Sunday, January 28, 2024

Cafe Trade #3 2024: @levy2628

Coffee, Cards, Blogging. A fun way to kick off my Sunday....or any day.

Today I am showing off my third trade of 2024 and it happens to be my second trade with @levy2628.

And once again, my trade with @levy2628 brought a variety of fun cards.

Let's see what was sent this time.

*takes a sip*
Clarence Birdseye. I bet you can't guess what he is connected to....yup...he was known as the founder of the frozen food industry including you guessed it, Birds Eye.

If only he had created Frozen Coffee.

Booming Cities mini insert

X-Ray Allen and Ginter base. Who doesn't want an X-Ray rookie card? Especially someone like me who has had plenty of them in my lifetime.

Always wanted one of these. Next up on my want list is the 2012 Allen Ginter People Of The Bible Jesus.

1995 Zenith Z-Team Sterling Sharpe. This is my next set chase now that I finished 1996. I will do a separate post on this in Unfinished Cup soon.

Kenneth Choi autograph from Spiderman Homecoming. Choi has starred in a variety of TV shows and Movies. Most recently on the TV series 9-1-1. Which is a much different show than what I grew up watching.

Laura Harrier played Peter Parker's love crush in Spider-Man Homecoming but has also played roles in other TV and movies along with being a model.

I am glad now to have three of the autographs from Spider-Man Homecoming and hope to add more from it and other Marvel ones as well.

Thanks again to @levy2628 for the trade. We have actually just finished another one recently so he could become Trade #4 as well.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

I am always welcoming trades for Marvel cards like the ones above or the 1995 Zenith Z-Team needs. Maybe one of you will become the next Trade on my countdown.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday full of coffee and card happiness.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. Great variety of card types. Something for everyone. Have a great Sunday with coffee and blessings!

  2. Love those 90's Z-Team inserts!

  3. I didn't realize Mother Theresa had a card!

    1. I had forgotten about it until it popped up in this trade. Then I felt like I needed it


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