Sunday, March 17, 2024

Unfinished Cup:1995-96 Flair Hardwood Leader

I have my coffee, my cards and my laptop fired up.

You know what to do...repeat as me and let's do some Cards Over Coffee!!!

*takes a sip*

I have found these Unfinished Cups to be helpful for my set chases over the years. Not everyone of these has led to me some help, but some have.

And every little help counts. I know I don't like leaving anything unfinished, coffee or cards.

So, I plan on posting these to see if any of you can help me finish these sets up. It also helps give me some posts on here as well though I don't always like doing post fillers.

Today's set I am ever-so close on finishing with only four cards remaining of the twenty-seven needed.

1995-96 Fleer basketball had a one-per-pack insert called Flair Hardwood Leader. 1995 Fleer included one-per-pack Flair inserts into their base products across multiple sports that year. I think it was a way to fully introduce the Flair product line.

The Hardwood Leader design was my favorite one. Especially since it felt like a high-end card product at the time with thick glossy cardstock.

I have been chasing this set ever since and have narrowed it down to just needing 12, 20, 21 and 23 for a full set completion.

If any of you have them, please let me know! Either comment below or drop me an email to

Thanks and hope everyone has a great Sunday.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. Didn't realize these were pulled from packs of Fleer. Interesting choice by Fleer to not just include these in their Flair packs. Anyways... looks like you're close to the finish line... and you don't even need to worry about MJ. Best of luck.

    1. Yes I finally landed MJ two years ago, I am so close!

  2. Unfortunately, the three I have from this set are not the ones you need. Once again, I need a refill! It will be "green" Decaf coffee for me on this St. Patrick's Day. That is the color of the container the grounds come in. Have a great Sunday.


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