Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Finishing Up A Trade

*grabs a handful of cards and sits down to post about them. it's time for another new Cards Over Coffee post today*

*takes a sip*

*actually gets back up to make some toast to go along with today's post. takes a bite, sits back down, takes a sip, begins today's post finally*

I try to be as easy as I can be with trading.

Sometimes I will just take some cards to finish a trade whether they completely fit what I am collecting or not.

I regret it at points, but other times it works out well in the end. I will say that was the case for my latest trade with @TommyJC1.

*takes another bite, a sip and gets ready for the post*

I will start with the cards I claimed at the end to finish up the trade. I didn't know how I felt about it at first, but after getting the cards in hand, I was pretty happy with my choices.

Like this Ronnie Lott. Cool looking card. As I have gotten older, I have come to appreciate the older 90's cards like this.

Same goes for this Robinson. This would have been meh for me a couple of years ago, now it's cool and in. Just like Coffee and Cards.

Some odds and ends SI for Kids cards.

Gale Sayers and Walter Payton POG.

What do you guys think about my fill-ins to finish the trade?

Now onto the main claims.
New Jeter

Tim Tebow for my Christian Athlete PC.

Oddball Giants cards. I didn't have these two.


Allen Ginter claims. Always taking these.

Cards for my 90's PC for these guys.

And to end it, more non-sport additions. I may have these already, but I also may not. I lost track so I just take them all.

Thanks again to @TommyJC1 for the trade. Hope to do this again.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

I hope there are others out there who do what I do to finish up a trade. I sometimes will take cards in these kind of trades for other people that I know would appreciate them. These are RAKs I do usually.

Thoughts on my mail day welcomed in comments and let me know if you are this kind of trader.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. I still need to find that Bullpen Car card.

    1. If I have two, I will definetely send one your way. I will try to check today

  2. Pogs! Wish I knew what happened to mine.

    1. I have all of mine in a tote somewhere, including slammers

  3. Never seen that David Robinson card before. That's pretty cool. And anytime you can add some early 90's SI for Kids cards to your collection, it's a good day.

    1. I hadn't seen that Robinson card either which is why it caught my attention


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