shane from Cheap Wax Wednesday and now I can update my previous post, but in a new post.

There are 36 overall to chase. Here is what I have and what I need,

Guardians Of The Galaxy 2
The Avengers: Infinity Wars
IPMG1Iron Man
IPMG2Captain America
IPMG3Doctor Strange
Spider-Man Home Coming
PMG1Ned Leeds
PMG2Liz Allan
Thor Ragnarok


Doctor Strange
DPMG1Doctor Strange
DPMG2Ancient One
DPMG6Christine Palmer

Black Panther
BPMG4Everett K. Ross
BPMG5Ulysses Klaue
BPMG6Black Panther

And an overall look at them and this is currently updated,
Even if you don't like Marvel, don't tell me these aren't super cool.

Here is hoping that I can continue to add to this. Currently I still have twenty more to go, except I know some I won't ever land because they are brutally expensive. However, at the very least, I would like to finish up the Doctor Strange since I am only one way from that and the Thor since that's down to two.

Maybe even start on Black Panther at some point. 

Hope everyone has a Super day!

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Monday, January 29, 2024

The Coffee Card Hall Of Fame Returns!

*coffee is hot and ready and I am ready for a new #CardsOverCoffee*

Hall Of Fame. It's where the best of the best go.

And that's where cards voted by you guys two years ago went into, well except for one of those I just traded away. That won't happen again I promise.

After a year off, I decided to bring back The Coffee Card Hall Of Fame and hopefully this time there will be more nominees and more interaction with this.

With a little cheating by copying the previous post about this, here's the deal and here is what I need from you guys, the readers.

I have created a box where I will be storing my Coffee Card Hall Of Fame collection. In this box, every year from here on out until I can't brew anymore coffee, I will be placing FIVE cards a year voted on by you to go into the Coffee Card Hall Of Fame. However, I will need some card nominees all year for you to vote on. This is where you guys come into play again. Every post on CARDS OVER COFFEE after today until the December 1st end date, you can nominate a card or cards from any post-including box breaks-in comments of that post you think should be in the Hall for the 2024 year. These will be the nominees.

Those cards will be POSTED HERE all year long. Remember, this is a Hall Of Fame nomination. Not every card has to be a patch, autograph or low numbered, but Hall worthy. I will close nominations on December 1st and will let you guys begin the voting process (how I will do this will be determined later on) on which five cards you would choose to make it into the Hall. The cards with the most votes, get in.

Today, I will be kicking off the nominations with a card to get this started.
How can the Topps Now Topanga rookie card not be included in the Hall Of Fame?

I acquired this card in a trade with Shane from Cheap Wax Wednesday. Some day, some day I tell you, I will end up her autograph version of this card since I was a big fan of Boy Meets World. Which by the way if you are shopping for my early birthday gift my birthday is in March ;)

I hope this sounds like a lot of fun for you guys and hopefully there will be more interaction for it this year.

Thanks again to Shane for kicking this off.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

I am curious on your guy's thoughts about this and my first nominated card in comments today.

Hope everyone has a great Monday. Fill your mugs up with joy today.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Sunday, January 28, 2024

Cafe Trade #3 2024: @levy2628

Coffee, Cards, Blogging. A fun way to kick off my Sunday....or any day.

Today I am showing off my third trade of 2024 and it happens to be my second trade with @levy2628.

And once again, my trade with @levy2628 brought a variety of fun cards.

Let's see what was sent this time.

*takes a sip*
Clarence Birdseye. I bet you can't guess what he is connected to....yup...he was known as the founder of the frozen food industry including you guessed it, Birds Eye.

If only he had created Frozen Coffee.

Booming Cities mini insert

X-Ray Allen and Ginter base. Who doesn't want an X-Ray rookie card? Especially someone like me who has had plenty of them in my lifetime.

Always wanted one of these. Next up on my want list is the 2012 Allen Ginter People Of The Bible Jesus.

1995 Zenith Z-Team Sterling Sharpe. This is my next set chase now that I finished 1996. I will do a separate post on this in Unfinished Cup soon.

Kenneth Choi autograph from Spiderman Homecoming. Choi has starred in a variety of TV shows and Movies. Most recently on the TV series 9-1-1. Which is a much different show than what I grew up watching.

Laura Harrier played Peter Parker's love crush in Spider-Man Homecoming but has also played roles in other TV and movies along with being a model.

