Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Coffee Break:2021 Topps Chrome Platinum Anniversary Baseball

As baseball season, and my Yankees, roll on we are seeing more baseball releases make their way out there.

However, just like with some football products, there were some delays, so we are seeing some late products getting into our hands.

One of the latest products I was excited about last year, forgot about it, and now have it in hand for today's Coffee Break.

*takes a sip, begins to rip*

Every box of 2021 Tops Chrome Platinum Anniversary baseball comes with 24 packs of 4 cards. Each box comes with multiple refractors and one autograph per box. Sort of set up like regular Topps Chrome. Each box is roughly $125-$150.

The base design uses the iconic Topps 1952 design that gets the chrome treatment.
The base set itself is MASSIVE. 700 cards in total, I don't think I have ever seen a chrome product with so many cards in a set.

Back of the card.

The base set consists of players from the present like Cole.

Past like Fred Lynn and Jackie Robinson (was hoping for a Griffey base in my box but no such luck)

Future like this Apostel.

And it also includes some bad centering on some cards. Makes it feel more authentic right?

Of course, with a chromed product, you are going to get a massive number of refractors.

Here are the offerings for this product,
Refractor, Prism, Black & White Mini-Diamonds, X-Fractor, Aqua Wave, Blue Mini-Diamonds /199, Red Atomic /100, Green/Yellow 70th /99, Rose Gold Mini-Diamonds /75, Platinum 70th Mini-Diamonds /70, Gold/Rose Gold 70th Wave /50, Orange/Yellow 70th /25, Black/Gold 70th /10, Black/Red 70th Mini-Diamonds /5, SuperFractor 1/1.

Base refractors fall 1:4 packs. I love the Torre find.

X-Factor falls 1:24 packs. This card however won't slap you in the face.

Kyle Cody seems surprised by my Will Smith comment or was aiming to have one of those faces you get by kids in one of their expensive school photo shoots, is a mini Rose Gold Mini-Diamond /75

Aqua Wave (my favorite parallel so far I have seen)

Blue Mini Diamonds /199

Meh. Nothing big here. That's the way my Chrome breaks go.

It's a sharp looking product, including the base. I like the parallels, even though I had to do some research to distinguish them. I wouldn't mind however seeing this be another product in rotation every year.

My box didn't provide much value, but that's because I was saving that for you guys to go out and buy.

Thoughts on today's break welcomed in comments!

Have a great Wednesday.

Coffee Card Blogger Out!


  1. These cards are way cool, and I've already acquired a few Matthew Boyd cards, and hope to add a few other Tigers players.

    Good Job! 👍

  2. I do like the look of these quite a bit, which surprises me since I'm so sick of the '52 design. I especially like some of the retired players in the set. Got my eyes on Garvey and Sax.

  3. These are pretty cool, might be another project to add to the list.

  4. like you said, that's a big checklist for a chrome spin off product. I would expect this to be under the Heritage brand more than the Chrome umbrella. big set either discourages set builders, or sends set builders to the bank to get their $ to buy a case, hoping that they can get their money back by selling the hits.


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