Sunday, July 31, 2022

The Segments On Here

*sits down, cardless for today's post. but not coffeeless. that would be a nightmare though not having cards to post about today is as well.*

*takes a sip*

*takes another sip, gets ready to type*

When I started up Cards Over Coffee two years ago, I didn't know the direction the blog would take. Unlike blogs I made of the past, I wasn't sure if this was going to be one of those blogs I had segments on. For the most part, my segments never get much traction despite my creativity with them. I went a little while on here before deciding that the usual posts needed some breaking up, so I created some coffee themed segments.

Over the past two years, I had quite the list of segments going on but recently had to narrow them down.

Here are the ones I am planning to keep in rotation,
  • 90's On The 9th (90's cards on the 9th of every month)
  • Slice Of American Pie (showcasing my 2011 Topps American Pie set chase)
  • Unfinished Cup (my set needs)
  • Coffee Break (any product I open, this will be cut way back with lack of product to open)
  • Coffee With (non sport autograph adds)
  • Would You Rather? (Matrix given choices)
Here are the ones I am retiring,
  • Monday Morning Cup (I may bring this back in a different form, this originally was my NY Giants Sunday game review with cards. But all Giants cards will be featured on Eli's Big Blue Crew unless it's something super special with a super backstory)
  • The Rodney Brew (above comment, also lack of Rodney's to post)
  • Giant Cup (same as above two comments)
  • 90's Cards Over Coffee (90's On The 9th has taken this spot)
  • 80's On The 8th (not really an 80's card collector so didn't fit what I do)
  • State Of The Hobby (this one ended)
  • Unfiltered Review (Coffee Break took this spot)
Some New Upcoming segments,
  • Finished Cup (already did my first post on this one. This will include sets I am finished)
  • Cafe Funko (my Funko collection)
As always, I like to hear from my readers on which segments you like or which ones you would like to see as we move into a new month. Comment below on this.

I also want to mention that I might have some fun stuff planned for Halloween and Christmas this year to post.

Hope everyone has an amazing Sunday. God Bless!

*takes a sip to finish up today's post*

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Saturday, July 30, 2022

Unfinished Cup:1996 Playoff Absolute Football

My coffee is ready, so let's get onto another new post on Cards Over Coffee.

This marks my 6th day in a row with a post on here, I can't remember the last time I was able to pull that off. However, I am hoping not to disappoint you guys by posting yet another Unfinished Cup post. I knew there would be a lot of posts in this series, but I had expected to spread them out a little more. With no incoming mail days, there isn't really much else to post about right now.

So, I apologize for another one of these today.

 Anyways, let's get on with today's post.

*takes a sip*

Sometime, when I have more time and am not lazy (I know I am not the only blogger who admits to this), I should list off my Top 10 favorite base cards sets of the 90's. I mention this because today's base card set would be on there.

1996 Playoff Absolute absolutely nails a unique base design by putting players on a card with their team stadium in the background. It's not anything that had been seen yet and not even seen today again. I think this kind of design is pleasing to the eyes.

I remember opening up a few packs back in the day, but never considered chasing the base set. It is a challenging one to chase as there are multiple tiers to the set. The only way you could pull some of the tiers was opening up the pack that was within the pack of cards. Did you comprehend that or need to read that again? There was an unopened pack within the unopened pack of cards which contained the harder-to-find base cards. Another unique part of the product.

So this makes my chase a little tougher so my want list is deep on this one,

Like I said, a lot of needs on this one.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!

Thoughts on today's product is welcomed in comments.

Hope everyone has a great Saturday.

Coffee Card Blogger Out.

Friday, July 29, 2022

Would You Rather? Opening Up Stuff Edition

 *takes a sip, sits down for today's latest post on Cards Over Coffee*

Welcome back to another Would You Rather? Today, I wanted to challenge you a bit more.

The game is called, Would You Rather. In this series you will be given two choices and you must make one decision sort of like The Matrix. Each decision you make will also have a problem tied into it and you will have to decide which is the better of the two choices. 

You will also have to live with your decision for the rest of your make the right one.

*takes another sip before starting today's new series*

*sits in the dark alone wearing all black clothing and sunglasses*

*in a deep voice sitting in the dark*Hello Readers, my name is Mattpheus. I am the leader of the sport card universe and can offer you the control of your future.

I have two pills to offer you *holds hand out with both pills* that will lead you on your path today. Each pill gives you both an reward and a penalty.

Today, you can take the Red Pill and only buy retail for the rest of your life but guaranteed a hit with every purchase. However, each retail item costs the same as it's hobby counterpart. Retail Packs=Hobby Packs, Blaster Boxes=Hobby Boxes, Mega Boxes=Jumbo Boxes, and etc.
Or you can choose the Blue Pill and buy hobby at retail prices, but never expect a single hit (sort of like retail is now)


Make your decision below in the comments.

