Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Mission Possible

*takes a sip, sits down and tries not to look outside at the new fallen snow, but instead focus on today's post*

My birthday came and went 8 days ago and this was the first year I had a few surprises for it. First, my buddy Wes sent me an eBay gift card, my wife got an eBay gift card and a carrot cake (don't worry I still stuck to my diet and kept it under control), and my sister-in-law sent me a one-of-a-kind gift I was not expecting.

*takes another sip before continuing on while also thinking back to that carrot cake*

Tim Tebow was drafted by the Denver Broncos in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft. He played a couple seasons there struggling on and off before being traded to the Jets where he played one year in the backup role. After that, he failed to make the Patriots and Eagles rosters before trying a baseball career and playing in the NY Mets minor league system for five years before retiring from pro baseball. He didn't give up on the NFL dream yet after his MLB retirement as his college coach Urban Meyer was hired by the Jaguars and he was signed to play the Tight End position instead of quarterback. It didn't work out in the end for either Meyer or Tebow, and he ended up on the sports talk show First Take while Meyer ended up on the news.

Tim may not have been a Hall Of Fame NFL QB, though he did throw a game winning touchdown  pass to win an playoff game that many QB's have not done, but he is a Hall Of Fame person we all should look up to.
His devout Christian faith, willingness to always help others and showing to never give up on your dreams should be a life we all should live. I know I try my best, but I am not even close to his level. I do believe though, that every little bit helps and hopefully those of you reading this today do your part as well big or small.

This is what made me a fan of Tim Tebow and though I have never mentioned it on a blog before, I do collect his cards and add what I can.

One of my biggest wants was an autograph of his to be the centerpiece of my collection and this tidbit of info must have slipped out to my sister-in-law at some point.

Because for my birthday she bought me Tim's latest book that was a signed copy version.

Inside a few pages in was this. So cool!

Definitely a centerpiece for my collection and a book I will actually read.....when I am not on here writing a post or busy with life.

Thanks again to my sis for this awesome gift if you happen to be reading this post today.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

My next plan is to get an autograph card of Tim, however, those don't go for cheap despite his pro career. His college career holds his values along with what he stands for.

Tim, if you happen to be reading this, I just want to thank you as well for standing up for what you believe in, your faith, and for being an inspiration to this blogger.

In comments today, thoughts on this addition, Tim Tebow or anything positive.

*gets into Tebowing stance*

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Monday, March 28, 2022

Drop It Like It's Hot

*takes a sip to get ready for today's post. memories are coming back as I look at today's card*

I think we all go through phases in our lives.

This can be a variety of things. It can be the food that we eat, I sure know I eat a lot of things I didn't used to like asparagus and have gotten rid of foods like tuna fish I used to enjoy. It can be what we drink, I used to enjoy soda a lot but now you find me drinking water when I am not having coffee. It can even be TV, I used to love watching horror movies and raunchy comedies but now I am into dramas and non rated R comedies. I guess it's toning down your life as you grow older.

I even went through a lot of phases in music in my life.

Childhood Age 1-17: I listened to whatever was on the radio especially songs I felt were cool like One Week by Barenaked Ladies or Kiss From A Rose by Seal.

Age 18-20: I hit a weird stage where I really enjoyed listening to female singers. Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Mandy Moore (who I had a mad crush on), Spice Girls, TLC, and some under-the-radar groups.

Age 21-24: As I began my career in a meat room, most of my co-workers were into Rap Music so they got me hooked. Every day headliners included Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, 50 Cent, and Nelly.

Age 25-33: My career had started to change and I started to back down from a lot of the rap music. I did some Linkin' Park and Paramore for awhile but mixed in a lot of other stuff as well.

34 til now and probably beyond: I strictly listen to what some would call "the oldies". Music from the 70's, 80's and 90's. Nostalgia driven songs I remember listening to with my father growing up or ones that bring me back memories from childhood. Artists include Elton John, Chicago, The Eagles, Michael Bolton, Rick Astley, Huey Lewis and The News, are among the 100's of artists I listen to now.

Actually, I am listening to Simply Red, "Holding Back The Years" as I am typing this.

Something tells me I should switch up the song today to match what the card featured today.

*takes a sip before moving on with today's post*

To keep those memories in my life, I use cardboard to hold onto them as you have seen in previous posts.

