Thursday, July 7, 2022

Coffee Break:2020 Playbook Football Hanger Box

*takes a sip, time for another product replublish on cards over coffee*

Let's go back a couple of years, actually let's not and just visit cards from that time. I don't ever want to relive 2020 again. 

That's when the world started to go crazy.

The hobby boom started then as well, and many products were hard to find except today's. It feels that Playbook doesn't get a lot of respect in retail. I have seen many others hit well with it while others like myself...don't.

Maybe today will change my Playbook luck. Let's take a look.

*takes a sip, begins to rip*

Every hanger box of 2020 Playbook football comes with 1 pack and 30 cards. These boxes currently can be found for $15 or so. Pretty reasonable when you can find rookie cards of Tua, Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert among others.

I will start with the base which you can only find in retail form.
There are 100 veterans

and 100 rookies to collect. I pulled a Justin Jefferson so all is good with my rookies.

Parallels seem to be the only guarantee in these boxes.
I pulled 5 purple parallels. A few big names in the mix as well.

You can also find these parallels too,
Orange, Purple, Gold /49, Platinum /25, Green /10, and Red 1/1.

Along with the base and parallels, there are inserts to find in the pack as well.
Next Up featuring those upcoming rookies. There are 40 of these to chase.

25 cards make up Zoning Commision.

25 cards make up the Blitz insert. These inserts connect with the Panini Blitz football app as well.

Well, that was it. Nothing too exciting for you to jump out of your seat at. I am not a huge fan of one pack rips either I am realizing.

Let me know in comments your thoughts on this product and your favorite card.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. I think I actually prefer the base here over the inserts. Zoning commission is a cool name for an insert, but the design doesn't seem to match up to the theme. I'd probably want to go after the rainbow of those on my player collection in this set.


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