Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Coffee With Tom Arnold

*sits down, gets ready for a new cards over coffee post*

It has been a while since I posted in this series. Mostly because it has been a while since I have added a non-sport autograph.

Well, all of that changed when I added two, one will be posted today and a really special one for another day, when I made my latest trade with Shane from Beckett's Cheap Wax Wednesday fame.

He was able to go to this year's National and picked up some cards for me while he was there. One of those cards includes an autograph from an actor who has been in so much TV and movies that he should be household name.

Let's welcome Mr. Tom Arnold as my newest non-sport autograph add.

*takes a sip before showing off today's card*

When I first saw Tom Arnold, it was from his appearances on Rosanne. Which is totally an underrated all-time comedy by the way.

But since then, I have watched him in multiple movies including True Lies, Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the Thirteenth, Dickie Roberts, and The Stupids just to name a few.

Thanks to Shane for this latest add!

In comments today, let me know your favorite Tom Arnold movie or show appearance.

*takes a sip*

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

How I Got A 2011 Topps Update Mike Trout

*sits down, takes a sip hoping that the coffee will help with the head cold feeling. gets computer ready for a new post of Cards Over Coffee*

This summer, I landed the biggest card on my want list in the most unorthodox way. I always predicted myself to trade for one if I was ever lucky enough to do so. 

I never expected one to fall into my lap.

*takes a sip*

This summer I had a text from a local friend that included this stack of cards.

And he asked if I was interested since he doesn't collect or know anything about sports.

Okay...I see the 2011 Topps Update wrapper right on top....of course I am!

He told me they were mine if I wanted to go pick them up. 

I would have jumped in the car immediately; except he was at work, so I waited until the next day.

When I got to his house, we talked a bit about fun memories, since it had been a while since we had seen each other, and he handed me a Walmart bag with the cards in it. He explained to me how he had bought a dumpy mobile home to fix up and flip and how these were sitting in a pile of junk in the mobile home. From the pictures he showed of the place, there must have been one of those people from the show Hoarders living in there. 

It was gross. We are talking animal feces, cat peeing on the walls, trash, food, clothing, you name it. It was there. I told him he should have made a before and after video of it.

Not a place I would drink coffee in and do a new post for Cards Over Coffee that's for sure.

So, we talked for a bit more and said our goodbyes and I went home with a Walmart bag full of cards. 

*takes a sip before showing off the cards*

I got home and dug right in. I do the same thing with mail days and retail rips.
We will start with that wrapper on top, when I pulled it out of the bag, I thought it was actually a sealed pack, but it wasn't. But, it appears the person used it to protect some of the cards and stuck some parallels in the opened wrapper.

Here is what I found in there. Nothing too special, but I do like those diamond parallels. Still one of the best Topps parallels all -time.

Along with these, there was a big stack of base and tons of parallels. I won't bother with the base show off since you guys aren't here for that, but here is what else I found,


Being in a Walmart bag for storage without protection hurt some of the cards. There were some bent corners on the base stack and a couple of the parallels.

Fortunately, the key cards from the stack appeared safe from that.
Anthony Rizzo Update Rookie

J.D. Martinez Update rookie card.

Babe Ruth Sp. Wrong team, so I mailed this to my friend Shane for Christmas.

And the real reason you are here.....
Mike Trout Update Rookie Card.

I was hopeful throughout the stack but wasn't expecting the Trout to still be in there. This was close to the bottom of the pile and as everyone on Twitter states when they find a big pull, "my hands were shaking".

And there you have it, that's how I got a 2011 Topps Update Mike Trout.

*takes a sip before finishing up the post*

I have never experienced this kind of luck in my life before. I see it all of the time but have never actually had it happen to me.

And yes, I told my buddy about it who had no idea who Mike Trout is. I assumed even the casual person does.

Thoughts on this collection, if you own a Trout Update rookie and any other thoughts welcomed in comments below.

Have a great Tuesday.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Sunday, October 2, 2022

Coffee Break:2021 Optic Football Blaster Box (relic pull!)

*sits down on this sunny Sunday to get ready for a new post before a day of football begins*

*takes a sip, has box by his side and gets ready*

It's another football Sunday! Woooooooooooooo! I just hope it goes better than this past Monday Night's game.

With fall and football in the air, I decided it was time to finally post a box break I did awhile back that has been sitting in drafts waiting for me.

*takes a sip*

This year, Panini said, "hey-let's release all of the hot products at the end of the football card season all within weeks of each other" when it comes to Prizm, Optic and Select. I don't know what the strategy was to that, but it's been hard to find any of it on the shelf. I also wonder if they did it that way because of such a weak 2022 rookie class. That way they can still make some money.

I have been lucky so far to have been able to open a tiny bit of each product thanks to my father's timing in Walmart. He lives within minutes of it so in-between each job he does, he checks in to see if anything is on the shelf. Comes in really handy because otherwise, the "kid flipper" cleans off the shelf and I wouldn't have any.

