Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Slice Of American Pie:Vincent Price

*takes a sip of very hot murderous coffee, by murderous it's murdering my tongue*

*burns tongue again, keeps on typing*

When trying to find a card to show off for Halloween, it's not always easy. Especially if you have been blogging for as long as I have it gets harder to show off a card you own that you haven't shown off yet.

I think after lots of digging, I found one.

I don't have many parallels from American Pie, but one of them screamed Halloween for today's post and it was horror genius Vincent Price. His name even sounds evil.

Yes, he was in comedies. Yes, he was on TV. Yes, he was a cook. But he was also a horror movie master starring in close to 40 films.

Some notable films I have seen him in is House Of Wax, House On Haunted Hill and The Fly.

Price is a name that a lot of horror buffs know and has his place in horror movie history as a legend.

He is also card 39 in the 2011 American Pie base set.

*takes a sip, this time the coffee is cooler and just stings the already burnt tongue*

Speaking of this set, I am so scary close to completing it! 38,41,45,50,52,78,81,100,103,108,120,137,152,155, and 166 is all that remains.

If you have any set help for me, please comment or email me at sportcardcollectors@hotmail.com.

I hope everyone has a safe holiday. Don't do anything I wouldn't do and don't take candy from strangers, eat your own bag like I will be.

And if you are handing out coffee, let me know. I will be right there.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Friday, October 27, 2023

On Point

*sun is out for the first time in a week as it glistens between the curtains and blinding the computer screen. gets up and shuts curtains full to see despite wanting to see the sun that hasn't appeared in over a week.*

*grabs cup of coffee, brews it in keurig and sits back down. takes a sip, coffee is on point this morning just like the mail day about to be shown*

*takes another sip*

I love mail days, but who doesn't? But, I really love mail days from blog reader Oren, especially ones that I don't know what the contents are.

After trading with him for well over a year if not two now, he has pretty much figured out what I am looking for and his mail days are always on point to what I am collecting.

We may not have done as much trading this year due to both of our busy schedules, but its apparent in his last mail day he hasn't forgotten what to send me.

Because it was on point.
First up, some Allen and Ginter non-sport minis.

A stack of some really cool looking Star Wars cards from Topps Star Wars Illustrated. This was my favorite card from the stack.

A few more from Allen and Ginter. The Wood Jr is a foil parallel, sometimes unless the sun is out I have a hard time capturing the shine.

Every time I get some Allen and Ginter inserts I am also instantly reminded that I really need to sit down and round up all of my inserts from the product and see what my set needs are.

Slap me silly! It's Will Smith! I am not sure how people feel about Will after his incident, but I am still a fan. I enjoyed his movies from the 90's and Fresh Prince.

The early 90's included quite a few celebrities on their cards I am finding out and have been trying to compile a list of needs.

I am not exactly sure what these are, but they are pretty darn cool! Definitely some unique pieces for my Batman collection. I also kept them in the baggie they came from worrying if I took them out that I may damage them or worse, lose them.

The Bulls were in my Top 3 most hated teams of the 90's, but 90's inserts were at the top of my heart and still are. This Scottie Pippen is pimpin'!

Jumbo!! I can finally knock John Elliot's autograph off from my want list for my Giants autograph needs. I wished the Gmen had him on the line right now, even at his age now I bet he can outplay what they have out there.

New Curtis Martin for that side player PC. I have gotten a good number of relics and patches for that PC because of Oren. At some point I really need to take care of the autograph need.

Then to finish up the package, Oren sent along a couple of fun packs.
Upon first glance, I wanted to keep the packs sealed which is what I do with a lot of my non-sport packs like these, but with my finances and ripping urges, I saw packs that I needed to open. 

So, I did, and it was fun.
Kung Fu Panda pack had these base cards.

And it's one-per-pack sparkly sticker as it says on the front of the pack. I think the sticker looks super cool. This looks better than most inserts from today.

The back of the sticker made me chuckle which is why I had to post it. Read the fortune cookie.... :)

Then came the Shrek pack. I really liked the entire Shrek saga, especially the hidden adult content.
The base cards.

