Saturday, March 30, 2024


Hey Guys! I am still here, I promise. And I have coffee.

*takes a sip*

One week ago, I had my kidney stent removed and since it had been in so long, they were actually able to retrieve the stone without having to use a laser to blast it out from the inside. I kind of wished I had known that would have been the case as I would have kept the stone as a reminder to make sure I drink more than the average person when it comes to water. I have not heard the results yet of the stone's make up to see what kind it was in order to figure out what made it. I can only assume it's my water intake.

The other good news was that the urologist took a look around in that kidney and saw no further stones. I am not sure if she checked both or just the one. But, I will take any good news this year.

I am in a much slower recovery than I had anticipated, last time I remember I was better in a couple days and back to myself. This time I would say I am about 90% back at this point. But, I try to also remember I am a few years older as well.

I haven't had a lot of time to sit down and write up a post to give all of you an update. I have had a crazy week since. My nephew, wife and adorable 7-month old daughter came up for a visit from Tennessee on Sunday. Followed by what I like to call another #2024. What is #2024? It's all of the crud and kicks in the crotch I have suffered this year. On Wednesday I suffered another. This time the alternator went in my car while I was driving it (thought I was going to have a heart attack when all of it powered down and I had no idea what to do) and long story short, I am out of $700. Something I was not planning on and didn't really have the funds for but it' just sums up my #2024.

Despite that, I did get some encouraging mail days the day of my surgery when I got home.

First one, was a surprise from KOVB. Sorry if I am blanking on who you are right this second and hope you see this, I have been through a lot this year so I have been having a lot of blanking moments, but I wanted to make sure to say thank you. The Rodney was sweet, but the note is where it really hit me. I actually hung it up in my card room.

Next up, another surprise was found this time from Twitter trading friend Dan.

He sent me some Giants along with a

centerfold in his centerfold. Nice addition to my non-sports PC. She was known for her appearances on Baywatch and Playboy. 

Thanks Dan. Means a lot!

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

Before I close up today's post, I also wanted to show the other crazy thing that happened the day after my surgery.

We got snowed in! More than 12 inches fell last Saturday.

A week later though, some warm temps and lots of rain has eliminated most of it.

My 2024 has been rough, but I can say I am still alive, on the mend, have some great hobby friends, coffee and some cards. So to me, all of that's encouraging.

Thank you to all of you who have reached out, commented, messaged, etc. I am glad to have such a great circle.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. It's good to see a post from you. I have been on the sidelines with faith and support in praying for you daily. I'm glad to hear of the success and trust that your recovery will be complete. I am relating to the coffee, cards, and the snow. We got 12 inches as well and most of it is still here. I like your positive outlook. It helps others including me to have positive input. Happy Easter weekend to all!

    1. Hope you had a great Easter! He has risen!

  2. A. I love water... but probably should drink more... especially if it reduces the chances of dealing with kidney stones.

    B. Nice snow shots. Crazy how fast it melts though.

    1. Yes, adding lemon to the water helps as well

  3. As I've been finding out this year, being older certainly does seem to slow down the recovery time. It's no fun at all. I'm glad to hear that the surgery went well. It'd be nice to think that it will be your last one of that variety.

    1. I hope so. I will find out in a few weeks what the make up of the stone was. Maybe it will narrow things down


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