Saturday, May 27, 2023


As I sit here with my morning Joe, you know coffee not someone named Joe, I am deep into my thoughts about the world.

There is so much sadness, hate, anger and lostness. I see more and more of this on a daily basis. It's a whole different world than the one I grew up in.

As I continue to sit here and now typing and sipping, I am also reminded that there is also still some hope, love and kindness in the world. I just wished there was more of it.

I think the biggest thing that a lot of us forget is that it only takes a simple act to be kind. It is easier to be kind to someone then to cause hate/anger. Just these simple things can turn someone's day around believe it or not. How about holding a door for someone behind you? How about buying someone's lunch or paying for the person's coffee behind you in line? Or how about simply just saying good morning/afternoon to someone or at the very least, smile. Smiling can become contagiouis....well if not done in a creepy way like in that horror movie Smile.

If everyone of us took on these simple tasks, can you imagine what we might be able to do? Think about it. Kindness can spread just as much as negativity.

Recently, I tried to do my part with a middle schooler at the local school just up the road from me. I went in there and found an interesting flyer that caught my attention immediately.

There was a kid looking for a Stephen Curry card and was pretty much offering all he could just to get one. Even offering $200 for one which made me chuckle.

As soon as I read what he wanted, I knew I could provide something. I didn't know which Curry's I had left that I hadn't traded off, but knew what I had to do. I had to make this kid's day.

*takes a sip*

So, I went home and dug out what I had. Thought I had something a little better leftover, but these are better than nothing. Especially since the kid was looking just to have one card of him.

I left the cards with the lady in the office who told me she would get them into the right hands.

Which she did. 
A few days later this note was brought to me, I scratched off the names for privacy for this post, thanking me for the cards. It made my heart melt and I knew I had done what every human/collector would have done.

I will hang this in my card room as a reminder if I am having a down day how a simple act can not only make myself feel better, but someone else.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

I challenge you all reading this today to do your part. It doesn't have to be giving cards to someone, it can be the simple acts I mentioned above. DO SOMETHING!! Anything!

Thoughts below on my story and if you have had an similar stories to tell welcomed in comments. Or turn this into a Feel Good Story blog bat around or use social media with the hashtag #FeelGoodStory and post yours there. The more feel good stories we have, the better. Let's show the good in the world and make someone's day.

Hope you have a great and safe holiday weekend, thanks for reading.

*takes a sip*

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Unfinished Cup:1996 Topps Turf Warriors

I have my coffee in hand and I am ready again for the third day in a row for a new post on Cards Over Coffee. I know my long break will be coming soon from blogging, so I am taking advantage of having some extra time this week to do a few posts.

Today, I am showing off another set I have been chasing hard since 1996 and have been adding more to of recent.

1996 Topps Turf Warriors fell 1:18 to 1:36 packs depending on what level of pack you buy. The cards feature an NFL Superstar and has a felt turf feel on the front of the card.

Remember when inserts had creativity?

*takes a sip wishing cards from today were as great as they were in 1996*

I opened a ton of 1996 Topps football, but didn't have a lot of luck in pulling these personally. I think I only pulled one which was Steve Young. Since then however, I have been wanting to build the set but it has taken a lot of patience. Some of these cards were a bit steep so I had to wait for some to be cheaper and nobody ever has these for trade.
Barry Sanders was one of those I had to wait on. Most were listed $20+ so when one went up for auction and I landed for less than $6, I called it a win.

Back of the card.

I went on a run with adding some of the top players after this Barry from the set such as Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman, Marshall Faulk and Curtis Martin to name a few.

Here are my remaining needs,

If any of you have any of these, please comment below or hit me up at

Below, comment your thoughts on these inserts and what your favorite insert from 1996 was.

Thanks for reading and have a great Wednesday.

*takes a sip*

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

My Rankings On TCDB

Good Morning! Well, if it's morning where you are reading this. I have my coffee in hand, ready to figure out what breakfast may be, and preparing for a new Cards Over Coffee Post.