I am glad now to have three of the autographs from Spider-Man Homecoming and hope to add more from it and other Marvel ones as well.

Thanks again to @levy2628 for the trade. We have actually just finished another one recently so he could become Trade #4 as well.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

I am always welcoming trades for Marvel cards like the ones above or the 1995 Zenith Z-Team needs. Maybe one of you will become the next Trade on my countdown.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday full of coffee and card happiness.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Saturday, January 27, 2024

The Top Wants

Yes, this post is publishing at 1am, but don't fret, I am not up right now sipping on coffee. I need my ugly sleep. I don't call it beauty sleep; you have to beautiful to call it that.

This post was actually put together on Friday morning. So, any posts that publish very early morning, those ones are usually done the day before.

So technically my coffee is hot, and I am drinking it, just not right now. Well, it is right now, but not right now. You get what I mean.

Anyways, as I mentioned in a previous post, I wanted to share my Top Wants in a post instead of just my page, just in case any of you never check out the page and may have some help for me.

Without any further rambling, here is my most wanted cards,
  1. 1998-1999 Sp Authentic Milan Hejduck RC
  2. 1988 The Real Ghostbusters Ray Stantz Fright Future&Jail Jaw Ghost
  3. 1991 Starting Lineups Rodney Hampton
  4. 1998 Contenders Leather Peyton Manning
  5. 2020 Contenders Austin Mack Autograph
  6. 2004 Topps Chrome Eli Manning
  7. 2020 Topps Now Inauguration Jennifer Lopez
  8. 2020 Topps Now Inauguration Lady Gaga
  9. 2019 Panini Instant Black Cat NY Giants vs Dallas Cowboys game
  10. 1998 Contenders Leather Randy Moss
  12. 2010 Donruss Rated Rookie Auto Victor Cruz
  13. 2010 Contenders Auto Victor Cruz
  14. 2011 Topps Royal Wedding Elton John
  15. 1995 Crown Royale Jerry Jones
  16. 1995 Crown Royale Deion Sanders
  17. 1999 Absolute EXP Team Jersey Tandems Joe Montgomery/Ike Hilliard
  18. 2011 Topps American Pie Wheel Of Fortune
  19. 2011 Topps American Pie Alfred Hitchcock
  20. Leaf Dennis Rodman autograph
  21. 2015 Americana Laura Prepon Autograph
  22. 1991 Nike Mars Blackmon, MJ, Spike Lee Genie
  23. Breygent Wizard Of Oz Yellow Brick Road Relic
  24. 2005 Topps Batman Begins Batman Costume Relic
  25. 2011 Topps American Pie Saturday Night Fever
  26. 1996-1997 Stadium Club Top Crop Hakeem Olajuwon / Shaquille O'Neal
  27. 1996-1997 Stadium Club Top Crop David Robinson/Patrick Ewing
  28. 1996-1997 Stadium Club Top Crop Sean Elliott/Grant Hill
  29. 1996-1997 Stadium Club Top Crop Scottie Pippen / Shawn Kemp
  30. 1996-1997 Stadium Club Top Crop Karl Malone / Vin Baker
  31. 1996-1997 Stadium Club Top Crop Charles Barkley/Juwan Howard
  32. 1996-1997 Stadium Club Top Crop Clyde Drexler / Glen Rice
  33. 1996-1997 Stadium Club Top Crop Gary Payton/Michael Jordan
  34. 1996-1997 Stadium Club Top Crop Anfernee Hardaway / Jason Kidd
  35. 1997 Spx Kobe Bryant
  36. 1992 Pro Set Darkwing Duck/Thunderquack Promo Card
  37. 2020 Donruss Rookie Sweater Dual Joe Burrow/Tee Higgins
  38. 2020 Donruss Rookie Sweater Dual Jordan Love/AJ Dillion
  39. 1996 Topps Turf Warriors Bryce Paup
  40. 1996 Topps Turf Warriors Ben Coates
  41. 1996 Topps Turf Warriors Jim Harbaugh
  42. 1996 Topps Turf Warriors Brian Mitchell