I will be awaiting your choice with my cup of coffee in the dark.

Both pills will cause diarrhea, sorry.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

I hope you enjoy this new segment and I hope a lot of you join in on the conversation.

Have a great Friday.

*takes a final sip on today's post*

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Unfinished Cup:1996 Score Dream Team Football

It's Thursday and I haven't missed a beat all week with posts. I can't always promise a new post, but if I can squeeze one in and have time to do so, I will.

However, I don't ever miss a cup of coffee whether I have time to make it or not. I will find a way to have at least one.

Or two.

Sometimes three.

Enough with I take a sip...let's move onto my latest set needs in my today's Unfinished Cup post.

I have lots of nostalgia when it comes to Score football from 1995-1998. The 1995 product is what really got me lured into the hobby so you knew I was going to chase 1996.

One of the inserts I always wanted to pull from the 1996 product were the tough 1:72 odds Dream Team. Even though I ripped a box worth of packs from our local grocery store, I never once pulled one. As that year went on, I had forgotten about those inserts and moved on to brighter pastures as they say.

Fast forward to last year, I found them again after searching the internet for 90's inserts. I knew then it was destiny that I got one of the cards, so I grabbed one. Then I grabbed another. And another. And guess what, another. 

That's when it became not only a dream of owning one, but became a set chase. Which was another dream.
And now I am only 1,2,3,8,and 9 away from fulfilling it.

With it only being a 10-card set and being halfway there, I can't see why this once dream can't be turned into a reality.

If you are reading this today and have any set help for me, drop me an email at or comment below.

Thanks again!

Hope you have a coffee filled Thursday.

Coffee Card Blogger Out.

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Unfinished Cup:1997 Pinnacle Inscriptions Football

There is nothing worse than an unfinished cup of coffee.

It's almost as bad as an unfinished set.

So, to finish up some of these sets, hopefully, I am posting my set needs in this set thread called Unfinished Cup. I am hoping someone out there has some set help for me sitting in boxes or on their desk at home. If you do, reach out!

Today's set is one I recently started again. By again, I mean this is one in the 90's I had started but never fully completed. That's because the packs/boxes were so expensive you couldn't afford to buy enough to fill a set. And by the time I was opening up this stuff back the closest hobby shop here began to close up its doors.

I gave up.

But, not anymore! 

It's time to finish the 1997 Pinnacle Inscriptions football base set.
This one is simply eye appealing if you are a fan of dufex, If you're not, you're not a real collector. Just kidding, actually I am not, what's wrong with you?!!? Are you a serial killer? Who doesn't like dufex?!

Okay, enough with that. I mention that you have to be a fan of dufex because the entire 50-card set is built up of that.

Here is what remains for my set, 12,16,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31,32,33,34,35,36,37,38,39,40,41,42,43,44,45,46,47,48,49,50.

If you have any help, let's talk. Email me at or comment below!

Thanks again!

Hope everyone has a happy Wednesday.

Coffee Card Blogger Out.

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

The Blogger National 2022

*sits down, takes a sip of coffee. opens keyboard, begins to type today's newest post*

This week kicks off the 42nd time I will be missing The National Sports Collectors Convention. It's not that I don't want to go, but it's too expensive, too far away and now with Covid starting to ramp up again, I don't want to expose myself to sickness to the thousands that go.

I am good with where I will be instead. Sitting behind the keyboard, not spending money I don't have, or traveling to a place I don't know and not exposing myself to sickness.

Doesn't that sound good to you too?

So instead, I thought that those of us who aren't going and just sitting behind our keyboards or phone could host a Blogger National. What is a Blogger National? Well, it's a blog-bat-around where you just take one post (or multiple if you so choose) in the next few days and dedicate it to showing off your coolest cards or your most favorite cards or a recent mail day you hadn't posted yet using the blog post title, The Blogger National 2022. 

Try to find the cards that are show worthy to you. You know, the dazzling cards that would attract all of the people over to your table (blog).

I received some show worthy cards in my latest mail day from blog reader Oren and will start The Blogger National 2022 today with them.

*takes a sip before continuing on with today's post*

My latest mail day from Oren was a fun mixed bag of goodies. Not that my previous mail day from him that included cards from The Lion King and Batman were bad, but this one stands out.

IT'S SHOW TIME! (picture this line being done in the voice of Jim Carrey from The Grinch)
A new pink Unleashed Pink Fireworks parallel of Luis Robert. I am still collecting all of these and the 2021 version looks better than the 2022 one.

Not sure what this is, but I like it. Shiny, kind-of non-sport.

This basic parallel looks better than some of the parallels that are produced today. I still add these when I can. Someday I need to add the Griffey.

I don't like many inserts before 1995, but the ones I do are usually from basketball. Basketball has always had the best-looking inserts.

