Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Finally Found One!

*sits down, cup of coffee, box of cards in hand, it's time for a new Cards Over Coffee*
I finally found one!

My reaction (same one I have with my first cup of morning coffee)

For some reason or another, 2022 Stadium Club Chrome became a hot product and took off like it was Prizm, Mosaic or Optic football. Shelves were cleaned, product was being flipped, you know the bad old days of Covid.

Fortunately, in my area, I was able to find a blaster just sitting there on the shelf and even though I technically didn't really have the funds to do so, I couldn't leave and grabbed it and tossed it in the cart with no glare from the Mrs...this time. Of course, explaining to her how hard it is to find this product helped as well.

*takes a sip, rips the plastic off the box, stacks the packs, takes a sip and gets ready to rip*

Each blaster box of 2022 Stadium Club Chrome comes with 4 packs of 7 cards. So there really isn't a lot of cards in a box so you are hoping to score on one of them. Blaster boxes are $24.98 which makes the packs $6+ each.

Let's hope this gamble was worth it. I am just hoping for some cool looking inserts, some base for my PC's and some rookies. Maybe get lucky and land a Julio.

*takes a sip, begins to rip*
Not a bad start on my base, which was one of the best base cards I pulled from the box. Not a single Judge, Jeter or Griffey Jr for my PCs.

Guess I will be on the hunt for those.

As for the card itself, I like this version of Chrome more than Topps Chrome. The photography is much better because of the Stadium Club branding.

The rookies I pulled from the box. Not any big names.

Overall there are 400 base cards in the set to collect with rookies, legends and present players.

Up next are my parallels,
Base refractor, never heard of this guy. But, a rookie refractor seems like a PC fit I suppose.

X-Factors, one fell per pack. 

Overall, there are X-Fractor, Base Refractor, Wave, Blue /199, Green /99, Gold /50, Orange /25, Red /5, and SuperFractor 1/1 parallels to be found.

Now onto my inserts...fingers crossed on landing Trophy Hunter card of Griffey, Judge and Jeter.....

Nope, Beam Team of Oneil Cruz and Pete Alonso. These fall 1:6 packs and has 25 cards to collect.

Team Of The Futuer of Fernando Tatis Jr. Whatever happened to this guy, goes from hobby sweetheart with Acuna Jr and now both guys are way out of sight. These fall 1:6 packs and have 20 cards in the set to collect.

*takes a sip to build up two other finds in the break*

Then came a couple big surprises....
In Pack 2, I found this Brandon Marsh autograph!

Then in Pack 3, another autograph!!! 2 retail autos!! I don't know who this is but this is a green parallel autograph /99.

Overall, I am feeling like this after the break....and after two cups of coffee.

*takes as sip before finishing up today's post*

I didn't quite get the PC cards I had hoped for, but pulling was pretty cool. One of the best retail breaks I have had in a while.

Thoughts on my break welcomed in comments. Most of the cards including the autographs will be available for trade as well.

I hope everyone has a great Wednesday!

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Friday, April 14, 2023

Trade Of The Year Candidate!

*sits down with a cup of brew, 3 amazing cards and gets ready for a new post on Cards Over Coffee*

Amazing can sum up a few things this morning. For the first time in two weeks, I feel pretty amazing this morning after two weeks of sickness. It may not be 100% amazing, but enough in comparison to where I was at. Then there is the weather. Sunshine, 70+ degrees for the first time this year, that's amazing. On top of that its melting away the snow finally. Amazing!

Then comes the three cards I posses in my hands right now, all three cards are amazing.

Even though this is just the beginning of the year still, the cards and trade I am about to show you comes in the early running for my trade of the year.

Of course any trade that includes a massive Michael Jordan card, should be in that running.

*takes a sip, stares at the Michael Jordan card again still in disbelief it's in hand*

When I scroll through Twitter, I don't spend a lot of time reading the tweets, I spend more time looking at the pictures. Most of the time it's cards for sale listings that I just scroll by fast. However, if a card or two catches my eye, I may inquire about a trade since I can't buy the cards. Sometimes the seller is agreeable and will trade the card, other times, they won't. At least so far, I haven't had a snobby one snap at me yet for asking to trade a card on a sales thread.