  43. 1996 Topps Turf Warriors Brett Favre
  44. 1996 Topps Turf Warriors Junior Seau
  45. 1996 Topps Turf Warriors Michael Irvin
  46. 1996 Topps Turf Warriors Greg Lloyd
  47. 1996 Topps Turf Warriors Jerry Rice
  48. 1996 Topps Turf Warriors Dan Marino
  49. 1996 Topps Turf Warriors Neil Smith
  50. 1997 Scoreboard NFL Experience Foundations Amani Toomer
  51. 2016 Panini Day Pro Bowl Pylon Eli Manning
  52. 2011 Allen Ginter Prince William&Kate
  53. 2022 Topps Field Of Dream Sp Aaron Judge
  54. 2022 Topps Homefield Advantage Aaron Judge
  55. 1977 Topps Andre Dawson
  56. 1977 Topps Dale Murphy
  57. 1988 Salt Lake Trappers Bill Murray
  58. 1992 Bowman Mariano Rivera Rookie Card
  59. Sammy Sosa Auto Card (no TTM or IP)
  60. Tino Martinez Auto Card (Yanks uni only and no TTM or IP)
  61. Mariano Rivera Auto Card (no TTM or IP)
  62. 1986-1987 Fleer Michael Jordan Rookie Card
  63. Tim Duncan Auto Card (no TTM or IP)
  64. Patrick Ewing Auto Card (no TTM or IP)
  65. Paul Pierce Auto Card (no TTM or IP)
  66. Kevin Garnett Auto Card (no TTM or IP)
  67. Walter Payton rookie card
  68. 1997 Topps Chrome Tony Gonzalez Rookie
  69. 1998 Fleer Ultra Gold Medallion Peyton Manning
  70. 1997 Collectors Edge Masters Gameball #18 Kerry Collins/Brett Favre
  71. Tom Brady Auto Card (no TTM or IP)
  72. Randy Moss Auto Card (no TTM or IP)
  73. Steve McNair Auto Card (no TTM or IP)
  74. Jamal Lewis Auto Card (no TTM or IP)
  75. Donovan McNabb Auto Card (no TTM or IP)
  76. Corey Dillion Auto Card (no TTM or IP)
  77. Tony Gonzalez Auto Card (no TTM or IP)
  78. Ike Hilliard Auto Card (no TTM or IP)
  79. Marvin Harrison Auto Card (no TTM or IP)
  80. Troy AIkman Auto Card (no TTM or IP)
  81. Patrick Mahomes Autograph Card (no TTM or IP)
  82. Wayne Gretzky rookie card
  83. Mario Lemieux rookie card
  84. Wayne Gretzky Auto Card (no TTM or IP)
  85. Mario Lemieux Auto Card (no TTM or IP)
  87. Sean Astin Auto
  88. 2015 Americana Autograph Bradley Cooper
  89. 2000 Sp Authentic Jimmy Johnson (NASCAR) Rookie Card  
  90. Mark Hammil Autograph
  91. Carrie Fisher Autograph
  92. Goodwin Champions Stephen King Autograph
  93. Stan Lee Autograph card
  94. Charlie Sheen Autograph Card
  95. Harrison Ford Autograph Card
  96. Ben Affleck Autograph Card
  97. Britney Spears Autograph Card
  98. Martin Short Autograph Card
  99. Jennifer Lopez Autograph Card
  100. Dick Van Dyke Autograph Card
  101. Adam West Autograph Card
  102. Burt Ward Autograph Card
  103. Sarah Michelle Gellar Autograph Card
  104. Dean Cain Autograph Card
  105. Christina Applegate Autograph Card
  106. Ed O'Neil Autograph Card
  107. Sharon Stone Autograph Card
  108. Tara Reid Autograph Card
  109. Cheech Marin Autograph Card
  110. Wilford Brimley Autograph Card
  111. Christian Slater Autograph Card
  112. Phil Lemar Autograph Card
  113. Wallace Shawn Autograph Card
  114. Jon Heder Autograph Card
  115. Brett Butler Autograph Card
  116. Robin Leach Autograph Card
  117. Joey Fatone Autograph Card
  118. Mario Lopez Autograph Card
  119. John O'Hurley Autograph Card
  120. Chris Berman Autograph Card
  121. Chris O'Donnel Autograph Card
  122. Rich Eisen Autograph Card
  123. Bode Miller Autograph Card
  124. Alyssa Milano Autograph Card
  125. Dick Vitale Autograph Card
  126. Ray Ramano Autograph Card
  127. Tony Danza Autograph Card
  128. 1993 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Flip Heads Yellow Ranger Trini Figure
