Saturday, September 30, 2023

A PC Post

 *sits down and begins to think, not something that is always easy to do early in the morning, and begins to type though the coffee has moved too fast in the system yet*

*takes a sip*

It's been a while since I have had a post where I simply just update what I am collecting. As many collectors know, your collecting habits change over time for a multitude of reasons. Maybe your favorite player got traded. Maybe you had to sell some cards and decided you were no longer collecting that player or team or set. Maybe you lost interest in following a sport. Or maybe things cost so much, that you wanted to enjoy the hobby in a different way. Whatever the reason, there is no wrong way to collect and no judgement from me if you tweaked your PC some.

I certainly know over time mine has had many makeovers. Almost as many makeovers as an aging Hollywood star.

And I am sure below that there are many changes from the last time I posted about mine. I have been trying to narrow things down some as years go on and put focus on things that matter most to me.

Here is where I stand currently,

90's Inserts (1995-1999)
Ken Griffey Jr

90's Inserts (1995-1999)
Allan Houston

90's Inserts (1995-1999)
Eli Manning
Rodney Hampton (if you can find anything I don't have which is tough)
NY Giants I don't have and including the other player PC's I do of Amani Toomer, Andre Williams, Charles Way, Rueben Randle, Victor Cruz, David Tyree.

90's Inserts (1995-1999)

Marvel (only from the newer movies, not so much the cartoon ones)
Pop Century Autographs
Any Actor, Actress, Relic or autograph from any TV Show or Movie
Allen Ginter Non Sport base cards
Allen Ginter Non Sport Inserts
Nostalgic Actor/Actress autographs
Darius Rucker
RL Stine

Other Cards:
Cards that feature coffee
Christmas Cards
Horror Cards
My Set Chases
Unopened Packs/Boxes
Michaela Shiffrin

Other Stuff Not Cards I Collect
80's and 90's toys
Mighty Morphin Power Ranger 30th Anniversary VHS Figures
Christmas Vacation (anything that features the movie from food items to ornaments to figures)

Even though my list still seems long, definitely not as long as it used to be, there are still levels of preference among my list.

Here is what I prefer most,
1. NY Giants (this includes all of my side PC players)
2. Non-Sport Autographs
3. Marvel/Non Sports in general
4. 90's Inserts
5. Christmas Cards

And since this is a post about cards and my PC's, here are some of my latest additions to a couple of them,

Flair Showcase Legacy Parallels of Andre Williams one is numbered to 100 and the other is numbered to 150. Upper Deck nailed it with the remake of Fleer and Metal products.

I have another Williams relic close to this one, but not with such great swatches. Williams is one of my biggest Giants collections I have and there really isn't a specific reason for why I keep adding them. Maybe it was from regret thinking he was going to be the one and only lasted a couple seasons? Lesson learned, but it's still fun.

Allan Houston Floor Swatches. I know I already had one, but a second one with a different color swatch of floor from the MCI Center is pretty cool.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

I will probably update my PC posts more often on here when I feel the shift in my collection. But not too often where it becomes annoying.

Hope everyone has a great Saturday.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. I appreciate the updates, blogging collectors should do this once in awhile. ... Not that I have much of this, but you never know.

    1. Maybe should be a blog bat around. Will make it easier for us to trade with others if we know what they are collecting

  2. Really nice swatch card. 5 of 6 parts are some kind of detail. I have very few swatch cards and I think all of them are one color only. Enjoy the day!

  3. Those Hot Spot Floor cards are really cool. Looks like there's a Kobe on the checklist... but I'm guessing it's a little out of my price range these days.

    1. I assume its probably out of most normal collectors range


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