Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Spiderman Skills

*takes a sip, listens to the cold wind howling outside and glad to not have to go anywhere today and be able to sit down and focus on a new Cards Over Coffee post. takes another sip and gets ready for today's latest installment*

I always wondered what it would be like to be a superhero. I would guess many have. Imagine having the skill set of Superman being the strong, having laser eyes, super speed and flying. Or having the  gadgets and smarts like Batman OR having Hulk's ability to super leap or his incredible strength OR what about Spiderman. Shooting webs to swing your way across a city and the ability to use your spider senses to know when something is wrong. The only problem I have with his powers is how he acquired them. The fact a spider, a radioactive one at that, has to be near you at all (not to mention bite you) may make his power not worth acquiring at all.

Spiders equal the phrase, "oh heck no".

*picks up mug to take a sip, makes sure there was no spider underneath the mug before getting it close to the mouth. safe for another day*

I may never be Spiderman, or any superhero at all, but I have watched some freakish athletes that would appear to have superhero abilities.

That's where I start to discuss the Superheroes insert from 1998 Skybox Dugout Axcess. It is a 10-card insert set that fell 1:20 packs. The cards feature an MLB player with their Marvel counterpart.

I bought a Hideo Nomo a few months ago just to see what the cards looked like up close, but deep in my heart the one I really wanted was the Ken Griffey Jr one. However, the price was a bit out of my range.

Thankfully I have some good friends in the hobby and my buddy @ShaneSalmonson was able to acquire one for our latest trade.

The card features Griffey with his Marvel Counterpart Spiderman.

As many of us who watched Griffey growing up can attest, he had Spiderman abilities in the outfield especially. He used his spider senses to know when a ball was coming and climbed the walls to get them.

I think there is so much talk in today's baseball about Mike Trout, that many forget the greatness that Griffey was. If he hadn't gotten hurt a few times, he would have broken every record.

Thanks again to Shane for today's card.

*picks up mug carefully again, no spider is going to get me today. takes a sip, puts mug back down to finish today's post*

As I was typing this, I began to think that maybe I do have a super power after all....

COFFEE BLOG MAN! The unstoppable power of drinking lots of coffee and blogging at the same time. How does that sound? Maybe I should acquire the ability to give you a cup to read this blog with as well. I am focusing really hard staring at this screen...please tell me when a cup appears in front of you made the way you like it. And.......now!

Thoughts on today's card or a superhero comparison you would make in baseball is welcomed in comments below. Also let me know if you are drinking coffee while you are reading this.

Have a great Tuesday.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. I am indeed drinking my morning cup of joe while reading your post! That is a cool Griffey/Spiderman card!

  2. The Nomo is the only one of these I have and the best one!

    1. Well...I would have to argue the one above is better haha. But, I may see why you would say that

  3. Spider-Man is 💯 the best of all Super heroes.


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