When I saw that Snoop Lion, AKA Snoop Dogg, had a card included in the 2014 Allen Ginter base set I had to have it. By the way, Snoop Lion was Snoop Doggs short stage name in 2012 when he was rechristened Snoop Lion by a Rastafari priest in Jamaica and for the release of his new album at the time, Reincarnated.

Front of the card

Back of the card

Even though I don't agree with Snoop's lifestyle, I did enjoy some of his music during the rap time in my life. I always listened to songs like Let's Get Blown, Beautiful and Drop It Like It's Hot.

Thanks to my buddy Shane who landed me a copy of this card.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

I can't remember the last time I listened to any Snoop Dogg songs or any rap music in general. I guess it would have been an appropriate time to have at least put one song on while I typed this up. But I will just listen to my oldies, sip my coffee and not eat my tuna fish sandwich instead.

Let me know your favorite Snoop Dogg or Snoop Lion song in comments. Also, let me know if you have had any changes in your life over time.

Have a great Monday!

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Not At First Glance

*sits down on this sunny Sunday and get's ready for a new post on Cards Over Coffee. Let's dive on in shall we?*

My eyes aren't what they once used to be. 

I guess aging is a part of that and probably using my phone and also reading fine print (DARN THOSE TOPPS SP CODES) has put the strain on them over the years. For a good portion of my life, I had 20/20 vision. Not anymore as I find myself having to wear glasses all of the time with astigmatism setting in. I can't stand glasses, but also refuse to put contacts in because I just can't picture putting my finger anywhere near my eyeball.

For the most part, with the glasses I can still see 20/20 but there are times I make an "old people" mistakes and miss something.

Like with my recent Oren mail day.

*takes a sip before moving onto the card portion of today's post*

With all of our trades we have done, Oren sends me a list of cards he is looking to send my way while I send him back a surprise. It has worked really well over the past year. In our latest trade, he sent some 2000 Topps Perennial All-Stars cards. These cards fell 1:18 packs and consisted of a set of 10. I already had a couple of them myself and was thinking about a set chase.

When the cards came in, I took my pictures for today's post then tossed them on my desk for the sorting procedure. When I went to take care of the cards a day or two later, I noticed something on these ones that were different than the ones I already had.

In fine print above each players name was a Limited Edition stamp. I hope you can see it on this Sammy Sosa.

I didn't know Topps had made a parallel to this insert set, now-a-days I would expect it but not in late 90's-early 2000's. Come to find out after some research, these inserts were seeded at one complete set per sealed Topps Limited factory set.  The card stock is also thicker along with the gold lettering and supposedly there were only ever 4000 sets were produced.

Each of the ones that Oren sent in this trade featured the stamp.

I assume this is still a 10-card set and now I will need to chase down both versions of the Ken Griffey Jr for my collection now that I know these exist.

Also in this trade were these cards,
Upper Deck Power Deck CD Barry Sanders

Fleer Tradition Zone of Juan Gonzalez

Upper Deck Extended Series rookie of Pius Suter. I can't turn down rookies, especially shiny ones. Oren knows this and his pushing of hockey cards to get me hooked continues!

And a 2021 Topps Allen&Ginter mini Derek Jeter. Not sure if I have this one or not.

Thanks again to Oren for the trade.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

I know I must not be alone in missing things the first time around, especially in today's hobby where they are flooded with short prints and small writing.

In comments today, let me know if you knew about this parallel set or the cards in general. And if you missed any print on cards before (be honest!)

Have a great Sunday!

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Friday, March 25, 2022

90's Cards Over Coffee:1996 Fleer Ultra Sensations Football 2-Pack Break

*nothing wrong with a cup of hot joe on a rainy day. takes a sip, sits down and gets ready for a new Cards Over Coffee post*

This post has been a long time coming.

Back in December, blog reader Oren sent me two packs of 1996 Fleer Ultra Sensations to open knowing my passion for cards from 1995-1999.

This is a product I opened back in the day, but only a few packs I bought from our local Mobile gas station. Which by the way, I think my Cards Over Coffee passion began because of that gas station. Every time we went there to pick up some packs, the scent of coffee would greet you when you opened the door to go in. It still brings those memories today when I go in there with the scent of coffee, except there are no longer cards.