*takes a sip*

I haven't been on here much recently because life has kept me busy and I really didn't have much to post about. It's hard when you don't really have a lot of cards incoming and you have been tearing apart your collection sorting to come up with anything creative and worthy of posting that hasn't already been shown off.

So on top of lots of sorting and re-organizing, I have been adding some player collections on TCDB (Trading Card Data Base). Not only does it make it easier for me to figure out my needs, but my favorite part is seeing my rankings among those who also have collections of the same players.

For the most part, I did pretty well.

I took the top spot for Victor Cruz.

Barely snuck up on the top spot for Darius Rucker.

Blowing away the field for Charles Way.

I have just a few Andre Williams, I also never added the duplicate relics/autographs I had. So this is straight up individual cards.

Have over a 100 card lead here with Rueben Randle. Another guy like Andre Williams I was heavily invested in.

Took the top spot for Chevy Chase.

And now onto some that I need to do some work on.

I still have a ways to go with Eli, but my first goal is to reach 1,000. I have added some recently that I didn't put on TCDB yet, but not even close to that goal yet.

I couldn't believe my lack of David Wilsons in comparison to the first-place person.

My lack of Amani Toomers is appalling to me and disgraceful to him. How could one of my Top 10 favorite NY Giants not have more. I really need to get on this and move up the board.

I believe I was within two cards of first place until recently. It appears I have some serious competition here to move up more.

Tied with John Starks, Allan Houston is my favorite NY Knick of all-time and yet I sit in 10th place here. Even fellow blogger Billy has a significant lead on me. I need to work on this collection, maybe Billy has some duplicates.

I still have a few players I really need to add on there, and maybe even Kerry Collins and Rodney Hampton who are only done through spreadsheets.

Thoughts on my rankings, what some of your rankings are and how many collections you have uploaded on TCDB welcomed in comments.

Now it's time to find some breakfast with the rest of this cup of coffee.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Monday, May 22, 2023

Finished Cup:1995 Fleer NFL Prospects

*sits down, takes a sip and gets ready for a new post on Cards Over Coffee*

Coffee and Cards, any better way to start the day? You better say there isn't. Because there isn't.

I finally have been putting a focus on finishing up some of my sets or at least adding to them. The more I see prices of today's cards continuing to rise, the more I look back on cards from my past and knowing it's time to put more of my focus back onto them.

Which is why I was able to finish picking up the final card, yes I waited this long to add one card, to my 1995 Fleer NFL Prospects set.

I know you saw the words 1995 Fleer and probably gagged some, but, I loved that product. Especially the inserts which is why I am chasing everything from the 1995 product including the base.

*takes a sip*
John Walsh from the Cincinatti Bengals was the final card I needed to finish up the 20-card set and was found for under $2. NFL Prospects fell 1:6 packs and featured a funtastic (is this really a word?) background with a mix of rough and gloss feel.

The set featured some of the top picks of the 1995 NFL Draft. (yes that's my boy Kerry Collins above)

These cards that scream 90's look even better in a binder side by side.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

It's such a relief to finish up this long time set chase and I recently just finished up another just as long. Soon, I will be posting that one along with some other Unfinished Cups that maybe some of you can help with. Who likes to have an unfinished cup????

Thoughts on this set welcomed in comments below.

Have a great Monday!

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Thursday, May 11, 2023

More Coffee On Cards

*laptop is on an actual lap, waits for wife to be done at dentists for a very long, lengthy and expensive appointment. takes a sip from dunkin cup, and figures it's time for a new Cards Over Coffee post*

I normally don't carry my laptop around unless I know I am going to be somewhere for a long amount of time. Today, is that day. While my wife is getting some dental work done, I am sitting in the car waiting for her and figured I might as well get a post done.

I didn't however have any cards in my drafts, but I had two cards on my laptop I hadn't uploaded or shown off other than on the main face of the blog so figured I might as well do those ones since I have extra time to do so today.

I have had these cards for a few months now, so they are nothing new other than a new post.