  129. 1993 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Flip Heads Red Ranger Jason Figure
  130. 1993 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Flip Heads Blue Ranger Billy Figure
  131. 1993 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Flip Heads Pink Ranger Kimberly Figure 
  132. 1993 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Lord Zedd Figure Figure
  133. 1989 TMNT Baxter Stockmon (prefer to have it complete with wings etc) Figure
  134. 1991 Playmates Toxic Crusaders Toxie Figure
  135. 1991 Playmates Toxic Crusaders Headbanger Figure
  136. 1991 Playmates Toxic Crusaders Dr.Killemoff Figure
  137. 1983-1984 Mattel Masters Of The Universe Battle Damage Skeletor Figure
  138. 1983-1984 Mattel Masters Of The Universe Battle Damage He-Man Figure
  139. 1993 Batman The Animated Series Clayface Figure
  140. 1993 Batman The Animated Series Batman Figure
  141. 1993 Batman The Animated Series Robin Figure
  142. 1993 Batman The Animated Series TwoFace Figure
  143. 1991 or 1992 TMNT Leo Figure
  144. 1991 or 1992 TMNT Donnie Figure
  145. 1992 TMNT Shredder Figure
  146. 1991 TMNT Splinter Figure
  147. 2020 Goodwin Champions Ken Jennings Autograph
  148. 2021 Goodwin Champions Michaela Shiffrin Autograph
  149. 1989 Topps Batman Base Set
  150. 1992 Topps Batman Returns Base Set
  151. 1991 Stadium Club Batman Returns Base Set
  152. 2005 Batman Begins Base Set
  153. 1989 Topps Ghostbusters 2 base card set
  154. 1988 Topps Fright Flicks Base Card Set
  155. 1989 Topps TMNT complete base set
  156. 1990 Topps TMNT complete base set
  157. 1991 Topps TMNT complete base set
  158. 1990 Topps The Simpsons Complete Base Set
  159. 1990 Topps The Simpson Complete Sticker Base Set
  160. 1994 Skybox The Simpsons Complete Base Set
  161. 2000 Pacific Prism Prospects Fortified with Stars Peerless Price
  162. 2000 Pacific Prism Prospects Fortified with Stars Tim Couch
  163. 2000 Pacific Prism Prospects Fortified with Stars Brett Favre
  164. 2000 Pacific Prism Prospects Fortified with Stars Drew Bledsoe
  165. 2000 Pacific Prism Prospects Fortified with Stars Tyrone Wheatley
  166. 2000 Pacific Prism Prospects Fortified with Stars Plaxico Burress
  167. 2000 Pacific Prism Prospects Fortified with Stars Jerome Bettis
  168. 2000 Pacific Prism Prospects Fortified with Stars Jerry Rice
  169. 2000 Pacific Prism Prospects Fortified with Stars Jon Kitna
  170. 2010 Panini Plates And Patches City Limits Eli Manning
  171. 2022 Panini Instant Draft Night Rookie Evan Neal
  172. 2022 Panini Instant Draft Night Rookie Kayvon Thibedeux
  173. CSI Autograph card Gil Grissom
  174. CSI Autograph Card Katherine Willows
  175. CSI Miami Autograph Card Frank Tripp
  176. CSI Miami Autograph Card David Caruso
  177. CSI MIami Autograph Card Emily Proctor
  178. CSI Miami Autograph Card Adam Rodriguez
  179. CSI Autograph Card Warrick Brown
  180. CSI Autograph Card Wallace Langham
  181. 1997-1998 Metal Universe Michael Jordan
  182. 1996-1997 Metal Universe Kobe Bryant
  183. 1996-1997 Metal Universe Michael Jordan
  184. 1999 Team Threads Jersey Card featuring Kerry Collins, Joe Montgomery, Ike Hilliard, Gary Brown
  185. 1996-1997 EX2000 Kobe Bryant
  186. 2022 Topps x Nashville Stars Darius Rucker
  187. 2022 Topps x Nashville Stars Autograph Darius Rucker
  188. 2015 Panini Country Music Autograph Jamie Lynn Spears
  189. 2015 Panini Country Music The Pick Collection Darius Rucker
  190. 2008 Topps Chrome Gold David Tyree The Catch
