Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Unfinished Cup:1997 Pinnacle Inscriptions Football

There is nothing worse than an unfinished cup of coffee.

It's almost as bad as an unfinished set.

So, to finish up some of these sets, hopefully, I am posting my set needs in this set thread called Unfinished Cup. I am hoping someone out there has some set help for me sitting in boxes or on their desk at home. If you do, reach out!

Today's set is one I recently started again. By again, I mean this is one in the 90's I had started but never fully completed. That's because the packs/boxes were so expensive you couldn't afford to buy enough to fill a set. And by the time I was opening up this stuff back the closest hobby shop here began to close up its doors.

I gave up.

But, not anymore! 

It's time to finish the 1997 Pinnacle Inscriptions football base set.
This one is simply eye appealing if you are a fan of dufex, If you're not, you're not a real collector. Just kidding, actually I am not, what's wrong with you?!!? Are you a serial killer? Who doesn't like dufex?!

Okay, enough with that. I mention that you have to be a fan of dufex because the entire 50-card set is built up of that.

Here is what remains for my set, 12,16,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31,32,33,34,35,36,37,38,39,40,41,42,43,44,45,46,47,48,49,50.

If you have any help, let's talk. Email me at or comment below!

Thanks again!

Hope everyone has a happy Wednesday.

Coffee Card Blogger Out.


  1. I love dufex! I just published a post about a recent dufex addition to my collection. I had some of this base two years ago, but they were part of the great purge (when I cleaned out about 15 5,000ct boxes and sold them during the lockdown) of 2020.

    1. Oh man! I wished I had dug through that box first!

      (also, for some reason blogger is sticking your comments into spam)

  2. Have you tried You can get all 50 of those cards for $0.18 - 0.75 each


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