Another base card, but subset. I kept this one by itself because who doesn't feel like the Gingerbread man (Gingy) some days. "Bite Me!"

And to my surprise, the final card was this 1:17 pack pull of Fiona's Fairytale 5. Not bad!!

I would definitely open a few more of both packs! And maybe keep one sealed of each as well.

Well that was a lot of fun. The cards, the oddball findings and the packs. Thanks again Oren!!!

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

I look forward to doing more trades with Oren, who says he has a big stack of mystery for me. All of which I am sure is on point.

I hope everyone has a great Friday and weekend. Don't forget to drink your coffee and take in all of that pumpkin spice.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Thursday, October 26, 2023

Surprised With Goodies

*sits down with a big bubbler from a surprise mail day that arrived*

*saw where the surprise came from knew it was going to be good*

*takes a sip of nearby coffee*

*takes another*

*slowly opens up the package and begins to dig through the impressive mail day. sorts it out, takes pictures, uploads and then begins to type*

I have been averaging roughly one mail day per week, but last week I had four arrive on the same day. Not just a single card PWE either, these were actual packages.

One of those mail days was an unexpected surprise from Dennis from Too Many Verlanders Blog, who usually lets me know when something is coming so I had no idea what this was.

That answer came after I opened it, and I was awestruck.

First, there was oversized cards from players I collect.

Two oversized Kerry Collins.

Oversized Super Bowl Showdowns featuring Super Bowl winner Phil Simms.

Then came offerings from my main three PC's. Starting off with some non-sport,
A stack of Batman which should help my base set chase, though I am still miles away.

A fun mix of singers and actors here.

An opened pack of Gunsmoke, but I kept the cards in it so I wouldn't ruin them or ruin the packaging further. This is a unique add.

TMNT! Still need a ton of this base set and the other movie/cartoon cards.

90210, I used to watch this with my grandmother occasionally. I can feel the 90's screaming at me.

X-Men movie cards.

Country Gold cards. There was a decent stack of these as well. Landed a few of the ones I wanted including Hank Williams Jr, but still missing Shania Twain as my most wanted from this set.

The next card was one I claimed from one of his posts. It's not so much for the Giambi aspect as it is the 90's parallel aspect. Beautiful card.

Then came a decent sized stack of Giants, the others I will need to double check to see if I have (I also didn't have enough space on this post to post everything) but these ones for sure I didn't. I really like the Cruz pink especially for October and Breast Cancer Awareness month.

And I am not sure about this, but I think that Dennis must have checked my wants on TCDB and landed me a new relic for my Eli collection. I will have to update numbers again soon on him. But, in order for you to see those, you will need to read Big Blue Cardboard, my NY Giants card blog.

I will always take and welcome Plaxico Burress autographs, in a Giants uniform. He ranks up there as one of my all-time favorite Giants receivers and he also was a big reason why they went on a run and won Super Bowl 42.

The next card is another nice addition to the Andre Williams collection. Nice patch card that I don't have.

And the final card in this mail day is a new one for the non-sport relic collection, a Erik Estrada swatch. I didn't have a relic or autograph of the former CHiPs star so one item down, another to go.

Thanks again to the exceptional Dennis for this mail day. I really enjoyed every part of it.

*bows towards computer to Dennis*

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

This mail day was definitely loaded with lots of great stuff. The only thing missing was coffee I could drink as I sorted through it. But, I took care of that on my end.

Not sure if you can send coffee brewed.

*takes a sip*

*finishes up post*

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Wednesday, October 25, 2023


*sits down, takes a sip. looks at a couple of cards nearby to post about, gets to typing*

I have had a hard time keeping up with mail days, send backs and blog posting. Life has been crazy busy and the little time that I have had has been spent working on my Beckett articles or putting cards away that have been on my downstairs floor for the past year.

So, I must apologize to those that have been waiting for their mail days to be posted or a return mail day from me.

I promise you, Brent, Oren, Dennis, Rick, Bryan, Tim, a new guy that I just traded with and a few others that you should be getting something by months end. I just need to sit down and pack them up.