  191. 2009 Topps Heritage Originals Yankee Stadium Swatch Rudy Guliani
  192. 1997 Fleer Ultra Santa Claus North Pole Jollies
  193. 1996 Skybox MVP Lenticular Brett Favre
  194. 1996 Skybox MVP Die Cut #4 Brett Favre
  195. 2007 Upper Deck Super Bowl Predictor Winner New York Giants
  196. 2015 Panini Country Music Materials Darius Rucker
  197. 2019 Panini Contenders Rookie Ticket Autograph David Sills V
  198. 2022 Select Jaylen Smith Auto
  199. 2022 Select Matt Breida Auto
  200. 2023 Topps Now First Pitch Victor Wembanyama
  201. 1979 Topps Luke Skywalker #1
  202. 2015 Top Trumps  Katy Perry 
  203. 2015 Top Trumps Taylor Swift
  204. 2015 Top Trumps Miley Cyrus
  205. 2003 Top Trumps Avril 
  206. 2003 Top Trumps Beyoncé
  207. 2003 Top Trumps Eminem
  208. 2019 Top Trumps Jennifer Lawrence
  209. 1995 Ultra Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie Base Set
  210. 1995 Ultra Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie Hologram
  211. 1995 Ultra Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Pop Up Cards Set
  212. 2021 Wild Card Matte Sandro Platzgummer Rookie Auto Premier
  213. 1993 Topps McDonalds All Time Greatest Baseball Team Bob Roberto Clemente Glass
  214. Britney Spears relic card from Pop Century or Razor
  215. 2023 Pop Century Chevy Chase Relic
  216. 2023 Pop Century Elton John Relic
  217. 2023 Pop Century Elton John Backstage Pass Relic
  218. 2022 Marvel Allure /299 Infinity Stones (have Black Panther only)
  219. 2018 Upper Deck UD Marvel Infinity Stone Relics (have only Nebula) 
  220. 2022 Leaf Cinderella Story Relic Featuring Giants
  221. 2023 Prizm Base Rookie CJ Stroud
  222. 2023 Prizm Base Rookie Anthony Richardson
  223. 2023 Prizm Base Rookie Bryce Young
  224. 2023 Prizm Base Rookie Bijan Robinson
  225. 2023 Prizm Base Rookie Jalin Hyatt
  226. 2023 Prizm Base Rookie Eric Gray
  227. 2023 Prizm Base Rookie Puka Nacua
  228. 2023 Prizm Base Rookie Zay Flowers
  229. 2023 Prizm Base Rookie Jahmyr Gibbs
  230. 2023 Prizm Base Rookie Will Levis
  231. 2023 Prizm Base Rookie Aidan O'Connell
  232. 2023 Topps Chrome Base Rookie Anthony Volpe
  233. 2023 Topps Chrome Base Rookie Corbin Carrol
  234. 2023 Topps Chrome Base Rookie Masataka Yoshida
  235. 2023 Topps Chrome Base Rookie Jordan Walker
  236. 2023 Topps Chrome Base Rookie Adley Rutschman
  237. 2023 Topps Chrome Base Rookie Gunnar Henderson
  238. 2023 Topps Update Base Rookie Corbin Carrol
  239. 2023 Topps Update Base Rookie Masataka Yoshida
  240. 2023 Topps Update Base Rookie Jordan Walker
  241. 2023 Topps Update Base Rookie Adley Rutschman
  242. 2023 Topps Update Base Rookie Anthony Volpe
  243. 2023 Topps Update Base Rookie Gunnar Henderson
  244. 2023-24 Prizm Draft Wemby Base Rookie
  245. 2023-24 Hoops Wemby Base Rookie
  246. 2023-24 Hoops Chet Holmgren Base Rookie
  247. 2023-24 Prizm Wemby Base Rookie
  248. 2022 Topps Home Field Advantage Ken Griffey Jr
  249. 2023 Topps Now Danielle Fishel Autograph
  250. 1995-96 TV Week Show Card The Nanny
  251. 1985 Rock Star Concert Cards Complete Set
  252. 1999, 2000 Pacific Ornaments football and baseball
  253. 1987 Dandy Gum Rock N Bubble Pop Stars Cards
  254. 1993 Dynamic Adventures Darkwing Duck Cards
  255. 2023 Donruss Rookie Sweaters Jalin Hyatt
And the list continues to grow daily. But this is currently updated. You can continue to check out my needs and wants HERE where I keep the list updated.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

