Saturday, July 9, 2022

90's On The 9th:1996 Select Certified Thumbs Up Kerry Collins

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It has been a long time since I posted something new in this series as the timing has never been right when I do. Well, this month, I am on at the right time so here we go.

As everyone knows, the 90's were the greatest time to be alive. It was also the greatest time to collect. There were so many great base card, subset and insert sets that I could make this series into a blog by itself....control yourself Matt...don't give yourself any ideas about attempting another blog.

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Anyways, I occasionally will pick up an insert that I haven't seen before and add it to my collection. Most of the time I try to find players that matter to me and my collecting. Other times, I will just add them just to say I have a card of it.

Today's card is a PC player and 90's insert. Love it when that happens.

Time to show off a 1996 Select Certified Thumbs Up of my boy, Kerry Collins.

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The Thumbs Up inserts feature a player on the front with a thumbprint in the background. These fell 1:41 packs. So roughly one every two boxes.

What I didn't realize was that the thumb print on the front is actually a reproduction of Kerry's actual thumbprint. What a unique insert. It states this info on the back of this card.

Kerry is card 4 of the 24-card set.

The only problem I have with adding a card like this is it makes me want to set chase it. So I may do just that.

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I hope everyone enjoys this segment. I have some new 90's cards incoming for future posts of this segment that I found just as cool and exciting as todays.

Your thoughts on today's insert welcomed in comments.

Have a great Saturday.

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  1. When it comes to cards... the 90's brought a lot of cool and creative cards into our collections. I've seen these inserts before, but never realized they actually featured the player's thumbprint. Super awesome!

    1. I know! I didn't see it until afterwards. I thought it was really cool.

  2. Probably would have spent awhile as a child comparing my thumbprint to the ones on the card. Hope to run into some of these myself now.


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