*takes a sip and a sniff of the coffee before moving on with today's post*

Let's take a look at 1996 Fleer Ultra Sensations details before we open up these packs. It was a simple product with a foil bordered player focused base set totaling 100 cards. Each card was produced in five different foil border colors with each inserted at various ratios. The Rainbow foil was the most difficult of the group to pull with only 1% of the print run. I am still in desperate need of the Rodney Hampton version to finish my rainbow.

There were also a few inserts to chase as well that didn't feature all of the foil glimmer and glam.

The 10-card packs carried a suggested retail price of $2.49 at the time. Now I have seen some on eBay for around $5.

I originally was going to open one pack and keep one sealed like I have been doing with all of my 90's wax, but ended up opening both anyways since the temptation got to me.

*takes a sip, begins to rip*

Base (nice Dave Brown find!)

Pewter (not the singer but I dig the old Ravens logo)

Marble Gold (Hall Of Famer find)

Blue finishes up the last three card in the pack.

Next up, Pack 2.

*first takes a sip, then begins to rip*

Base Cards (Andre Rison in a Jags uni is weird)

Marble Gold


Pewter (start of a Miller rainbow chase?)

And the final card...

Wait....what's this final card.....
1:12 Creative Chaos insert of Terrell Davis!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! New card for that side PC. It's just too bad it stuck a little and left some snow look on the card but it's not too bad.

Pack 2 was even better than Pack 1! Nice score on the insert which is also impressive for a two-pack break.

Thanks again to Oren for the pack to open.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

This was a really fun time. I like opening packs that bring me back to the good ole days of the hobby. I spotted that Davis insert in the middle of the second pack but switched out some cards to make it the last card in the pack. That's what I used to do in those days so why not bring back that approach to make this even more enjoyable.

Thoughts on the product, my rip welcomed in comments.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Thursday, March 24, 2022

The Finest Times

*coffee is ready, sunny day is here and we are off running for another new #CardsOverCoffee post!*

*takes out CD player, yes those still exist, and turns on Green Day's Good Riddance Time Of Your Life for today's background music for the post*

*takes another sip, starts to reminisce to simpler times*

The 90's were great. I was young, I was outside with my friends, I was watching Saturday Morning cartoons with my mom while eating a bowl of Rice Krispie Treats cereal, I was jamming to the best decade of music, I was writing tons of nonfiction stories, and I was enjoying the hobby of sport cards like no other time. 

Life was good. I had no complaints.

Compare that to today, where I am older wondering which side of my back I will wake up to aching, mainly inside working, watching nighttime television if I am lucky while trying to limit my eating, almost passing out from gas prices, writing a sports card blog, still in the hobby, dealing with a pandemic, watching everyone's morals fall apart and the world crumble.

That's a shortened up list as well.

The 90's you can say were the finest of times in my life. Which is why I still collect a lot of "stuff" from that era.

Childhood toys, magazines and comics, and sport cards all make up a good portion of what I chase to bring back those finest memories.

So, when my buddy Shane from Cheap Wax Wednesday found some Topps Finest Refractors from the 90's at his recent card show trip, it was a definite want for me.

*takes a sip, sits momentarily to listen to the lyrics of the song. sure was the time of my life*

Shane sent me a variety of years and players with these refractors. I didn't care who they were. I remember a lot of the players and how excited I used to get when I opened a pack of Finest and saw something shiny in the middle of the pack. I would slowly look at the cards in front and behind the shiny card before fulling revealing it.

I couldn't do that with my mail day from Shane as all of the refractors were in a stack.

*takes a breath, slowly scrolls through the uploaded pictures remembering opening up packs of Finest with my father*

*smiles after reaching the bottom. takes another sip*

Those cards were such a great memory and trip back in time. For those of you reading today and remember those times, I hope these brought you back as well.

I must also note, see how I left the Finest Protection on, that will always stay on in my house.

Thanks to Shane for picking these up for me.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

Even though today's times are not as much fun, it's still a blessing to wake up every day and make the most of it. I am also glad I was able to "take the photographs and still frames in my mind" from the 90's and remember them. Cards help bring those memories alive a lot of the time.

Thoughts on today's cards, song choice, the 90's and your favorite part of them welcomed in comments.

