Wednesday, March 20, 2024

The Slump Is Over

It's the day after my birthday, of course I have leftover cake with my coffee this morning. 

*takes a sip*

*takes a bite...followed by another sip*

If my mother-in-law was a baseball player and was a hitter, you can say the last few years she has been in a "slump" when it comes to getting me a gift, whether that's for Christmas or for my birthday. She has been buying me junk wax completed sets from a place similar to Goodwill. Even though junk wax sets are my least favorite thing, I don't complain because she is trying, and she doesn't have to get me anything, but she still does. So, I just accept it, smile and say thanks.

But, just like with any hitter, you get yourself out of a slump. 

And she did just that when it came to this year's birthday present.

First, she handed me this cheesebox full of cards. This is from the same place she normally buys the complete sets for me. 

I was a little worried at first this was checkerblock full of 1991 Fleer and 1988 Topps, but it wasn't. It had its expected junk moments, but there were some fun surprises hidden within as well. For once, the good outweighed the bad.

Just check them out,

*but first, a sip and another bite of cake*

Now you can see the cards,

This was just a few of the fun finds. There were other baseball parallels and some holiday base cards for my set chase as well. 

Next, she picked up these two packs from Walgreens.
Sweet!! I only recognize the NPB packs. I had wanted to open some so I could try and land a Yamamoto.

Inside of each package came with one pack each of 2021 Topps NPB and a 2023 Topps Series One Pack.

The results weren't too shabby.

These were the key inserts and then came a surprise....

Vlad Jr manu-relic! I didn't expect this or anything from these packs. I thought one felt a little thicker. 

I don't know much about the Topps NPB packs other than searching for the one player.
And, I didn't pull a Yamamoto. I am not sure of any other names in this set, so if you do, let me know.

I did pull this gold parallel. These are dope and fall 1:12 packs. Makes me wish Topps did these for their flagship parallels.

Between the decent cheesebox and the packs, I would say this slump ended for my mother-in-law with a homerun.

Thanks Ma!

*takes a sip before closing up today's post*

Well, I still have to finish rest of the piece of my cake and my cup of coffee before it gets too cold. I still need to sort these cards all out as well.

Hope all of you have a great Wednesday.

Before I close up today's post, I also wanted to remind you of the Coffee Card Hall Of Fame voting and that it needs you guys to nominate cards in. So far, ONLY 3 cards have been nominated!!

Details on the Coffee Card Hall Of Fame can be found HERE. I may add this to every post from here on out for a reminder as I will forget about this too! Haha!

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. Cheese box collection! Up until a few years ago (when I saw another blogger reference them), I thought I was the only one who kept my cards in a cheese box back when I was a kid. I guess it was a pretty common thing.

    Very cool present mother-in-law! Looks like she hit a home run.

    1. My father keeps a lot of his cards in cheese boxes. Cheap alternative

  2. Excellent gift. I would go through those random "cheese box" lots all day, every day. I use Velveeta boxes for sorting and storage. I have all my "traders" packed and organized in them. Happy Wednesday!

    1. I should store some of mine in those for traders

  3. Maybe because I buy my cheese sliced I haven't seen it come in a box? Cool cards though. Nice hit with the Vlad Jr.

  4. That manu-relic means the Series 1 pack came from a blaster. I've been coming across half-way decent grab bags of cards at my Goodwill, so congrats on your birthday box. Much belated happy birthday!


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