Sunday, January 14, 2024

I Got One, Pulled A Hit!

Coffee ready, bran muffin in hand (I am 40, you need extra bran in your diet at this age), and laptop and cards ready. You know what that means, it's time for a NEW post on Cards Over Coffee!!

One of the things I was hoping most for this Christmas, was some products to open. ANY.

Especially new football product.

Every year I hunt down new Giants cards from products and try to get one rookie card of every player, but 2023 was tough financially and 2024 is heading down a worse path so far. 

My 2023 football collection is lacking guys like CJ Stroud, Anthony Richardson, Bryce Young, Bijan Robinson, Puka Nacua and others. Not something I usually face at this time of year as I usually have my rookies all set. But now that Prizm has released I kind of like to get those rookies first, but would take any from any product to start out with. The Prizm rookies will be added to my Most Wanted list soon along with some rookies I need as well from baseball and basketball.

Now that I got that out there, I was lucky enough to open up one blaster from the Mrs this Christmas of new football product and felt pretty good about it.

I didn't pull any of the rookies I listed above but did pull some decent stuff. Or at least in my opinion.

A couple new Giants cards for the PC. I get excited about pulling PC cards even if they are just base.

Diamond Parallels. Nothing too great there, but always enjoy the look of the look of the Prestige parallels.

The GOAT of all-time running backs. Nobody will ever beat Barry, if only he hadn't played for a franchise that never won a Super Bowl for him.

Georget Kittle insert.

One doesn't quite fit with this receiving trio

Was a terrible ending to this game, but we got them back in the playoffs where it mattered more.

Shiny! I need the Barkley like this.

The GOAT of WR's. Nobody will be Jerry either.

And the biggest surprise came in the very first pack I opened,
An autograph! Not sure who Jay Ward is or the odds of pulling an autograph in the product, but I always get excited when pulling something unexpected. It's as great as someone bringing you a cup of coffee you weren't expecting.

Thanks to my wife for this box.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

I have decided as I typed this, I might do a post as directly on my Most Wanted list. I don't think anyone ever checks it and maybe one of you has something I might need from it.

But, first coffee. Well, first I need to finish up on these Christmas posts. Still a few more to go then posts will be fresher than my newly poured cup of coffee.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. Always nice to find a box of card waiting for you under the tree.

  2. I don't know who Jay ward is either- but it is a beautiful auto. Nice pull!

  3. Nice cards and variety! Stay warm on this Sunday. The sun is out, but we won't get above zero today! Keep your coffee hot. Coffee up?

  4. Not sure if those Panini Rookies and Stars cards are being made anymore. One year my oldest bought a blaster and remember it was full of rookies?

    1. Last I heard i am pretty sure it is. I like that product

  5. Cheers ☕️☕️


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