Have a terrific Thursday.

*song ends, post ends, CD player put away for another time*

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

The Coffee Card Hall Of Fame

*coffee is hot and ready and I am ready for a new #CardsOverCoffee*

Hall Of Fame. It's where the best of the best go.

In my recent email to blog reader Oren I made reference towards the Kurt Warner autograph he sent me for my birthday was going into my Card Hall Of Fame. Do I actually have one? No. I just used the phrase as it is one of my better cards and that I will have to place it in a careful spot.

I told Oren in my return email that I didn't have one, but he hinted at this could be a good idea to post about. Upon using my brain and a few cups of coffee, I have come up with a fun concept for this.

So here's the deal and here is what I need from you guys, the readers.

I am creating a box where I will be storing my Coffee Card Hall Of Fame collection. I don't have the box or the layout of it complete just yet, but when I do, I will post it. In this box, every year from here on out until I can't brew anymore coffee, I will be placing FIVE cards a year voted on by you to go into the Coffee Card Hall Of Fame. However, I will need some card nominees all year for you to vote on. This is where you guys come into play again. Every post on CARDS OVER COFFEE after today until the December 1st end date, you can nominate a card or cards from any post-including box breaks-in comments of that post you think should be in the Hall for the 2022 year. These will be the nominees.

Those cards will be POSTED HERE all year long. Remember, this is a Hall Of Fame nomination. Not every card has to be a patch, autograph or low numbered, but Hall worthy. I will close nominations on December 1st and will let you guys begin the voting process (how I will do this will be determined later on) on which five cards you would choose to make it into the Hall. The cards with the most votes, get in.

Because I had already referenced this card as Hall worthy,
This Kurt Warner autograph will be the first nomination and will appear on that link I showed above.

I hope this sounds like a lot of fun for you guys as I think it will be.

Thanks again to Oren for jumpstarting this idea.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

I am curious on your guys thoughts about this in comments today.

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday. Fill your mugs up with joy today.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Tuesday, March 22, 2022


*another warmer day is helping melt the snow away. the more snow that it melts the more I can get outside and play some sports again such as wiffle ball, football and a sport based on today's topic, basketball. takes another sip, dreams of getting outside but for now gets ready for a new #CardsOverCoffee*

I never played in a basketball league growing up, but I played plenty b-ball with friends at school and at home. There were lots of great memories made. One of those memories I mentioned on here previously when my friend Brian pushed me through his grandmothers sliding glass window as I drained a three to beat him. But, I have other ones as well.

I remember getting elbowed in the face going up for a rebound against a classmate causing me to bleed everywhere, but coming back in the game five minutes later after the school nurse checked me and said I was good to go. I remember Dustin who would always say "fake out" over and over again as he would keep spinning to avoid defenders and make the shot. I remember a kid named George who thought he was Duke material and was the best player on the playground court in 8th grade and how I showed him I wasn't too bad myself. The memory of the high school PE class where I won a 1:1 tournament against actual high school basketball players. I am not sure why I never tried out for a team or whatever held me back, but I sometimes regret not doing so.

*gets up, soaks up some more sun, takes another sip*

I really loved the game of basketball back in the 90's and early 2000's. There wasn't a moment where you didn't see a ball in my hands taking shots. I would go out in the middle of winter and even take some shots with a snow covered ball and at one point, I lived on a farm where my court was a poured concrete silo. It came in handy when I missed as the ball would bounce back from the concrete walls.

When I wasn't outside enjoying the game, you would find me inside watching the Knicks on NBC or watching Duke on ABC. I remember watching a lot of UNC/Duke games and the Knicks taking on rivals, Heat, Pacers and the Bulls.

It was like a Super Bowl win for me when my team beat any of those teams. Especially the Bulls. They had to have been one of the most hated teams in the 90's right? I know I couldn't stand them at all. There wasn't even one player on that team I liked. It didn't matter if it was MJ, Rodman, Longley, Kerr, the Coach Phil Jackson or even today's subject, Scottie Pippen. I wanted them to lose and lose bad.

*takes a sip before moving on with today's post*

For me, the 90's was the height of the NBA. Those rivalry games were so good as you could feel the hatred and respect right at home. But, as the sport got into the 2000's, my interest started to fade as my favorite players started to leave and even the ones I hated. The game was even changing itself and my love of the sport started to fade as I found myself losing interest.