*takes a sip*

There are not a lot of cards out there that feature coffee on them, other than former 49ers running back Glen Coffee who played in the league for one year before retiring and served in the U.S. Army instead. I had considered at one point adding a few of his cards for fun, maybe some time.

*takes another sip and wonders about a Glen Coffee pc*

I believe for the most part though, I have the three or four cards that feature this blogs premier drink

I got this 1991 Star Pics Twin Peaks Coffee mug card from a friend on Twitter who is a big time Twin Peaks fan and collector. I knew about this card and was seeking one and he happened to have an extra for me. I wonder if this is the first coffee card.

And then I was able to add this Topps And Ginter International Coffee Day card thanks to my buddy Shane. You will see this card again in October so be prepared for that.

That's it for my latest coffee card, cards on coffee, cards over coffee whatever you want to call these cards with coffee on them adds.

Thoughts on these cards welcomed in comments. Also, let me know if you collect any funky-fun cards like these of anything in particular while you are at it.

Hope everyone has a great Thursday, especially my wife and wallet.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Wednesday, May 10, 2023


Three is not only the amount of cups of coffee I had this morning....

*takes a sip*

But it also marks how many years this blog has been alive for. Three years already.

I remember coming up with the idea and concept for this blog and wondering how many years and how far I would go with it. Though I haven't blogged much this year on it so far, the blog is still alive and still healthy. There has been some minor growth year to year so I am hoping that means you guys are enjoying the content on here as much as I am enjoying adding it to this blog.

Thanks again for coming out for every post with a cup of coffee or some other beverage I won't judge you on. Okay, some judging. 

In comments today, let me know your favorite posts I do on here.

*takes a sip*

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Tuesday, May 9, 2023

The Sequel Wasn't As Good

 *sits down, opened box and cards in and I ready to show this off. it's time for a new Cards Over Coffee*

I should have known.

I didn't stick with what I knew best, that a sequel never lives up to the original.

That goes with music, movies and even cards.

When I opened that first 2022 Stadium Club Chrome blaster box and hit two autographs and some other great cards, I should have known that it was going to be hard to beat. 

And it was.

I found a second blaster last week and without thinking, without hesitation of any kind, I tossed it into the shopping cart carefree.

I skipped out of Walmart like a little child who found his favorite toy and immediately opened the box in the car hoping for the same magic as the original box.

Except this blaster didn't have any kind of magic and was a letdown like most highly promoted sequels.

This was my best base card, not that anyone can complain about adding a Mike Trout.

My rookies. Kind of weak.

X-Factor parallels, the Musial is decent but meh on the rest.

So I guess buying a second box means pulling two of the same insert card, great. At least I know a Dodgers fan that would be happy with this I believe. Yes, Greg, I am talking to you.

And my last card,
I wanted to pull a Trophy Hunters, just didn't even get a player even close to who I wanted. It's a cool looking card.

And that was it. No autographs this time. Nothing that really stood out to me and most of this is available for trade as well.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

I don't plan on opening up anymore of this product after the disappointing sequel.

In comments today, thoughts on my break and what movie sequel you felt lived up to the original. My favorite sequel, which I think outdid the first one was the new Jumanji movie series with the second one in Jumanji:The Next Level.

Also, my second cup of coffee this morning outdid the first. Which doesn't usually happen either.

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Friday, May 5, 2023

Spring Gallery

 *takes a sip, gets ready for a new post on cards over coffee..without the cards*

Occasionally on here I have done posts without cards, but never without coffee. So thought I would put up one of those types of posts today because for the first time in a week, it's sunny and no rain so I was feeling springy.

I am also working on cleaning up my drafts and these have been sitting there for a couple weeks.

*takes another sip*

My first non-card pic is this coffee coaster. 

I show this first because I was craving some ice cream since it is supposedly spring and made a stop at Mcdonalds where I had to use or hold back my people skills.
I think the people at McDonalds should be glad I had my coffee that morning because my people skills may not have been as friendly when they charge $5 for a Mcflurry and give me a half of a cup. I wanted to try the new Strawberry Shortcake one and this was more of a sample size than an actual thing. Good thing it wasn't that great.

