Saturday, January 6, 2024

Small, But Efficient

*sits down for a big cup of coffee. needing this today, been a long sleepless week*

*takes a sip*

Not all mail days have to be these huge monstrosities to be efficient in my collection, they can also be small ones.

As the Christmas mail days rolled in, there were a lot different sized mail days with a lot of familiar sender's names. One of those names being @CardpocalypseNC whose mail day I am showing off today.

Tim and I have been long time buddies since his days of blogging, and even though he no longer blogs, we have stayed connected because of Twitter and do on and off trades.

My latest trade with Tim not only brought me in a few cards, but it also brought in a few cards I needed for a Christmas gift.

Let's check out my part of this mail day. I am not showing off the Christmas gifts obviously:) Especially since I still haven't mailed them off yet.

Charles Way Legacy /100 that I needed for my PC of him. I never get sick of adding 90's inserts to my collection anyways and will continue to do so.

Up next, an Amani Toomer that is very hard to find and maybe most Toomer collectors don't have with it being numbered to 24.

And finally, a Rainbow parallel from 1996 Ultra Sensations. Honestly, I was hoping the parallel was super shiny and spectacular since I had never seen one in person, but it compares to the other parallels in the product where the border just has a few changes. It's Meh. Yes, I am making reference to the character in the Emoji movie.

These are a bit rare though, there are only 1% of the total run printed of this parallel. It's probably why I can't find the Rodney Hampton version anywhere.

Thanks again to Tim for this mail day and for the Christmas gift help.

Hope everyone has a great Saturday.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. I have at least one Rainbow parallel in my collection, but I can't remember what player. Coffee up!

    1. You should find it and let me know, especially if it's Rodney!

  2. Nice. Those are some very rare cards. Even cooler that two of them were from the 90's. Love that kind of stuff.


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