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Coffee Break:2022 Topps Heritage Hobby Box

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Every hobby box of 2022 Topps Heritage baseball comes with 24 packs of 9 cards. Each box comes with 1 autograph or relic and a box topper (not pictured in this post but it was Pete Alonso) and each box costs roughly $100.

This years product also takes us back to 1973 for it's base card design.

HUGE base set is what Topps Heritage is all about with 400 cards plus 100 short prints making it a 500 total card set.

There are veterans like Mike Trout with posed photos (some veterans have action photos)
Along with Rookies (yes Wander to)

World Series

A little surprise by adding a legend into the mix

Topps Gold Cup

Home Run Leaders

League Leaders

Rookie Trios

And then the High Number Short Prints make up the last 100 cards that fall 1:3 packs. As a set collector myself, I like the challenge and it puts added value on base card sets. That's something we don't see in today's collecting society.

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French Text /73, Black Border (50 copies), Flip Stock (5 copies).

Base Card Variations,'
Error Short Prints, Player Icon Color Swap, Team and Name Swap, Throwback Uniform, Image, and Nicknames.
Usually, each box will come with one, mine is an Image Swap.

Back of the card near the number tells you what variation it is. The card was also in the pack backwards so I knew I had one. I must also note since we are looking at the back of the card, with the black backs, these cards get damaged very easily. Just by looking at this through the screen I am sure it has whiting somewhere on it now. That was an issue I had in every pack.

Topps Heritage Chrome
Each box usually has one of these /999, I wished they would make this a set, and they come with the following parallels,
Hot Box Refractor, Refractor /673, Red /573, Silver /373, Green /273, Black /73, Gold /5, and SuperFractor 1/1.
Green /273

New Age Performers has 25 cards of the newest players in the league.

News Flashbacks and Baseball Flashbacks bring you back to the biggest news of 1973. I like the News Flashbacks myself for my non sport PC. Each one has 15 cards in their respective sets.

Then and Now has 15 cards and features a player of today compared to one of the past. Not quite sure if Robbie Ray is a good one in this case. Or if anyone is.

9.9 percent of the time, you will pull a relic card. 9.8 percent of that time, it will be a plain swatch Clubhouse Collection.
And that's what I find every time. At least it's a Game Used relic.

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I always enjoy opening Topps Heritage and even though there are some massive hits to be found, I don't focus on that part as I never pull one. I treat the hit as a bonus. It's all about the base, inserts and especially chrome for me.

I know many of you will hate this thought, but a chromed Heritage product would be beautiful. I would probably shorten the base set down some. Maybe 150 veterans and legends, 25 rookie and 75 short prints kind of set.

Thoughts on this product is welcomed below.

Have a great Friday.

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  1. Love Heritage. Hate the SPs. That's a bummer for set builders.

    1. It is, but the chase is fun because of that

  2. The Clemente is a nice surprise. Hope it's not a SP.

    1. From my research, it is not. It's apart of the base set

  3. For that price it should have an autograph!

  4. Not bad...thanks for showing off the cards!


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