Speaking of best-looking inserts, I can't remember a time I actually like an insert or anything from Gypsy Queen. These Gypsy Gems look great. I didn't open any GQ this year so this is my first card from it. If only the gem included was a relic of a gem, how great would that be??

For all of you 1995 Fleer haters, I guess you don't remember these inserts. Together these make a puzzle. I already have one set, when Oren offered up another almost complete one, I took it. Will hopefully add the Marshall Faulk again and finish this one up again.

This card was a great add to the trade just as it was.....

But adding the parallel to match it, wow. That refractor pops!! If that card isn't show-worthy, then I don't know what is.

And you have to include this Sweet Strokes card to that list as well.

Thanks again to Oren for the trade and the "show" cards.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

I am hopeful many of you will join in on this. Usually my Blog-Bat-Arounds go nowhere but maybe this one will catch your attention.

And for those of you who read this and don't have a blog, feel free to post them on social media and use the hashtag, #TheBloggerNational2022. I will be on the lookout for that hashtag on all social media platforms. Well, except TikTok. I haven't joined that at all yet and don't plan to.

Hope everyone has a great day. Remember to tell a loved one you love them today. Maybe even visit them for a cup of coffee.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Monday, July 25, 2022

Finished Cup:1996 Spx Baseball

New segments are always fun to install into a blog.

It can bring new life to the blog and to the person writing the blog. I have introduced a few this year on Cards Over Coffee and hopefully everyone has enjoyed reading them as much as I have been writing them.

Today's newest segment bounces off from another segment on here, Unfinished Cup.

The difference, one is unfinished sets I am chasing, the other, guess what, I finished a set!

That's exactly what today's post will be about.

*takes a sip*

Some people think that a rollercoaster is the greatest thrill ride you can go on, but I guess those people haven't ever finished a long time set chase before.

As soon as I got this final card for my 1996 Spx baseball base set from @gingersnap4004, I was already on the thrill ride of a lifetime.

Now after twenty-plus years it is finally complete!

Only one thing left, a brag gallery,

And there it is. All 60 cards in the set.

I don't know about you, but I am on an all-time high. 

Like Snoop Dogg level.

Thanks again for the final piece @gingersnap4004. Now onto chasing the parallel, inserts sets and autographs.

Thoughts on my latest segment and this set completion welcomed in comments.

Coffee Card Blogger Out.

Friday, July 22, 2022

I Was A Winner

*sits down, takes a sip and gets ready for a new post on Cards Over Coffee*

It's time to sing it loud, I was a winner in one of the recent contests over at Baseball Card Breakdown.

It didn't take me a WrestleMania moment to score a victory.

I was cool about it. Cool as Ice. (or iced coffee in this case, maybe vanilla flavored)

Tried to think of a number to scribble down (you had to guess what the card was numbered xx/xx)

And took a swing at it.

Even though my number wasn't correct, I still landed the bonus prize.

*coffee sip time!*

The prizes that you could choose from came from a prize lot that Gavin had put together on his blog.

So, I grabbed this Winnebago card, along with the other cards in today's post.

And now I am feeling at the top of my game. I may approach the next contest on Baseball Card Breakdown like this.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

Thanks to Gavin for this contest and the prizes. Also, for tossing in a couple extra Vanilla Ice cards.

I hope everyone is having a great evening.

Til next time!

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Needing A Distraction

*places cards on the table before grabbing coffee. i had to put cards over coffee for once...see what i did there? there were too many cards to hold, grabs mug, brews a cup, sits down, opens laptop and begins today's post*

It's almost been a week since I have posted on here. 

Why? Well, a lot has happened since then. My wife's uncle passed away. Poor baby Ariella, my nephew's baby, passed away as well two weeks after being born.

Once again, if you can donate to their GoFundMe, now to help cover funeral expenses as well, you can do that here,

On top of that, I have been plain busy. Blogging gets put on the backburner because life comes first.

*deep sigh*

*takes a sip*

One thing that has kept me afloat during all of this has been getting cards in the mail. I haven't gotten a lot of mail days, but a few have flown in that have kept my mind occupied enough. Most of them were one or a few card mail days, but one of the biggest ones arrived from @mcfarm21 and I will cover it today.

*takes another sip, having trouble focusing on completing a post today. another sip, maybe that will help*

*nope. need to take a break. hopefully will finish this post later*

Why do I say partially cover the mail day? Well, he packed a lot into two packages and there is no way I can cover all of it. From NY Giants cards to 90's inserts to players I collect and even a magazine. It is an overwhelming number of items to post all of.

So, I just plan to tackle the main part of the trade which involves two players I collect in Kerry Collins and Terrell Davis.

*takes a sip before showing off today's cards*
Rick sent me a pretty decent sized stack of Kerry. He had more, but most of those I already had, and I don't take on dupes.

