Thursday, July 28, 2022

Unfinished Cup:1996 Score Dream Team Football

It's Thursday and I haven't missed a beat all week with posts. I can't always promise a new post, but if I can squeeze one in and have time to do so, I will.

However, I don't ever miss a cup of coffee whether I have time to make it or not. I will find a way to have at least one.

Or two.

Sometimes three.

Enough with I take a sip...let's move onto my latest set needs in my today's Unfinished Cup post.

I have lots of nostalgia when it comes to Score football from 1995-1998. The 1995 product is what really got me lured into the hobby so you knew I was going to chase 1996.

One of the inserts I always wanted to pull from the 1996 product were the tough 1:72 odds Dream Team. Even though I ripped a box worth of packs from our local grocery store, I never once pulled one. As that year went on, I had forgotten about those inserts and moved on to brighter pastures as they say.

Fast forward to last year, I found them again after searching the internet for 90's inserts. I knew then it was destiny that I got one of the cards, so I grabbed one. Then I grabbed another. And another. And guess what, another. 

That's when it became not only a dream of owning one, but became a set chase. Which was another dream.
And now I am only 1,2,3,8,and 9 away from fulfilling it.

With it only being a 10-card set and being halfway there, I can't see why this once dream can't be turned into a reality.

If you are reading this today and have any set help for me, drop me an email at or comment below.

Thanks again!

Hope you have a coffee filled Thursday.

Coffee Card Blogger Out.

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