Friday, September 22, 2023

Happy Meal Again

*just came back from running an errand from town but had to grab some lunch on the way back, quick stop, McD's. short on cash equals one thing, a Happy Meal*

*checks out box to see what toy is hiding and reads Pokemon pack included, sweet*

*takes a sip of coffee which was drink of choice to go with the Happy Meal, gets ready for new post*

Back again for the second year in a row is the McDonald's Pokemon Happy Meal promotion. Last year McDonald's helped celebrate 25 years of Pokemon by including packs of cards in their Happy Meals and it has returned.

The only difference this year is that the promotion isn't celebrating another year and there is a smaller 15 card checklist instead of the 50 from last year but still all the fun.

I am not a Pokemon collector myself so I am not going to buy 20 Happy Meals to collect the set, but finding cards with food regardless is a win. You can tell I am not a collector of them when I can't pronounce half of the names.

The limited-time Happy Meal promotion started on September 12, 2023, and will run until October 16 so plenty of time for you to grab a meal and open a pack.

*takes another sip, McDonalds coffee definitely isn't great as it is very watered down. hope the meal is better*

*continues on with watered down coffee and today's post*

I thought I would begin by showing off the box first before I dig into the pack.

I won't bother showing the food, mostly because I finished it before I had a chance to take pictures and I am sure you have seen the food before.

But, what about the pack, well, box that the pack and other fun surprises comes within.

Inside of the box, comes,

A sticker and a cardboard spinner toy for the Pokémon Match Battle game. 

And the pack of cards. The cards are inserted at random with each pack of four cards containing one with the McDonald's holofoil pattern. 

My pack actually lacked the parallel. Disappointing since I wanted to see one.

Oh well.

In the end, I got some lunch, some cards and some coffee.

and it left me feeling like this.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

I would love to see McDonald's expand more on this, let's get some sport card Happy Meals. Maybe one for each sports season. Get kids more into the hobby and less flippers/money hungry people. Just more people who are hungry for collecting...and some for nuggies.

Hope you have a great Friday!

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. Yep, I agree on the idea of including cards in Happy Meals more often. Plus, it'd be a win for McD's since cards are more sustainable as compared to their usual plastic toy offerings (and McD's has stated that they wanted to move away from so much plastic). As for Pokemon, I don't know the game either but my son loved getting the cards in his Happy Meal so that's a win for me.

    1. Exactly! Hopefully McDonalds is reading this!

  2. I bought one earlier this week. It's enough food for me and my son knows more about Pokémon that most of us put together. It was the first time I had chocolate milk sine I don't know when. Time for coffee!

    1. Added comment for me. My son got the cards. Two spelling errors above. Maybe responding to a blog isn't a good idea after having a tooth filled at the Dentist!

    2. Glad to know I came first after dentist fillings haha!

  3. Saw these were back last week when I took my pops there for some fries. I didn't buy one... but maybe I will at some point to add the pack to my unopened pack collection.

    1. You should, just for kicks. I have an unopened one now as well


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