The way I look at it, it's never wrong to ask even if their intentions are for selling purposes. You just never know until you ask. It's like having that crush on the popular girl in class and just staring at her creepingly because you never took the time to ask her out. She may have said yes, she may have said no get away, or she may have said please stop sniffing my hair. Until you make that move, you never know.

Just like I never would have completed this trade today if I hadn't inquired about it from @j_myers82 if I hadn't asked.

Let's check out the haul starting with the small stuff.

Pacific put out a lot of cool Pro Bowl Die Cut cards over the year, I really like the design from 2002.

1990 Topps Traded Emmitt Smith rookie card. This card was THE Emmitt Smith rookie you had to have at one point. It's surprising to me this Hall Of Famers rookie isn't more valuable, but I am glad to add this one finally to my collection.

AND FINALLY....DRUM ROLL PLEASE, without spilling your coffee of course......
1997-98 Metal Universe Planet Metal THE GOAT Michael Jordan!!! BANG, BOOM, COFFEE!

I have never owned or seen a Planet Metal in person, but let me tell you if you haven't either, these things are pretty. This 15-card set fell 1:24 packs and depicts the NBA's best as the main part of the basketball universe. MJ at the top of course.

Thanks again to Josh for the quick and easy trade.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

I am not sure if I will be able to outdo this massive trade this year. My higher end trade bait stock continues to get hit and with no cards incoming to trade off, it will become more challenging as time goes on.

Let me know in comments if you own a Planet Metal, what your favorite MJ card is and anything else on this mail day.

Hope everyone has a great Friday and weekend!

*Planet Metal Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Delivery From A Night Owl

*sits down, takes a sip, makes sure Kleenex box is close by and gets ready for a new post on Cards Over Coffee*

April has been a long year, I mean month, so far.

I kicked off the opening weekend with one of the worst stomach bug cases I have ever had. There was no coffee to be had and I was stuck in bed if that tells you anything. Not too mention the five-and-a-half-pound loss. Though that part I won't complain about as much.

Then this past weekend hit. I started to have cold symptoms Friday Night, leading off with a runny nose on Saturday, then a full-on faucet nose and congestion on Sunday. By the time Monday came, I tested positive for Covid. My second round with it since it became a thing. 

I have no idea where I caught either sickness being an introvert, but I guess the one or two times I left the house it found me.

*takes another sip, the coffee soothes the cold symptoms or pretends it does at least*

I may not have had the best April so far when it comes to health, but when it comes to the hobby my April has treated me well. I completed multiple trades in bed, received a couple of RAKs and got a mail day from the blog Legend Night Owl Cards that I am showing off today.

He made note in the envelope that he knew I didn't collect random Yankees anymore, but it was all he had to send, and he still nailed this mail day.
Gerrit Cole is off to a hot start this season and definitely looks like the top when it comes to the Yankees rotation.

I always like shiny no matter what team or player it is. I just wished this guy could stay healthy. I know how that is....

This card is nice. There will never be a team in baseball ever again that will be like the 90's Yankees teams. There just won't be and one will never be as dominant as they were. 

This is a great looking card with the black border and it's numbered to 299.

I absolutely lack in vintage cards and when they look like this, I will take those all day of random Yankee players or any players. I have had a man crush on these Kellogg's cards since I got my first one last year.

Then was the card I commented on I saw in a Night Owl post. I really wanted this one for my Aaron Judge collection. I didn't open a single pack of Stadium Club, or the Chrome version for that matter, and as soon as I saw it was the Field Of Dreams background it was a must have. Such a great old but new school photo.

And finally, this mail day finishes up with a new card for my 2015 Panini Americana chase. I really like these rainbow foil parallels.

Thanks again to Greg for the mail day and sorry about the delay in posting it.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

I have a lot of mail days to catch up on when I am feeling better. Today, I am heading in the right direction and had to put together 17 PWE's to mail including one back to Night Owl for his great cards.

Thoughts on my mail day welcomed in comments.

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday.

*Feeling better Coffee Card Blogger Out*