Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Marvel At These Beauties!

*has coffee ready to go, a stack of cards and it's time for a new Cards Over Coffee*

A few weeks ago, my wife bought me 20 stamps to use for PWE trading and what usually I can stretch out for awhile, ended up being used up within a week. That's almost three PWE trades a day which is a lot for me and honestly, it was. I couldn't keep up with it and trying to pack it up all seemed like a hassle that not even coffee could help with.

I did manage to push through and get them all packed up and sent out, it took way longer than I hoped with 17 going out in one day, but it was over with and I got some great cards in return.

One of those mail day returns came from a new trader I had just started making multiple trades with on Twitter, @tony_collection

*takes a sip before showing off the goods*

Anthony has been known to trade me some great non sport cards in the past and this time was no different putting a focus on Marvel cards, especially a set I am really hoping to build.

As soon as I saw one of these 1994 Marvel Masterpieces Silver Holofoils a few months ago, I knew it had to become my next set chase.

And in this trade, I was able to get half of the set complete with landing five of the ten cards. Also, I may have added some coffee humor with each. Hope you enjoy the side notes.
(how I feel without coffee)

(my favorite card from the set and me staring at a nearby Dunkins)

(how my wife summons me by brewing coffee)

(how I feel after a dark cup of coffee)

and on top of this, I also traded for a few more cool looking Marvel cards called Power Blasts.
(my wife after seeing me on my fourth cup)

(me after the fourth cup)

(me summoning a fifth cup)

And as a surprise bonus,
Anthony tossed in this great acetate card of Silver Surfer. (me when eating a donut with my coffee)

Thanks again to @tony_collection for the trade and amazing bonus card.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

This wasn't all of the cards in this trade, the rest will post tomorrow for tomorrow's holiday.

For today though, I want you to tell me which character above best represents you and coffee or let me know your favorite card of the group or favorite Marvel character.

Hope everyone has a great rest of their Wednesday, it's almost the weekend.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. Oh yeah, those are awesome. I've been wanting to go after a 1991 DC Comics set, and a 93 Skybox The Return of Superman set.

    1. THose would be fun ones! Ihave added two more to this set since I posted this. Getting closer!

  2. I really am not into those type of cards. I had quite a few of them and they are all on my FSFT list on TCDb. User name is rjsahl. More coffee tomorrow morning.

    1. Oh man, drop me an email if you see this. We can do a pwe email trade if you have some I don't!!

  3. Recognized this set immediately... and knew I featured it in a post before. Picked one up back in 2011 at the flea market. I love that the 10 card set contains Spider-Man, Venom, and Carnage.

    1. I do too and those were the main three why I chose to chase it


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