Saturday, March 9, 2024

90's On The 9th: 1997 Leaf Fractal Matrix X-Axis Die-Cut Amani Toomer

Coffee is ready and so am I. 

Not a lot of posts this month, but hopefully some incoming mail days will help.

*takes a sip*

For the first time this year, I am posting a #90sOn9th post. So far, this segment has been a little disappointing as I hoped this would turn into a monthly blog bat-around but also star on Twitter/X as well. 

I am usually the only one who posts these.

That's okay though, I have no plans to stop and hopefully at some point others will join in and use the hashtag #90sOn9th.

*takes another sip*

Today, I am showing off a NY Giants card, something I normally only post on Big Blue Cardboard, but it was my most recent 90's card addition so it fits the segment.
1997 Leaf Fractal Matrix X-Axis Die-Cut fell in random packs of 1997 Leaf. This 200-card parallel set is a multi-micro-etched parallel set with a die-cut. Each player's card is featured in one unique die-cut version and there are 3 different die-cut parallels to chase in X,Y,Z. Each probably comes with their own rarity.

The X-Axis die-cut which is the Amani Toomer above features 100 cards with five of them gold, 20 silver, and 75 bronze.
Back of the card is the base look other than the die-cut.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

I hope to see a few more of you start to join in on this fun monthly event. If not this month, next.

Remember to use the hashtag #90son9th.

Hope everyone has a great Saturday.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. Love me some die cuts. Upper deck keeps doing them for hockey, and I saw some in stadium club this year. Hopefully it keeps going strong as an insert.

  2. Very nice looking card. I would join you with a post, but I don't do X. Maybe someday? I will always join you for coffee! Happy Saturday to all.

    1. You should! would be fun to see you on there!

  3. Nice card. I don't think I opened up any football packs of this... but I remember these parallels for baseball and hockey.

    1. Yes, they are solid parallels across all of the sports


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