I have set aside some time today for that and some blogging. Let's see if I can get caught up on some of that and some of these mail day posts.

*takes a sip*

Today's post contains two cards of the same player, but from two different brands and two different RAK's I received last week.

The player is Victor Webanyama, who was selected first overall in the 2023 NBA Draft by the San Antonio Spurs and was known widely as a "can't miss" prospect. When I hear words like that, I have to have a card of him for my rookie card collection.

But, with my funds the way they are, I knew I couldn't afford to buy one or even try to pull one from packs so I sought out to trade for a card of him with zero luck.

Fortunately, this hobby is full of wonderful people and I had two sent to me.

@manof_sports pulled a few of the Allen and Ginter base cards of Wemby and offered to send one my way. I happily took it.

Then there was this Wemby, that was already on my want list for multiple reasons (Yankees fan, cool photo, rookie) so crossing off a want on top of a want was great.

This card was sent by the great people @MashingDingers.

I can now cross this card off the want list.

Thanks again to @MashingDingers and @manof_sports for the mail days.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

I am not sure how Wemby's season will go or how he will pan out. Will he have a career like Zion who was also a can't miss prospect or will he be a superstar? Hard to know right now. All I know is that I have a couple cards of him and that they have a happy place in my collection.

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Before I go completely out, make sure you join in on my blog bat around and spread the word on it. It's the easiest one you can do!
See it here if you missed it:

Saturday, October 14, 2023

Second Look

Hey guys! I have my coffee and I am getting ready to read a new article and series posted on Beckett.com called Second Look.

The Article is HERE

*takes a sip*

After clicking the link I had to do a second look! At the top of the article was my name! Wait… that must mean…Guess what??!! I wrote it!

*takes a sip*

I am happy to announce I am writing on Beckett’s website a series called Second Look.

Second Look is a series that will take you back to the nostalgic days of the 90s. I know the first article in the series features 1989 Upper Deck baseball, but the rest of the series will feature other sets in the 90s across all sports and non sports that really needed a second look. Whether they were underrated sets, iconic in some way or simply important to me. 

They will get a second look. 

It’s almost like the look you gave out of the corner of your eye to the girl you saw across the room while your wife watched you. Except you won’t have to sleep on the couch to read my series.

But, if you wanted to read my series on the couch that’s fine with me.

So I hope all of you enjoy my new adventure. I am not sure how long it will be for, but it will be a few months at least. With some reading or comments from you guys on my articles, my dream to continue writing for Beckett could go longer.

As for this blog, don’t fret, there is still more coffee and cards to come! There may be some gaps in posting, but the blog will brew on!!

*takes a sip before finishing up todays post*

Before I close, I just wanted to thank you guys again for reading this blog. I never would have stepped outside my comfort zone as much as I have this year and even approached Beckett without your guys reading, comments and encouragement. 

Thank you.

In comments today, I would welcome any suggestions from any sport or non-sport on a set you think needs a second look. I have a list started and who knows…maybe one you choose will make it or has already!

(Side note, writing blog posts are not ideal on a cell phone, just saying)

*Coffee Card Blogger  Out*

Friday, October 13, 2023

Friday The 13th

*pours out a cup of coffee, checks behind him for anything scary creeping up behind, then slowly turns back towards computer screen knowing if it's not behind you, it's always in front of you*

*nothing there, takes a sip*

I know most kids grew up watching Saturday Morning cartoons and Sesame Street, I did some to, but what I really grew up watching as I have mentioned on here before were horror movies. When your mom loved horror and took over the one TV you had, what other options did you have on a rainy day?

Watching pretty much every movie the horror section offered at our local video store at least twice, horror movies grew on me. Especially the slasher films with the lead killers. Guys like Chucky, Freddy and Michael Myers were some of my favorites to watch.

Then of course came my top, Jason Vorhees. The hockey mask wielding killer from the Friday The 13th series.

I must have seen every one of those movies at least ten times each with my favorites in the series even more.

