Friday, December 9, 2022

Coffee Break:2022 Topps Holiday Baseball Mega Box

*when the coffee is hot and there are cards, there is Cards Over Coffee to be had*

Twas 16 days before Christmas and all through the house, not a pack of cards was left unopened not even 1988 Score baseball.

Sorry you can only rhyme for so long.

The Topps Holiday boxes were on the Walmart shelf with care, in hopes I would take an hour-long trip and soon be there. 

My pocket had just enough cash nestled to buy, hoping I won't arrive to an empty shelf and cry.

I in my winter hat and coat, went inside of the Walmart hoping not to mope. 

And there it sat right on the shelf, waiting for me like it was placed there by an Elf. I was excited to open with care, hoping that a Santa relic would be in there.

With 10 packs of 10 cards each, I spent $24.98 while doing a little girl screech.

I drove the hour back home with coffee and cards in my hand, counting down to see which 1 autograph, relic, or autograph relic I would pull that would be grand.
Immediately I was greeted by a Buehler, that was an ornament die cut shape of a tree, that I couldn't be more....I don't have a word that goes with Buehler...maybe for more fuehler?

I opened them pack by pack and enjoyed the 200 card design all about,

I pulled Wander and I gave a shout.

I was more than halfway through the break and what should appear...
A Candy Cane sleeve Acuna and a

Santa Belt Ohtani that I gave a cheer.

With some Metallic parallels (1:2 packs) I pulled for this post so quick.

I even pulled this Red Metallic, that matches the color of the suit of Saint Nick. (it also falls 1:92 packs and there is Gold Metallic 1/1 as well)

Then it came down to my hit. 

I shouted come on Julio, Trout and Wander and even Saint Nick.
As I quickly revealed my card, I saw it was at least a Yankee, a Luis Gil, one I could not disregard.

I picked up my cards and set this aside with a smirk, I was pretty happy with the results and knew I had some sorting work.

In my comments today, I hope to hear your thoughts on my break, and you can tell me if you like them with a no or a yay.

I hope everyone has a great rest of their day, drink some coffee and hopefully get a box of this to break right away.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. I like this set a lot, almost enough to try a find a box of the stuff for myself. Almost.

  2. I think Topps should make a card out of candy cane material that collectors can choose to keep or eat.

  3. I would love to open up a few boxes of this stuff and build this set. Can't seem to find them online though. Oh well. That Buehler is sweet!

  4. I'm not as big on the base design as I have been in past years, but those metallic parallels are fantastic, especially the red. Topps should have used the border for the base design.


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