I no longer found myself inside watching games, I even didn't even feel like playing it outside as much anymore as my shift was towards baseball and football more. Basketball was not in my life anymore and I even started to unload some of my basketball cards in trades.

It wasn't until I was in my 30's when I found myself coming to a realization while turning on a game for background noise that I may had watched the greatest era of the sport. Some of the all-time greats played during that time and I got to watch them. Maybe I needed a way to celebrate that and maybe not all basketball needed to be out of my life.

That's when I started a list of basketball players, I wanted autographed cards of. I wanted those players who made an impact to the game. So I made my list, checked it twice and started to hunt them down.

I have so far scored autographed cards of Allan Houston, John Starks, Karl Malone, Magic Johnson, Christain Laettner, Kobe Bryant and John Stockton since then. It isn't easy landing a lot of the guys on my list with the values of those guys skyrocketing daily, but I have chipped away using some good trade bait to acquire them. Totally worth it though.

One of my latest additions came in book form, even though I told myself I wanted only cards of these guys. I guess you just have to be happy to get what you can get these days.

My buddy Shane from Cheap Wax fame came across an offer for an autographed book of Scottie Pippen and asked me if I was interested in a copy since he was getting himself one, I knew I needed Pippen still from my list and told him I would absolutely take it on.

The signed copy came with a letter of authenticity along with the autograph of Pippen.

Unguarded tells the life story of Scottie Pippen and everything he had to overcome to be a part of that Bulls dynasty. I haven't decided when or if I will sit down to read it anytime soon. I prefer to protect the autograph first since I actually haven't read a book from beginning to end in probably 20 years. I prefer to write more than read.

Thanks goes out to Shane for helping me land a Scottie Pippen autograph for my collection.

Other players I am still in search of are,
  • MJ
  • Shaq
  • Tim Duncan
  • Patrick Ewing
  • Dennis Rodman
  • Penny Hardaway
  • Mugsy Bogues
  • Charles Barkley
  • David Robinson
  • Reggie Miller
  • Grant Hill
  • Shawn Kemp
  • Gary Payton
  • Allen Iverson
A mighty list remains that's for sure. I add a few players I forgot about occasionally as well.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

Up until the last couple of years I haven't watched an actual basketball game other than background noise. That changed when the Knicks drafted RJ Barrett, Duke connection of course, who I thought was an interesting piece for their future. He seems to be the best player they have right now, but also needs some work still.

As for myself playing basketball, I do have a basketball hoop I take shots on still. I am no longer the die hard I once was, especially since my hoop is on uneven ground and I have no ACL in my right leg, but I still take some shots. Now that my childhood friend Brian has moved back from states away this past fall, maybe he will pop over and we can at least do a game of HORSE at least. At our age, it wouldn't take much to get injured otherwise.

In comments today, let me know your thoughts on my latest addition, who your favorite players of the 90's are and if you collect any of them.

Have a great Tuesday.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Sunday, March 20, 2022

The State Of The Hobby: Hobby Boxes

*first sip to mouth burns the tongue, not a great start to the morning especially since didn't sleep well. at least I am alive for another day. takes another sip more carefully and begins today's #CardsOverCoffee post*

Welcome back to The State Of The Hobby series. 

In the last post, I tackled how the pandemic had changed the face of retail products. That was just the start of the hobby uprising as it not only affected retail products, because it also affected hobby box prices that have now risen to astronomical amounts.

Remember just a couple of years ago when you were able to go to a site like Dave and Adams and find a hobby box of a new product for about $100-$150? Hate to tell you, those days are long gone.
Products like the latest Contenders football release used to be $125-$150 for 6 autographs. Pandemic prices have risen them to $700 for the same thing two years ago you could have gotten a third of that. INSAAAANNNEE.

It's not just Contenders or football card prices either, it's all hobby box prices for all sports. ALL have at least doubled if not tripled and offer the same thing or less than two years ago. Look at that Playoff football price, that's more like a $100 box.

Even the clearance section, which used to be where my wife used to shop for me for Christmas because you could find hobby boxes marked down for $50 or less has become a joke. Most of the clearance section now is "marked down" retail. Hanger boxes for $20 and a Mega Box for almost $300 is not clearance by any means. The hobby boxes that are on there, don't even bother looking at.