The grotesque appeal of his unmasked face for some reason was my biggest draw and always wondering what it will look like movie to movie.

When it comes to the hobby, I was trying to find some Friday The 13th cards just to have for nostalgia, but from my research, no such things exist.

The only horror cards I could find were the 1988 Topps Fright Flicks. Which didn't include Jason on their checklist, however, there are others on the checklist I want someday. I don't own a single card from the set.

So instead, I had to settle for some playing cards that featured Jason from a variety of the movies.

Friday The 13th Part 6 which is my favorite movie from the series where Jason who had been dead for two years, gets revived.

I can see why they left this as the Joker card, by far the worst film in the series.

This one was an interesting one, but not something I cared to see more than once. The movie features two of the horror icons with Jason and Freddy but was a little corny at times. The film was the 11th in the series.

Part 5, A New Beginning had a twist to it as the film didn't feature Jason. Or did it? I won't spill all of the beans.

And that's all I have for these. But, it's something for nostalgic sakes.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

I don't watch horror movies today anymore, mainly because my wife not a fan. I may occasionally turn one on when she isn't home, but I don't sit there and watch it all. 

As for the Friday The 13th remakes in case you were wondering, I hate remakes so those never interested me.

Hope everyone has a safe Friday, stay away from the woods and especially any Crystal Lakes (I don't live to far from one).

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

I Changed My Mind

*sits down with a coffee and bagel lunch, cards to. ready for a new post on cards over coffee*

Just like my wife with dinner decisions, I have changed my mind.

Originally, I was going to post the second part of my trade with @DanPortnov (FIRST POST IS HERE) with my Coffee With segment to showcase the non-sport autograph pickups in my trade but decided just to post them all in one post. Sometimes the segments on here don't do well and I wanted you guys to see what I picked up in this deal.

*takes a sip*

In the trade I was able to acquire four Pop Century autographs to add to my collection with only two of them helping my want lists. But, that's okay, I will take on any non-sport autographs, they always have a home here.
The first autograph was of Linday Morgan, who wasn't one of the ones on my list, but I hear she is a rising star in Hollywood after starring on the CW show The 100. I have never seen it, but have heard of it.

Next up is a 1/1 autograph of Joan Collins.  If you were around in the 80s or spent time with your grandmother in the 80's, you probably knew who she was. She starred on the soap Dynasty. And if you don't know her from that, you must have seen her in her other hundreds of film and TV appearances.

One of the names on my want list for this year's Pop Century was Brittany Snow who starred in the Pitch Perfect movies, Harry's Law and John Tucker Must Die. All three things I rather enjoyed.

And finally the autograph I wanted the most of the group was,
John Lithgow who has won numerous awards, made lots of movies and TV appearances and best known for his role as Dick Solomon on 3rd Rock From The Sun. I haven't quite decided if I like the cut signatures in Pop Century this year. There are quite a few.

And that's it. Thanks again to Dan for the trade and hope we can do another!

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post. takes a bite of colder bagel and realizes needs to finish this up before it gets colder*

I still have quite the list of autographs I want from this year's product as you will below,
  • Amanda Bynes
  • Catherine Bach
  • Chevy Chase
  • Clint Eastwood
  • Carmen Electra
  • Chuck Norris
  • Chris Pratt
  • Charlie Sheen
  • Denise Richards
  • Edward Furlong
  • Ewan McGregor
  • Elizabeth Olsen
  • Frankie Muniz
  • Jessica Alba
  • Jason Alexander
  • Jim Belushi
  • Jon Cryer
  • Jon Heder
  • John O’Hurley
  • Joe Pesci
  • Kristen Bell
  • Katey Sagal
  • Lou Ferrigno
  • Leslie Jordan
  • Macaulay Culkin
  • Melissa Joan Hart
  • Marisa Tomei
  • Pete Davidson
  • Salma Hayek
  • Tara Reid
  • Chuck Norris
Cut Signatures
  • Alyssa Milano
  • Bill Clinton
  • Calista Flockhart
  • Demi Lovato
  • Evangeline Lilly
  • Eva Longoria
  • George H.W. Bush
  • John Cena
  • Jamie Foxx
  • Ken Jennings
  • Kathie Lee Gifford
  • Leah Remini
  • Natalie Portman
  • Suzanne Somers
  • Tom Hanks
  • Tiffani Thiessen
  • The Weeknd
  • Vincent Price
So, if any of you reading this have any of these needs, let me know on here or Twitter or email at sportcardcollectors@hotmail.com. I am sure we can work out a trade!

