Thursday, July 14, 2022

It Pays To Post Them

*sits down with filled cup of coffee, laptop and a stack of fun cards. Guess what time it is, no it's not hump day (referencing the Geico commercial), it's time for some Cards Over Coffee*

I am always on the lookout to try and find ways to fill my many set needs.

Sometimes I am able to make some Twitter trades and other times I pick up a card or two when I have available funds on eBay.

Today, was a first for me as I completed my first ever real TCDB trade.

*takes a sip*

TCDB member Abide has been recently commenting on my posts and on one of my Unfinished Cup posts, a segment that covers my set needs, he stated he had some set help for me and left his email for contact.

So, I took advantage and did so.

We did the trade through email, which is easier for me as I can send pictures of what I have instead of taking time I don't have to input my many boxes of trade bait, and it was completed fairly fast. He absolutely blew me away helping me with a couple of longstanding sets I have been chasing.

The first one of the two sets he assisted with, knocked off 18 of the 37 needs I had for 1998 Ex2001 baseball,

I only posted a few of them here. Such great looking acetate cards and brings back many collecting memories with my dad when we ripped packs of these together.

Abide then almost took down all 5 of my needs for the 1997 Ex2000 set when he sent 3 of my needs,

Only two more to go..well one...if you read on :)

Also, take note that I used my lightbox again just to capture the magic and beauty of these. I may take pictures using that on and off depending on the cards.

On top of set help, he also discovered that I collect Allan Houston and sent along a couple of really nice freebies,

Check out this Houston refractor. Beautiful!!!!

Thanks again to Abide for helping me with these sets, the bonus Houstons and for walking me through the TCDB trading set up. I look forward to doing future trades with you.

*takes a sip of fresh brew before finishing up today's post*

I plan to keep posting more set needs in this series which could go on forever with as many sets I am chasing. It appears it helps to post them.

I have updated both sets featured today in their respective Unfinished Cup post. 

Earlier I mentioned to read on about the 1997 Ex2000 set as I was able to acquire one of the two pieces on Twitter and only Barry Bonds eludes me from completing it. If you have it, let me know!! Contact me at

Have a great Thursday.

Coffee Card Blogger Out!

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