Despite the 40 degrees and nonstop raining, this was our first Moose sighting in 20 years. I wished I had gotten my camera out instead of my cell phone one, but I didn't want to miss them. One of them was bigger than Shaq.

I don't take many trips or go places, but when I can capture fun photos locally while on the interstate, I take them. 
Yes, there is still snow on those mountains.

Here are a few photos of that same interstate later in the day,


The mix of blue and pink is outstanding.

My first spring flowers from the bulbs I planted in the fall.

This bee seemed quite happy with it, so much so it was lethargically frozen there. Probably doesn't like the cold like the rest of us.

Well, that's it for now. Hopefully at some point I can show off some sunny weather.

Hopefully everyone enjoyed these pics. Tell me how your spring is going in comments below.

Have a great Friday!

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Thursday, May 4, 2023

May The Coffee Be With You

 *brews coffee, goes to add creamer but hesitates, today, I want my coffee to be on the dark(er) side*

Happy Star Wars Day fellow readers! I hope you have your coffee in hand to check out my latest cards, which happen to be Star Wars ones. And no, this wasn't planned, they just happened to arrive in time.

The cards today come from a trade I did with @tony_collection who I met in a non-sports Twitter thread. Since then, we have traded multiple times.

Usually I get Marvel stuff, but this time I decided to add to my small but growing Star Wars collection.
1983 Topps Star Wars Return Of The Jedi

1980 Topps Star Wars Rebel Forces Sticker Luke Skywalker

and finally, my favorite add that I can't keep my eyes off of,
1980 Topps Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Stickers. 

Thanks again to Anthony for the trade.

*takes a sip of the dark side of coffee before finishing up today's post*

I hope all of you have a Happy Star Wars Day and may the force and the coffee be with all of you.

In comments today, let me know your favorite Star Wars movie or thoughts on my new pickups above.

*takes a sip, wonders if could use a lightsaber to warm it back up if need be*

*realizes no lightsaber, so sips coffee faster before it gets colder*

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Marvel At These Beauties!

*has coffee ready to go, a stack of cards and it's time for a new Cards Over Coffee*

A few weeks ago, my wife bought me 20 stamps to use for PWE trading and what usually I can stretch out for awhile, ended up being used up within a week. That's almost three PWE trades a day which is a lot for me and honestly, it was. I couldn't keep up with it and trying to pack it up all seemed like a hassle that not even coffee could help with.

I did manage to push through and get them all packed up and sent out, it took way longer than I hoped with 17 going out in one day, but it was over with and I got some great cards in return.

One of those mail day returns came from a new trader I had just started making multiple trades with on Twitter, @tony_collection

*takes a sip before showing off the goods*

Anthony has been known to trade me some great non sport cards in the past and this time was no different putting a focus on Marvel cards, especially a set I am really hoping to build.

As soon as I saw one of these 1994 Marvel Masterpieces Silver Holofoils a few months ago, I knew it had to become my next set chase.

And in this trade, I was able to get half of the set complete with landing five of the ten cards. Also, I may have added some coffee humor with each. Hope you enjoy the side notes.
(how I feel without coffee)

(my favorite card from the set and me staring at a nearby Dunkins)

(how my wife summons me by brewing coffee)

(how I feel after a dark cup of coffee)

and on top of this, I also traded for a few more cool looking Marvel cards called Power Blasts.
(my wife after seeing me on my fourth cup)

(me after the fourth cup)

(me summoning a fifth cup)

And as a surprise bonus,
Anthony tossed in this great acetate card of Silver Surfer. (me when eating a donut with my coffee)

Thanks again to @tony_collection for the trade and amazing bonus card.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

This wasn't all of the cards in this trade, the rest will post tomorrow for tomorrow's holiday.

For today though, I want you to tell me which character above best represents you and coffee or let me know your favorite card of the group or favorite Marvel character.

Hope everyone has a great rest of their Wednesday, it's almost the weekend.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*