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday. I know mine has been a busy one like the rest of this week has been.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Monday, October 9, 2023

90's On The 9th:1995 Score Football AD Redeemed Card Steve Young

*sits down and turns on some Hootie And The Blowfish, it's 90's day on Cards Over Coffee*

1995 was a great year in my hobby life. 

It was the first year I really started to dig deeper into collecting from when I started in 1993. I was also falling in love with sports more and moving away from childhood toys.

One of the products I opened the most and was able to find the easiest was 1995 Score football. It was a product that caught the attention of this 12-year-old at the time.

However, since I found most of my cards at the local grocery store, I never heard about a promotion that Score was running at the time.

I guess they made intentional errors for one of their Pinnacle print ads and gave away a foil Steve Young card for those who identified all of the errors. This contest ran throughout the 1995 and was the third part following two baseball versions.

I only recently discovered the card when someone posted it on Twitter via a @CardPurchaser thread for sale, overpriced of course. So, I did my research wanting this card and found out the background info on it and landed a copy for less than $2. That's my kind of pricing.
The card looks superb in person more than it did when I saw it on Twitter.

The card number is AD3 which stands for AD Three. Pretty easy to figure that out without using my Diagnosis Murder detective skills. (if you didn't get this 90's show reference, check it out)

It's always amazes me how Social Media and other blogs can help you discover cards you never knew existed and leads you to wanting. I still have a list I need to add of ones I need.

I am not sure if I will chase down the baseball versions of this promotion or not. One of the players I found was Alex Rodriguez from another 1995 Pinnacle product.

*takes a sip, turns on another song and gets ready to close out today's post*

I know this segment doesn't get a lot of views, but I enjoy going back and taking a look at these cards from my favorite era of collecting. I am also hoping some of you will post your own #90sOnThe9th on Social Media and your blogs. Let's make this a thing. Use the hashtag too!

Hope everyone has a great Monday.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Sunday, October 8, 2023

Unfinished Cup:1991 Impel Laffs

Okay...so today's edition of Unfinished Cup was once a Finished Cup.

That's until this afternoon.

When trying to transfer my set on a sorting tray from room to room, the tray broke apart and my set of 1991 Laffs hit the floor like a rock. Except it was more like slow motion as my face watched them, like a cup of coffee spilling slowly like on the Bounty commercials, drop to the floor by their corners as I shouted nooooooooooooooooooooo.

My wife could hear me from the other room, she knew it wasn't good.

I dropped to my knees immediately trying to recover the set hoping that none or not too many got damaged on their trip down to the ground.

The good news is that most were safe, bad news was that some were not.

So, now I come on here seeking help to fill in the gaps of the damaged ones.

Which includes card number 1, Bob Saget. You can see from my picture the top left corner saw the floor hard on this card. Some others are worse.

And those cards are,
1,4,30,31,32,33 and 53. 

Which isn't too bad knowing all 80 from the set fell to the ground, but still, they shouldn't have.

The damaged cards are fillers in the set for now until I get them replaced. My hobby OCD cannot allow a card set to be completed with damaged cards.

If any of you have my needs, please let me know! Comment below or email me at sportcardcollectors@hotmail.com.

Thank you!

Side note, if you don't know about the 1991 Impel Laffs set, the 80-card base set is built up of three TV shows from TGIF in the 90's. It starts out with Full House, moves to Family Matters and finishes up with Perfect Strangers. All three excellent shows.

Hope you have had a better Sunday than I have had, with the Giants losing again and this card tray fiasco, it's been a tough one. Not to mention waking up to a cup of coffee full of grounds.

Here's to a better Monday!

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*