Last month, my pops timed it right and grabbed me a blaster of Optic football. I wasn't sure what to expect from it, but I knew I just wanted some.

*takes a sip before moving onto the box*

Each blaster box of 2021 Optic football comes with 6 packs of 4 cards each. There are no guarantees other than three purple shock parallels and each blaster box goes for $35. Once again, I miss the $20 box days.

*takes a sip, begins to rip*
I won't bother boring you with the base cards but will show off my Rated Rookie finds. At the time, I was super stoked to pull the Lance. Now that he is out for the season, not so much. Kids, don't invest in cards....EVER.

There are 200 cards in the regular base set and 100 cards in the Rated Rookie base set.

There are also plenty of parallels to find for both.

Veteran Base,
Fire, Freedom, Holo, One Hundred, Red Stars, Rocket, Stars, White Sparkle, Aqua /299, Orange /199, Blue /179, Silver Circles /125, Red /99, Orange Scope /79, Pink Velocity /79, Purple /50, Lime Green /35, Black Pandora /25, Ice /15, Purple Stars /15, Gold /10, Green /5, and Gold Vinyl 1/1.
PREMIUM BOX SET PARALLELS: Base Wave /299, and Black 1/1.

Rated Rookie Base,
Blue Hyper, Blue Scope, Bronze, Fire, Freedom, Green Velocity, Holo, Holo Variation, One Hundred, Pink, Purple Shock, Red Hyper, Red Mojo, Red Stars, Rocket, Stars, Teal Velocity, White Sparkle, Aqua /299, Orange /199, Blue /179, Silver Circles /125, Red /99, Orange Scope /79, Pink Velocity /79, Purple /50, Lime Green /35, Black Pandora /25, Ice /15, Purple Stars /15, Gold /10, Green /5, Gold and Vinyl 1/1.

PREMIUM BOX SET PARALLELS: Base Wave /299 and Black 1/1.
Holo Silver Base

Holo Silver Rated Rookie

Purple Shocks. These look pretty cool!

*takes a sip before moving onto the inserts*

The inserts in Optic are kind of bland if they don't have some shine.
Like this, The Rookies. Bleh. Trey Lance, now bleh as well. There are 20 cards in the set.

Legendary Logos is pretty cool. There are 20 cards in the set and all of them are holo silver.

The final pack also had a surprise....
Blasters no longer have relic guarantees, so just to pull one is cool now. Nothing big but looks cool.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

Well, not too much to brag about in this break. I have set aside some of the cards I pulled in here for trading buddies I hope to send to them soon. For now, I will also tuck the Trey Lance cards away just in case.....unless I get a good trade offer for them.

Let me know your thoughts on the product and the break.

Best of luck to your teams today, Go Giants and have a Super Sunday!

*Coffee Card Blogger out*

Saturday, October 1, 2022

Unfinished Cup:1998 Playoff Contenders Leather

*takes a sip. gets ready for the first new post of the new month*

It's October and baseball is still on. But my focus is and always has been football. Not that I still don't root on the Yankees, but football is always my focus.

Which is why looking at all of my set needs, most are football related.

And speaking of those needs, here we are with a NEW Unfinished Cup.

*takes a sip*

Today's set is from the 1998 Contenders product which featured a variety of different base sets including, the base (with autographs), pennants and today's cards printed on leather.

Back in 1998, I was able to open a few packs of the product without a lot of success in pulling the top rookies of Peyton Manning and Randy Moss, but the leather football die cut cards really caught my eye and for years I wanted to chase the set. Now I am.
There are 100 cards in the set to chase. I have quite a few but still need quite a few more including the two big ones.

Here is what I have remaining,
18,20,21,23,30,31,33,35,37,48,52,53,69,70,71,72,73,74,78,80,81,82,84,85,86,87,89,90,91,93 and 99.

This set is at the top of the ones I want to complete, so I am hoping some of you out there will have some. If you do, please email me at

I hope everyone has a great Saturday and first day of October.

Thoughts on this set welcomed in comments.

*takes a final sip for the post, not for the day*

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Friday, September 30, 2022

Slice Of American Pie: Steve Jobs 1955-2011

*takes a bite of actual apple pie, takes a sip, and sits down with today's featured card. let's get ready for another new cards over coffee*

My American Pie set is slowly getting to its end, but I still have a way to go. What's great though is when you can find a deal like I posted about in the last the posts in this segments and landing some of these for $1 when some go for much more.

Like today's card.

*takes a sip before moving onto the card. another bite of apple pie*
I don't know if it actually is or isn't, but when most list this on eBay, they call this the Steve Jobs rookie card. 

If this is true, it's sad that it had to come in the form of his passing. This man was the legend of Apple products.
A small writeup on Jobs is on the back.

This was a big addition as this card normally goes for much more than $1. Sometimes even in the double digits.