Once again, there were a lot of cards sent in this mail day especially for these two players so I am just going to break it down to my Top 5 favorites from that stack. 
#5 Ultrabilities from 1995 Ultra which is Collins rookie year but also my first big year of collecting. Lots of fond memories.

#4 1996 Topps Underclassman has a little bit of shine, so that wins.

#3 1996 Upper Deck Hot Properties. Some guy named Troy Aikman is on the other side of this foil etched card. I just want to focus on the key player. I still need the gold version.

#2 1998 Flair Showcase base. It's 90's Flair Showcase, that says enough.

#1 is this Playoff Contenders Clash of Collins and Reggie White. I remember the Packers and Panthers battling it out a few times. I can't remember though who won the battles between Collins and White. A great looking card on top of this and die cut. Not one I have seen before.

Now that we have covered my Top 5 Kerry Collins, let's take a look at Terrell Davis.

But first...

*takes a sip, another sip, then dives in.*

If you think that stack of Kerry Collins was anything, the stack of Terrell Davis was nuts! There was at least 100 cards in there so narrowing it down to my Top 5 favorite ones wasn't easy. The number one card was an easy choice, but the rest, well, I could have done a Top 100 with.

#5 This Fleer Ultra 2 Minute Thrill. Shiny wins the day again.

#4 Collectors Edge Supreme Monday Knights. This guy definitely slayed a few dragon defenses back in his top years.

#3 1998 Stadium Club base. This may look like he is being tackled, but I bet he got away here. I love any card where the Patriots are being pushed around.

#2 1997 Upper Deck Star Crossed. It would be crazy not to put this insert in my Top 5.

And finally....drum mug tap....take a sip....
#1 1998 Skybox Premium Intimidation Nation. This card fell 1:360 packs and was the toughest insert to find in that product. It eluded me for years as I have always wanted to own one, now I do and it's also a PC player. Such a bonus!

Thanks goes out to Rick for the mail day. Hope to have something sent your way next week once everything hopefully settles down again.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

Today's post featured a lot of great cards and believe me, there were many other great ones in that mail day. I hope to post some on my NY Giants card blog I am trying to revive at some point. If you don't follow it, please do.

As for my family, if you can't donate, please add us to your prayers. We can use all we can get. Thank you in advance.

Make sure also to tell someone you love them today. Sit down, have a cup of coffee or preferred drink (come on its gotta be coffee), and have a conversation. Or a text or a call. Simple, quick, has all of the meaning in the world to them. Not to mention how great it will sound hearing those words being reciprocated back to you.

Thoughts on my mail day welcomed in comments.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Thursday, July 14, 2022

It Pays To Post Them

*sits down with filled cup of coffee, laptop and a stack of fun cards. Guess what time it is, no it's not hump day (referencing the Geico commercial), it's time for some Cards Over Coffee*

I am always on the lookout to try and find ways to fill my many set needs.

Sometimes I am able to make some Twitter trades and other times I pick up a card or two when I have available funds on eBay.

Today, was a first for me as I completed my first ever real TCDB trade.

*takes a sip*

TCDB member Abide has been recently commenting on my posts and on one of my Unfinished Cup posts, a segment that covers my set needs, he stated he had some set help for me and left his email for contact.

So, I took advantage and did so.

We did the trade through email, which is easier for me as I can send pictures of what I have instead of taking time I don't have to input my many boxes of trade bait, and it was completed fairly fast. He absolutely blew me away helping me with a couple of longstanding sets I have been chasing.

The first one of the two sets he assisted with, knocked off 18 of the 37 needs I had for 1998 Ex2001 baseball,

I only posted a few of them here. Such great looking acetate cards and brings back many collecting memories with my dad when we ripped packs of these together.

Abide then almost took down all 5 of my needs for the 1997 Ex2000 set when he sent 3 of my needs,

Only two more to go..well one...if you read on :)

Also, take note that I used my lightbox again just to capture the magic and beauty of these. I may take pictures using that on and off depending on the cards.

On top of set help, he also discovered that I collect Allan Houston and sent along a couple of really nice freebies,

Check out this Houston refractor. Beautiful!!!!

Thanks again to Abide for helping me with these sets, the bonus Houstons and for walking me through the TCDB trading set up. I look forward to doing future trades with you.

*takes a sip of fresh brew before finishing up today's post*

I plan to keep posting more set needs in this series which could go on forever with as many sets I am chasing. It appears it helps to post them.

I have updated both sets featured today in their respective Unfinished Cup post. 

Earlier I mentioned to read on about the 1997 Ex2000 set as I was able to acquire one of the two pieces on Twitter and only Barry Bonds eludes me from completing it. If you have it, let me know!! Contact me at

Have a great Thursday.

Coffee Card Blogger Out!