I know this is a big list, but I have completed quite a few this past year through trading and some RAK's. Hopefully in 2024 I can cross off more.

Hope everyone has a great Saturday, if you have any of my needs let me know! My email is also always open at

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Friday, January 26, 2024

Home Field Advantage

Hot coffee, warm morning, laptop open and a new card to show off. It's time for some Cards Over Coffee!

But, before I kick off today's post, I have a couple updates on my shoulder. 

First Update, on Wednesday I went to see Ortho, they examined me and decided to take my arm out of the sling because they don't want me to end up with a frozen shoulder and have the rest of my arm stiff either.

However, there was no clear answers on what to do going forward yet. There is still the fracture, but they are also trying to figure out if I tore anything. The consensus was there's a good possibility that I tore my rotator cuff, but need an MRI to tell if I did that or any other damage before they move on with a treatment plan. Hopefully I didn't tear it as that would stink as I didn't even pitch an inning in the big leagues yet and the fact it would take a long time for rehab.

Second Update, I called MRI yesterday and they are fully booked. I cannot get in until February 6th. So, even more waiting for answers to come when all I want is simply to have my arm back. You don't know how good life is when you have both of your arms. Especially your dominant one.

*takes a sip*

Speaking of update, my buddy Shane pulled a really cool card that I wanted from this year's Topps Update. It's an insert I have wanted for a few years now.

And guess I own one.
Home Field Advantage. I think these are some of the coolest looking inserts out there and the bonus here is that it's a NY Yankee with future stud Anthony Volpe. I love the art appeal to these and how it showcases the player and the city they play for and how it's represented.

Don't tell me you don't agree.

I also like the fact that these cards are not easy pulls. I believe they are one-per-case hit so it brings me back to the good ole days of the 90's when inserts looked great and weren't easy to pull. Nostalgia hits with this one.

The ultimate goal in my collecting is to land a Ken Griffey Jr one. It's my main baseball PC and it features a coffee cup on the front. How does that not sound like a perfect fit into my collection?

Thanks again Shane for the trade.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

Speaking of Home Field Advantage, I have a feeling this weekend's NFL Championship games will belong to both home teams. There is just something about playing at home and it feels since the season started that this is what its been coming to.

I hope everyone has a great Friday. Take care and I highly recommend not falling on any ice.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Thursday, January 25, 2024

If You're Not First, You're Last

Coffee is ready, I have a donut, some cards and I am ready for a new post on Cards Over Coffee.

*takes a sip*

Currently I sit in 4th place on TCDB when it comes to collecting Mikaela Shiffrin.

When I look at that number, one thing comes to mind, "if you're not first, you're last" which is a phrase I have used throughout my life and believe in. Because there is simply wins and losses. There are no in-betweens. There are no participation trophies in life, sports or cards.

Thinking this way doesn't make me upset or offend me or "trigger" me, it drives me. I thrive for a challenge and want to win. So that's what I plan to do.

Because right now I am last and the only way to go now, is up.

Which is why I recently added four new Shiffrin cards to my collection. All come from the Upper Deck Goodwin Champions product.

And even with these four new adds, I still reside in 4th place. I am now only one behind third place though, but still twenty plus from first. With some motivation from being last, I can already picture myself in first. I will get there even if it takes some time.

Because if you're not first, you're last.

*takes final sip*

If any bloggers or readers have any for trade I don't have, check out my COLLECTION HERE and just let me know via email at!

Have a great Thursday!

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Cafe Trade #2 2024: @levy2628

Good Morning fellow Coffee and Card peeps!! Or just coffee or just card peeps though I don't know or understand how non coffee drinkers make it through day.

Before I start with today's latest post, I wanted to share my latest articles on Beckett and BCW Supplies.

First one is on Beckett and focuses on 1996-97 Stadium Club Basketball Matrix parallel. You can read it here,

My second articles was on BCW Supplies and talks about sorting in the winter time to cure your blues,

I would appreciate you guys giving them a read and maybe leave a comment or two on those posts!

*takes a sip*

My latest trade is with a guy I have plenty of experience trading with in the past on Twitter. Yes, I will always call it Twitter, X sounds like a dirty movie site.