Don't think I am just picking on Dave and Adams here either, this goes for all websites like Blowout, Steel City Collectibles, etc that sell hobby boxes. I chose Dave and Adams since that is where I used to shop.

All of these price changes for the hobby and retail has changed the landscape of the hobby. The "Deep Pockets" still shell out the cash on the hobby and retail boxes while collectors join in on more box breaks, pick up cheap singles and search thrift stores for treasures for their collections since they have been driven away from opening product. 

It's a tough time as collectors to enjoy the hobby we used to, but fortunately most of us can adjust and find new avenues to enjoy the hobby. Sadly some couldn't and have left.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post. not sure how food will feel on my burned tongue surface especially if I go the toast route but I need breakfast very soon*

The changes in prices has reflected on my hobby as well. I no longer buy hobby boxes nor even ask for any for Christmas. I find an eBay gift card sufficient now as I plug in pieces to my collection instead. Occasionally I will buy a retail box if it's a product that catches my attention or if I just get that pack ripping itch under control.

Even though it kills me on the hobby box part, at least I am still enjoying the hobby.

*takes another sip, maybe scrambled eggs for this morning will work*

Lots of questions I am sending your guys way today,
I am curious in comments if you have bought a hobby box in the last couple of years since the price changes? What's the most you have ever spent on a hobby box? Did you used to open product before the pandemic and what do you do now?

Have a Super Sunday!

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Another Year

*sits down, gets ready for a new post on #CardsOverCoffee. cards sit next to the laptop for today's post and coffee is on the other side. it's going to be a great start to the day*

Today, I turn 39 years old. I can't believe I will be spending my last year in my 30's. Felt like I just turned 30 yesterday. Time flies by for those of you who are younger and for those of you who are older, you already know this.

I don't have any plans today other than waiting for my mother-in-law to bring out my banana cream pie I discussed earlier this week. Of course with pie, more coffee is expected which alone is a good birthday.

Normally, I don't get a lot of gifts for my birthdays. As you get older, you don't expect nor get much. It's just how it goes and that's okay. It took me awhile to get used to that, but now just being alive for your birthday is the big gift.

*takes a sip to celebrate another day of life*

This year though, I got a really impressive surprise birthday gift from blog reader Oren, who I have been trading with for a year now. I think the first post/trade with Oren shows up on here on March 6th 2021.

He sent along a nice note with birthday wishes and a mail day I wasn't expecting. Especially the card in the package.
The first part of the mail day was two packs of 2004 Topps Star Wars Clone Wars.

Which I opened hoping to land an insert,

And I finally did land an insert in the second pack. This Yoda is a Sticker Card that falls 1:3 odds. I was hoping for one of the battle motion cards. Those look pretty cool.

Behind the two packs of cards was this STUNNER......
2001 Upper Deck Sp Sign Of The Times autograph of Hall Of Famer Kurt Warner.

It took me awhile to shake my excitement as I almost dropped the card on the floor. Of course, I tried to calm down because as you get older you worry about having a heart attack from too much excitement.

This marks the second Warner in my autograph collection, but this one by far takes the cake as the better card. My other one I always question it's authenticity.

I don't even really know the words to use to say thanks to Oren for this marvelous birthday gift, but I guess a thank you will have to do for now. Unless I take some time to find other words I could use on Google.

*goes to Google after taking a sip and finds, many thanks · thanks very much · thanks a lot · thank you kindly · much obliged · much appreciated · bless you to use for this birthday mail day*

*takes another sip before finishing up today's post. sees mother-in-law coming with the pie*

*takes pie, slices a small piece, sits down with coffee and takes a bite. happy birthday to me*

I am very thankful for having another day here on earth and the start of my 39th year here.  I am never sure what challenges another year brings to my life, especially with all of my health issues on and off, but I will persevere and will post again next year.

I am also thankful I actually responded to Oren's email as most emails I get from strangers trying to do card deals with me, I don't. Something told me that day to do so and I am glad I did. I look forward to trading more with Oren this year as well and if you see an email from him, I suggest you respond and trade as well.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

*Coffee Card Birthday Blogger Out*