Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Needing A Distraction

*places cards on the table before grabbing coffee. i had to put cards over coffee for once...see what i did there? there were too many cards to hold, grabs mug, brews a cup, sits down, opens laptop and begins today's post*

It's almost been a week since I have posted on here. 

Why? Well, a lot has happened since then. My wife's uncle passed away. Poor baby Ariella, my nephew's baby, passed away as well two weeks after being born.

Once again, if you can donate to their GoFundMe, now to help cover funeral expenses as well, you can do that here,

On top of that, I have been plain busy. Blogging gets put on the backburner because life comes first.

*deep sigh*

*takes a sip*

One thing that has kept me afloat during all of this has been getting cards in the mail. I haven't gotten a lot of mail days, but a few have flown in that have kept my mind occupied enough. Most of them were one or a few card mail days, but one of the biggest ones arrived from @mcfarm21 and I will cover it today.

*takes another sip, having trouble focusing on completing a post today. another sip, maybe that will help*

*nope. need to take a break. hopefully will finish this post later*

Why do I say partially cover the mail day? Well, he packed a lot into two packages and there is no way I can cover all of it. From NY Giants cards to 90's inserts to players I collect and even a magazine. It is an overwhelming number of items to post all of.

So, I just plan to tackle the main part of the trade which involves two players I collect in Kerry Collins and Terrell Davis.

*takes a sip before showing off today's cards*
Rick sent me a pretty decent sized stack of Kerry. He had more, but most of those I already had, and I don't take on dupes.

Once again, there were a lot of cards sent in this mail day especially for these two players so I am just going to break it down to my Top 5 favorites from that stack. 
#5 Ultrabilities from 1995 Ultra which is Collins rookie year but also my first big year of collecting. Lots of fond memories.

#4 1996 Topps Underclassman has a little bit of shine, so that wins.

#3 1996 Upper Deck Hot Properties. Some guy named Troy Aikman is on the other side of this foil etched card. I just want to focus on the key player. I still need the gold version.

#2 1998 Flair Showcase base. It's 90's Flair Showcase, that says enough.

#1 is this Playoff Contenders Clash of Collins and Reggie White. I remember the Packers and Panthers battling it out a few times. I can't remember though who won the battles between Collins and White. A great looking card on top of this and die cut. Not one I have seen before.

Now that we have covered my Top 5 Kerry Collins, let's take a look at Terrell Davis.

But first...

*takes a sip, another sip, then dives in.*

If you think that stack of Kerry Collins was anything, the stack of Terrell Davis was nuts! There was at least 100 cards in there so narrowing it down to my Top 5 favorite ones wasn't easy. The number one card was an easy choice, but the rest, well, I could have done a Top 100 with.

#5 This Fleer Ultra 2 Minute Thrill. Shiny wins the day again.

#4 Collectors Edge Supreme Monday Knights. This guy definitely slayed a few dragon defenses back in his top years.

#3 1998 Stadium Club base. This may look like he is being tackled, but I bet he got away here. I love any card where the Patriots are being pushed around.

#2 1997 Upper Deck Star Crossed. It would be crazy not to put this insert in my Top 5.

And finally....drum roll...coffee mug tap....take a sip....
#1 1998 Skybox Premium Intimidation Nation. This card fell 1:360 packs and was the toughest insert to find in that product. It eluded me for years as I have always wanted to own one, now I do and it's also a PC player. Such a bonus!

Thanks goes out to Rick for the mail day. Hope to have something sent your way next week once everything hopefully settles down again.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

Today's post featured a lot of great cards and believe me, there were many other great ones in that mail day. I hope to post some on my NY Giants card blog I am trying to revive at some point. If you don't follow it, please do.

As for my family, if you can't donate, please add us to your prayers. We can use all we can get. Thank you in advance.

Make sure also to tell someone you love them today. Sit down, have a cup of coffee or preferred drink (come on its gotta be coffee), and have a conversation. Or a text or a call. Simple, quick, has all of the meaning in the world to them. Not to mention how great it will sound hearing those words being reciprocated back to you.

Thoughts on my mail day welcomed in comments.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. When I saw that you had not posted in a bit, I thought to myself that it has to be something with the Baby and sure enough I saw the update. It is so sad to think that an innocent child loses their life. I can't understand why this happens, but it upsets me. Very, very sorry for your family's loss. Thoughts and prayers to your entire family during this difficult time.

    1. Thank you. Yes, blogging was put on the backburner for sure.

  2. My deepest condolences to your family for both losses.

  3. Sorry for your great losses. I will continue to pray for you and your family as you work through this tough time. I use cards for a distraction and coffee is an every day part of me. Taking some time for yourself is important as you help your loved ones in this time of need. I may have some from your want list. I need to check on that some time. I'm working on set building 2019 Topps Heritage Baseball. I need about 85 more to complete it. Most of those are SPs in the 400's and 700's. God's blessings on you today and every day. RJ

  4. Sorry for your loss. Heart goes out to you and your family.

  5. Reading this really helped put everything in perspective for me. Thought I was having a lousy day, but there are real troubles in this world like losing a loved one. My thoughts and prayers will certainly be about your wife's uncle and baby Ariella. Just trying to imagine what it must be like to create a life and have it taken away...I don't understand it, but I hope you and your family can take some small measure of solace in knowing that all of us here that consider you not just as a great blogger but a friend too, will be keeping you in our hearts.


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