Tuesday, March 19, 2024

It's My Birthday, I Will Post If I Want To!

Yes, it's my birthday.

Am I excited? Not really. 

I am more focused on Friday which is when I can finally get this painful stent out of me. I have been counting down to that day like it was Christmas which is my expected feeling for that day.

On top of that, you hit an age where your birthday just isn't that exciting anymore. I hit that over ten years ago.

I am just hopeful that after Friday, my year can finally turn around.

So far this has been my 2024,
  • Broken bone in my shoulder to start the year
  • My van got backed into leaving a dent on the side door
  • My septic system backed into my house causing a big mess and a big bill.
  • Kidney Stone stuck
  • Kidney Stone surgery #1 to put in stent
  • Kidney Stone surgery #2 to take out stent this week
  • Hernia found, will need surgery
  • Finances are bad
  • And family sicknesses
And I am sure I am forgetting something or somethings.

I could use a break for once.

Guess for now I will take a coffee one...but need a bigger one at some point.

*takes a sip*

A lot has changed in my life of 41 years. 

There are no more Saturday morning cartoons with a big bowl of cereal. Playing outside until I knew to come home. Jamming to some great music and pretending I was the artist. Friday nights being spent at the video store renting movies with my parents and sometimes my friends. Also, renting video game machines and games at said video store. Pizza birthday parties. Cool toys to play with. Staying up all night (which I did once). And playing sports with friends and actually having and wanting friends.

All of this has been replaced with work, kidney stones, back pain, grunting while getting out of chair or sitting down in one, more work, electronic everything that you need to get by everyday life with-which isn't an upgrade as nothing lasts anymore that's electronic, even more work, trying to stay in shape, stress, anxiety, work again, early bedtime, multiple medications, falling asleep during a movie, neck pain when you sleep wrong, lots of doctor appointments, aches and pains when I shoot a basketball, not wanting to leave the house past 7pm and work.

But, the one thing that hasn't changed, is collecting cards.

Yes, over the years my preferences and collecting habits have changed, that comes along with finances as well, but the actual addiction of collecting has not.

One of my latest additions keeps me at 41 years old but also brings me back to my youth.

Ken Griffey Jr was my very first player collection and favorite player of the 90's. I watched any game I could when he played on TV and mocked his swing in the backyard playing against friends. He was the idol that every kid looked up to who watched baseball.

So, I collected him and collected him hard. I became to be known as the Griffey kid.

And when I saw a Griffey card I wanted, I went and did all I could to get it.
So now as a Griffey Adult, I try and do the same. Even though now as an adult it's more challenging to.

This 2022 Topps Chrome Cosmic Launched Into Orbit had me. I think its one of the better looking modern day inserts around.

There are two Griffey's in the set, one in his Reds uniform and one in his Mariners uniform. I usually would choose Seattle first, but the Reds one captured the Griffey swing so that caught my eye more. Though I will need to add the other another time and will add it to my want list.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

I don't have a lot planned today, probably nothing really. Well, besides drinking coffee and I think my mother-in-law is making me a chocolate strawberry cake to go along with my coffee. This is a usual day.

Just hoping after this Friday I won't be having the usual 2024 day.

I hope all of you have a great Tuesday.

*Another Year Older Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. Happy birthday! I'm ten years older than you... and can definitely relate to the back pain, neck pain, and not wanting to leave the house after 7pm stuff.

    P.S. That Griffey is gorgeous!

  2. Happy birthday from one March-birthday, sports card blog-writing guy named Matt to another!

    1. Thanks Matt! Happy belated or birthday to you as well!

  3. Always thought cosmic was overpriced, but that sure is a nice insert.
    Happy Birthday Matt! Hope today goes a bit better than the rest of the year has.

  4. Happy Tuesday Birthday Matt! Being 20 years older than you I can relate to changes. I'm praying for your conditions and for relief on Friday. Fantastic looking card! Three constants come to mind. Coffee, cards and Jesus! Coffee up?

  5. Happy birthday! I hope the rest of 2024 goes better!

  6. Belated happy birthday! Hope all goes well on Friday!

  7. Happy belated birthday! It can only get better from here?


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