Friday, January 12, 2024

The Wes 30 Part 1

Coffee is hot and so aren't the cards I am showing off today, so let's get to a new Cards Over Coffee shall we?

Every Christmas since I have known him, Wes formally of Jaybarkerfan/Area 40 blog, sends a box of explosives at Christmas time. Well, not real explosives, just mind blowing, jaw dropping cards or as he usually calls it, bombs.

So, don't show up to my house FBI if you are reading the word bomb here, you won't find bombs, you will find a man in his underwear with a pile of cardboard at a table on his laptop sipping coffee. Okay, maybe not the underwear part, I just wanted to make sure you were reading.

*takes a sip*

Wes always sends so much cardboard that I usually don't post it all, not that I don't appreciate it all, but it's way tooooooooooo much to post.

So, instead, I am splitting it up. There will be some NY Giants posts on Big Blue Cardboard featuring some 1/1 Rodney Hampton love along with a few other players, and on here, I am doing a countdown of my favorite Top 30 cards. Which that alone wasn't easy, I could have done many 1A, 1B and 1C kind of cards, but I just stuck with the 30 the best I could.

Let's kick it off with 30-16.

#30 1997 Score Complete Player Brett Favre. 90's insert with some shine is always a win.

#29 Santa Claus under center. This card has been on my want list a long time.

#28 Aaron Judge and Anthony Volpe Platinum parallels. I couldn't put one ahead of the other.

27.1998 Presss Pass Kick-Off Die Cut. 

26.1998 Topps Gunslingers Steve Young. Look at this beauty!

25. 1994 Upper Deck Holojam Reggie Miller. Despite my hatred of the player, holograms are always winners. Give me all of them!

24.1993 Pro Set College Connections Drew Bledsoe/Mark Rypien. The original Cracked Ice.

23. A new card towards my set, as I said earlier, holograms are always winners.

22. 2020 Panini Stickers Blue Foil Patrick Mahomes /299. Love me some Mahomies! I still side PC him.

21. 1998 Stadium Club Chrome Refractor Steve Young. They sure don't even make these like they used to.

20. 2017 Leaf Patch Auto of TY Jones. Not any player I have ever heard of, but it's a nice swatch and autograph.

19. 2014 Panini Country Music Tom Gossin

18. 2014 Panini Country Music Barry Knox. I don't know what it is, but I just like this product. Both 18 and 19 have no meaning to me other than that. Wonder how far I am along with the autograph set if I was to look since I have quite a few from this product. Hmmm...

17. 2019 Topps Allen And Ginter Autograph mini Burton Rocks. Sports attorney, agent and writer. Sounds like the career I would want other than being a coffee inspector.

16. 2018 Topps Star Wars Galactic Files Reborn Barion Raner Autograph. I am not familiar with this character from Star Wars, but a Star Wars auto is a Star Wars auto and it's a new one to my collection.

And that's it for this round. I will continue my countdown with cards 15-1 next time and it will be quite an ending, so I hope you have your coffee hot and ready for that one.

Til next time!

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. Santa gets a vote from me. Cold weather with hot coffee. Sounds great! Coffee up?

    1. Going to frigid here all week! Lots of coffee!

  2. Great looking stuff! No surprise on how generous Wes was here too. If these are rated lower than the other half I'm dying to see what else he sent!

    1. Now that you have seen both, would you have ranked them any differently?

  3. Nice variety of some pretty cool stuff. I'll have to look up that Bledsoe.

  4. Peyton Die Cut gets my vote

  5. Nice holiday package from Wes. That Santa Ultra card is really cool.

    1. I agree. I think it's supposed to be based after the Steve McNair base


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