Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Building Up A Trade

*sits down with a big stack of cards nearby and a cup of coffee*

*takes a sip*

*feels stomach growling, gets up to get a bite to eat to hold off until post is done*

*takes a bite of cookie, breakfast holdover for champions*

*takes a sip and gets ready for today's post*

It sometimes blows my mind how trades come together and how they grow sometimes. 

Sometimes it's just a card for a card. Other times it's a handful of cards for one or more cards. And then there is a trade like today that started with a couple cards, ended then regrouped back into a few more cards before we mailed.

My end of the trade arrived yesterday so thought I would show it off on here of course.

Well...not all of it yet....

*takes a sip*

I am holding off on the autographs, the main course of the trade for my Coffee With segment so be ready for that. However, I will show off the other part of my trade on Twitter with @DanPortnov.

First up, this Joe Biden Goodwin Champions base. I can see people leaving these everywhere prices have gone up with him pointing at the price.

Not only a good beverage, but Arnold Palmer is possibly the greatest Golfer of all time.

Harry Houdini did things I can't imagine trying. Especially since I get claustrophobic being in an MRI machine...or in a crowd of people.

Hopefully I didn't post too many political cards on this post, sorry but I collect them.

I grabbed a couple of wrestling cards for a buddy of mine who collects them. Trying to load up a pile of them for his Christmas gift.

And the final card is a Bruce Almighty shirt swatch from Jim Carrey. I really like these A Piece Of Hollywood cards and own a dozen or so already. I think I have this one, but I don't mind owning duplicates.

Speaking of Hollywood, there is more to come in the autograph portion of this trade soon.

Thanks again to Dan for the trade.

*takes a sip before finishing up this post*

*gets up, takes a bagel from the freezer and puts it in the microwave to thaw and eat after the post is over*

I have had many times where my trades have built up like this one, it's part of the reason I don't ever seal and envelope until I know for sure the deal is complete.

And if for some reason it isn't and I have mailed, that's when you make a second trade. It's how you also make a friend and build up future trades.

*takes a final sip for today's post*

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. I don't think I have ever seen any of these before. Thanks for showing them. Just took my last sip and my stomach says it's time to eat!

  2. Yeah a bunch of idiots have used Biden signs/stickers like that around my town. I'm thinking of pasting Trump4prison stickers over them - but i'm not sure it's worth the hassle.

    1. They put the stickers here as well, now they are all taken down

  3. I remember those Piece of Hollywood relics! I think I still have a Woody Harrelson shirt swatch pulled from a pack at Pack Wars.

  4. Feels like there are tons of Obama and Trump cards... but that's the first Biden card I've seen.

    1. I think he was included in the Decision trading card set as well


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