Saturday, January 13, 2024

How Do I Let Her Down Easy?

I know my mother-in-law's heart is in the right place, but it's been really tough opening up presents from her the last few years.

Don't take this the wrong way as I know it's not about the presents, I know what Christmas truly is about, but continuing adding stuff to my already packed card room that I don't care much for, puts me in a spot.

I always tell her thank you and that I found some good cards in there as I know it's about the thought, but.....

I can't continue to keep stacking junk wax sets especially since most I already have. 
This year's addition was a 1988 Topps baseball set. I have already gotten this one from her a couple of years ago and already had one myself before that.

So, this will take up shelf space and be something that I will probably never open and look at.

Knowing this now, what would you do in my spot? How do I let her down easy on getting me anymore of these? Do I tell her the truth? Do I just continue taking them and deal with it? Do I try to lead her elsewhere? Do I tell her just grab me a cup of coffee and I am good?

Let me know in comments how you would approach this.

Hope everyone has a great Saturday, it's Wild Card Weekend in the NFL, and just because the Giants aren't in doesn't mean I won't be watching! I will be spending my NFL time rooting against the Eagles and Cowboys as expected.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. I know exactly how you feel. I have someone that gets me a jacket every year for Christmas. After the fifth one, I was like, what do you expect me to do with them all, because it's not like I didn't already have my own to begin with. So now I just donate them. If I get one I actually like, I keep it.
    As for what you should do, you could say wow thanks, now you've completed my 1980s set, and hopefully she won't get you any more of them. But if you want to be super polite, you just say thanks, and donate the cards or trade them.
    If you don't mind breaking the set- I would gladly trade you for some of them.

  2. It's unfortunate you keep getting the same set -- there's so much junk wax to choose from -- but I wouldn't say anything except 'thanks'.

  3. Ask you wife her opinion and whether or not your mother in law would appreciate you keeping it real or if her feelings would be hurt. Personally... I'd play it safe and continue to let her think you can use the cards. Then maybe pass them along to a local school or donating them to a good cause. Or maybe there are kids in the neighborhood that want them.

    1. That's pretty much what I am thinking. Someone else will enjoy these more than I will

  4. It's the thought that counts. I would say thank you for the gift and figure out what to do with it later. If she reads your blog, it will be a done deal. Stay warm. We are in the single digits and below zero for the next ten days here in Central Minnesota. Coffee up? YES!!

    1. Fortunately she isn't tech savvy so she wouldn't be reading this. I always say it's the thought that counts. I may donate some to some kids I know

  5. Agree with most here. Any cards are good cards, even junk wax. Maybe break that box up into Team Sets and try to trade or sell them?

    I already have the Cubbies but wpuld be interested in the Expos or Royals.


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