Sunday, July 10, 2022

Coffee Break:2020 Chronicles Football Blaster Box (NICE SILVER BLACK PRIZM PULL!!)

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Chronicles is an interesting product. I like how it is built up of many products and put all into one. 

Which can make this product a fun one to open never knowing what you may find.

This isn't the first time I have broken this product as I have opened a lot of it. By a lot, it has been enough where I am finding it worth my time to chase down some of the sets within.

However, my luck hasn't been great. Up to this point, my best pull was a Burrow Prizm. Let's see if today's break can outdo that.

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Each 2020 Chronicles football blaster box comes with 40 cards which equals out to be 8 packs of 5 cards. Each blaster goes for $45.

You get a lot of base cards in every box, so I focused on the key ones I found.
The brand is Panini within the product, Herbert wasn't too bad of a find!

Other key rookie I found in a variety of the inner products including Justin Jefferson, Jalen Hurts and Jonathan Taylor.

A James Robinson Dynagon base rookie.

Each box also comes with a Pink Parallel card in every pack.
Jefferson and Tua lead the way here.

You can also find the other following parallels for the base,
Bronze, Green, Pink, Teal, Red /199, Blue /99, Purple /49, Black /25, Gold /10, and Platinum 1/1.

On average, you also should find one Prizm Black card per blaster box as well. Sometimes those are parallels...

You can also find these parallels,
Silver, Purple /125, Red /99, Orange /75, Green /49, Blue /25, Gold /10, Gold Vinyl /5, and Black Finite 1/1.

Some decent named rookies and a Tua silver to end it. Not a bad break at all.

I like Chronicles, I know a lot don't. I think one thing I would change with the product is making it into one base set but leveling the different products. You know, the first 100 cards are the base Chronicles cards and then build it up from there. Maybe making the next level 101-125 1:2 packs, then 126-150 1:3 and tougher as it goes up. Make Prizm be the hardest at the end of the product. Would be a fun base set challenge chase.

But, along with these suggestions I have, I would keep the parallels the same.

Thoughts on my box break welcomed in comments and your thoughts on this product in general.

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