Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Mission Possible

*takes a sip, sits down and tries not to look outside at the new fallen snow, but instead focus on today's post*

My birthday came and went 8 days ago and this was the first year I had a few surprises for it. First, my buddy Wes sent me an eBay gift card, my wife got an eBay gift card and a carrot cake (don't worry I still stuck to my diet and kept it under control), and my sister-in-law sent me a one-of-a-kind gift I was not expecting.

*takes another sip before continuing on while also thinking back to that carrot cake*

Tim Tebow was drafted by the Denver Broncos in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft. He played a couple seasons there struggling on and off before being traded to the Jets where he played one year in the backup role. After that, he failed to make the Patriots and Eagles rosters before trying a baseball career and playing in the NY Mets minor league system for five years before retiring from pro baseball. He didn't give up on the NFL dream yet after his MLB retirement as his college coach Urban Meyer was hired by the Jaguars and he was signed to play the Tight End position instead of quarterback. It didn't work out in the end for either Meyer or Tebow, and he ended up on the sports talk show First Take while Meyer ended up on the news.

Tim may not have been a Hall Of Fame NFL QB, though he did throw a game winning touchdown  pass to win an playoff game that many QB's have not done, but he is a Hall Of Fame person we all should look up to.
His devout Christian faith, willingness to always help others and showing to never give up on your dreams should be a life we all should live. I know I try my best, but I am not even close to his level. I do believe though, that every little bit helps and hopefully those of you reading this today do your part as well big or small.

This is what made me a fan of Tim Tebow and though I have never mentioned it on a blog before, I do collect his cards and add what I can.

One of my biggest wants was an autograph of his to be the centerpiece of my collection and this tidbit of info must have slipped out to my sister-in-law at some point.

Because for my birthday she bought me Tim's latest book that was a signed copy version.

Inside a few pages in was this. So cool!

Definitely a centerpiece for my collection and a book I will actually read.....when I am not on here writing a post or busy with life.

Thanks again to my sis for this awesome gift if you happen to be reading this post today.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

My next plan is to get an autograph card of Tim, however, those don't go for cheap despite his pro career. His college career holds his values along with what he stands for.

Tim, if you happen to be reading this, I just want to thank you as well for standing up for what you believe in, your faith, and for being an inspiration to this blogger.

In comments today, thoughts on this addition, Tim Tebow or anything positive.

*gets into Tebowing stance*

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. Outside of his college football career and the hype around his cards, I don't know too much about him. But he seems like a really cool guy and is very personable in front of the camera.

    1. Yes he is from what I have seen. It's still impressive how popular his cards are still.

  2. This was a very thoughtful gift. I like him as a person, and enjoyed watching him play in college. I don't actively collect him, but do hang onto his cards if I come across them.

    1. I don't blame you for hoarding a few of his cards. I don't have much of a collection of him but the ten or so cards I have I am happy to have them.


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