If you have any of these cards in your collection and want to check and see if I need them for my set chase, CHECK IT OUT HERE to see my needs. And I noticed I had this locked before, now it can be viewed by everyone as I fixed the settings. So click that link.

Let me know your thoughts on Jobs or today's card in comments.

I hope everyone has a great Friday!

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Coffee Break:2022 Topps Museum Collection Baseball

*it's time to sit down and enjoy a fresh cup of brew, this along with some cards equals some cards over coffee time*

For the sixth year in a row, I am able to try a box of Museum Collection. I have had mixed results with the product so far scoring about a 50% decent hit ratio or 3 out of 6 boxes with at least one good card. Those numbers are rough knowing what these boxes usually cost.

Speaking of cost, this year is even more due to the inflation in the hobby.

Let's hope this box is a good one.

*takes a sip before moving onto the break*

In every box of 2022 Topps Museum Collection there are 4 mini boxes per Master Box. Each box has a hit, and the hits can range from autographs to quad relics to patch cards, etc. NO guarantees other than that, including autographs. Boxes are currently $360.

*takes a sip, begins to rip*

There are 100 cards in the Museum Collection base set.

This includes Veterans,
Rookies (one per master box)

And Legends of the game.

Unlike shiny products, there are only a few parallels in Museum Collection.

These include,
Copper, Sapphire /150, Amethyst /99, Ruby /50, and Emerald 1/1.
Found this Sapphire of the GOAT of baseball, Ken Griffey Jr. It is also numbered 24/150....eBay 1/1.

There is only one, Canvas Collection Reproduction.
Mine was of Juan Soto.

I know this is what you are really here for!
J.T. Realmuto

Miguel Cabrera

Eric Hosmer with a nice patch swatch.

And the big hit of the box, a quad relic featuring the stars of MLB this year.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

Well, for the cost of the box, it was rough even with the quad relic ending. I am a little disappointed that autographs are not guaranteed in every box which also hurts the value. My box isn't the first one I have seen autograph-less.

As for the design and appeal, I think it's still good. The product hasn't changed much design-wise over the years.

Ratings (ratings based on 1-5 🍵 and on a per box basis. not for overall product)

Design 🍵🍵🍵
Photography 🍵
Inserts: 🍵
Hits 🍵🍵
Price 🍵
Value 🍵🍵

Your thoughts on this product welcomed in comments!

Have a great Thursday!

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Becoming Overwhelmed

*sits down with a stack of cards. a slice of apple cake and coffee tag along and it's time for some cards over coffee*

The past few weeks the hobby has felt like more of a job, than a passion.

I have an overwhelming amount of sorting projects I need to complete. I have people wanting to trade. I have a couple of retail items to open. I have a card room to clean up. I have blogging to do. I just haven't felt like doing any of it.


It feels like that "honey-to-do" list or when you were a kid and your parents gave you a list of chores to complete more than stuff I really want to do.

So, I have been dragging. I am behind on posts, haven't cleaned up my card room (hopefully I won't be punished and sent there), taking forever to dig out trade bait and mail it, etc, etc, etc.

I know, at least I hope, this will end at some point. Just got to get over the hump.

*takes a sip before moving onto the cards in this post*

One thing that might help lift some of this feeling is maybe getting myself to actually complete some of this stuff. Which is why I am trying to catch up on some blogging this week. Just may need some extra coffee to help motivate that.

To continue my third day in a row of blogging, let's show off my latest trade mail day with reader Oren.

*takes a sip*

If you have been a long-time reader, you know I don't collect or show off many hockey cards on this blog. But, Oren has been trying to slowly hook me in by sending me shiny inserts like this MVP Domains Kevin Fiala.

And these Pinpoints of Crosby and Marchano. 

They are very eye pleasing, just not sure enough to get me into hockey collecting.

The shiny didn't end there, this Sean Casey is stunning. Almost 3D look to it.

Then came two new Lamars for the side PC.

A V2 insert which when the card is tipped in different directions shows the player featured moving. Like Sportflix, but more advanced. I am not sure why we don't use this technology today. Their loss I guess. This is probably why I am chasing sets like this one which the Bledsoe is new to it by the way.

Curtis Martin Behind The Numbers relic. I like the die cut number with jersey as it's better than a plain square swatch. This was back in the days when these were game used by the players. Now they are just jerseys off the Fanatics shelves.

I don't collect Diaz or the Brewers, but Dufex I do. Also, the photo is also amazing.

Two 90's basketball cards. This is another sport I don't post a lot about, but when they are from the 90's, I will definitely post them. Especially when they are the Wave Of The Future.

And the final card from this mail day, is a Wander Franco rookie from Topps International Trading Card Day.

This one had a little mix of everything.

Thanks again to Oren for our latest trade! I am looking forward to the next.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

I know I am not the only one feeling like this. I see others post about it at least on Twitter. I am sure I am not the only blogger like this either.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the hobby? let me know in comments!

Have a happy Wednesday!

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*