Saturday, May 27, 2023


As I sit here with my morning Joe, you know coffee not someone named Joe, I am deep into my thoughts about the world.

There is so much sadness, hate, anger and lostness. I see more and more of this on a daily basis. It's a whole different world than the one I grew up in.

As I continue to sit here and now typing and sipping, I am also reminded that there is also still some hope, love and kindness in the world. I just wished there was more of it.

I think the biggest thing that a lot of us forget is that it only takes a simple act to be kind. It is easier to be kind to someone then to cause hate/anger. Just these simple things can turn someone's day around believe it or not. How about holding a door for someone behind you? How about buying someone's lunch or paying for the person's coffee behind you in line? Or how about simply just saying good morning/afternoon to someone or at the very least, smile. Smiling can become contagiouis....well if not done in a creepy way like in that horror movie Smile.

If everyone of us took on these simple tasks, can you imagine what we might be able to do? Think about it. Kindness can spread just as much as negativity.

Recently, I tried to do my part with a middle schooler at the local school just up the road from me. I went in there and found an interesting flyer that caught my attention immediately.

There was a kid looking for a Stephen Curry card and was pretty much offering all he could just to get one. Even offering $200 for one which made me chuckle.

As soon as I read what he wanted, I knew I could provide something. I didn't know which Curry's I had left that I hadn't traded off, but knew what I had to do. I had to make this kid's day.

*takes a sip*

So, I went home and dug out what I had. Thought I had something a little better leftover, but these are better than nothing. Especially since the kid was looking just to have one card of him.

I left the cards with the lady in the office who told me she would get them into the right hands.

Which she did. 
A few days later this note was brought to me, I scratched off the names for privacy for this post, thanking me for the cards. It made my heart melt and I knew I had done what every human/collector would have done.

I will hang this in my card room as a reminder if I am having a down day how a simple act can not only make myself feel better, but someone else.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

I challenge you all reading this today to do your part. It doesn't have to be giving cards to someone, it can be the simple acts I mentioned above. DO SOMETHING!! Anything!

Thoughts below on my story and if you have had an similar stories to tell welcomed in comments. Or turn this into a Feel Good Story blog bat around or use social media with the hashtag #FeelGoodStory and post yours there. The more feel good stories we have, the better. Let's show the good in the world and make someone's day.

Hope you have a great and safe holiday weekend, thanks for reading.

*takes a sip*

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. Nothing like a card RAK to make someone's day! Nice job

  2. Very cool of you. I'm a big fan of RAK with my middle schoolers... and feel like I have the whole "too much hate and not enough kindness" talk on a regular basis with them.

    1. It's sadly apart of today's life with so much hate for everything. Any and all postitivity is helpful that we can inject especially for the youth

  3. It is a great thing when you read that someone (you) went into a school and did something positive. Anything we can do in a positive way counts towards the collective good. I'm the Head Coach for a Special Olympics delegation. It gives me a chance to pour positives into many people. I don't do it for me. It is all for them and those that show up to our practices and events. I know I get more back from my athletes than I could ever give to them. Be a light in the darkness!

    1. Absolutely! If we don't be the light, who will? Every little thing counts to brighten someones day in a dark world.

  4. Good stuff buddy!


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