We have done sports trades, non-sports trades and a mixture of both. The one great thing is that he is always fun to trade with and easy to trade with. 

Our latest trade shows this.
Jenny McCarthy rookie card. I have other versions of her rookie, but not the Topps Now one.

Anyone else think this is what this year's election will look like??

One thing that my non-sports collection lacks is vintage.  And I don't know much about vintage whether that be for sports or non-sports but when I see something cool, I will trade for it.
Like this one!

Or what about some Marilyn Monroe? Don't tell me this isn't cool.

Same for this John Wayne.

Along with the unique vintage non-sport adds, I added a couple modern as well.
Harry Hamlin is known for his role on L.A. Law, Clash Of The Titans, Shameless and Mad Men. Sadly, I haven't seen any of these. But, I think he has a solid signature so was glad to add him anyways.

Michael has been in a few other films, but I know him for his role on Spider-Man Homecoming. It was a great movie.

Thanks again to @levy2628 for this trade. I actually believe the next one in this series I post will also be a trade with him. If you liked the cards in this one, the next one is pretty stellar as well.

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday. Drink coffee, smile and be happy. Life goes by too fast to not drink coffee, smile and be happy.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Sunday, January 21, 2024


Coffee is hot, the cards are hotter. So, let's get ready for a new Cards Over Coffee.

I know the title for today's post is a little lame, but, what else could I have called this post? It's a bunch of miscellaneous mail days that I need to catch up on posting about.

It simply stating a fact.

Another fact I want to state is how generous Crocodile Sports Cards Blog is. I know I am not the only one to say this. This is roughly the second or third time he has sent something cool my way.

He sent along this really cool non-sport set.
TV's Coolest Classics. A lot of these shows I remember watching with my grandmother who meant the world to me. She played a big part of my life and upbringing.

So, these cards hold a special place in my heart. Hot Dog! 

Thanks Croc!

Up next, another one of my crazy ideas....I want to chase the 1995 Pro Line Classic autograph set. This would by far be the biggest chase of my life.

I know I won't be able to do it all, especially with a few of the big names on there, but it would be fun to try right? If any of you have any...PLEASE CONTACT ME below or!! 

I have plenty of stamps and trade bait. Always ready to trade!

The next card, well...a new one for my 2011 Topps American Pie Set.
This was one of the toughest ones to find so far and now I have it. Think I am down to 10 more to completion on this set. See what I need HERE.

The next card is one of my other silly chases, pumpkin faces.
This is the only one I have but I will take any others!

And finally, I got my Griffey groove back thanks to seeing some of Shane from Cheap Wax Wednesday's additions to his collection.

So I snagged these,

This Titanic Taters is such a sweet card! Probably my favorite of the group.

Always looking for more Griffeys! Here is my SPREADSHEET so you can see if you have any I need!

Well, that does it for all my miscellaneous fun.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday of football. Last night's game was great, hoping today's two matches that one! I know I don't plan to go anywhere today as we are in the single digits. It's a good day of football and coffee.

Til the next cup,
*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Saturday, January 20, 2024

Cafe Trade #1 2024: Oren

Boy, what a year this month has been so far. First, the broken shoulder, followed by the septic issues into the house, today I have laryngitis and also had our vehicle backed into at the gas station.

Can I hit the reset button yet? Is there one? 

There may not be enough coffee in the world to get me through January. Though I am averaging three cups a day right now. That's like Patrick Mahomes numbers.

Despite life problems, there is at least a hobby I can come back to and know there is always happiness and a distraction there.

And there is always coffee to go with it, such as today.

*takes a sip*

Today's mail day was my first trade of 2024 and comes from blog reader and friend Oren who sent along some non-sport goodies.

A nice stack and variety of Allen and Ginter. Most from 2023, but some from other years.

Courtney Hansen relic. She is mostly known for being a television host on the show Overhaulin'. Not something I have ever seen.

John Cynn relic. Professional Poker player. I have never watched Poker on TV, but have played some with friends over the years. I am far from being a professional.

And finally, the last card I was super excited about.
Danielle Harris relic.  She has spent most of her acting career being in horror especially for the Halloween Franchise something I grew up watching with my mom. Lots of nostalgia. Now I just need to add her autograph as well.

Thanks goes out to Oren again for always sending the goods!

I hope everyone has a better Saturday than I am. But there is still a chance I can save the rest of today.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*