Sunday, August 30, 2020

Coffee Break:2020 Topps Opening Day Baseball

*looks out the window, sees wind whipping and a cold breeze coming through the house. Thinks back to when Opening Day 2020 was supposed to happen when it was starting to be sunshine and green grass. Misses those times already. Grabs a cup of joe and has a box of 2020 Topps Opening Day in front of him and is ready to go.*

Just like Opening Day in 2020 for the baseball season, I am behind on my Opening Day of the Topps Opening Day product breakdown for you. That's a lot of Opening Day words used that I wouldn't dare ask you to say five times fast or should I? Let me know how that goes if you do.

As for this box break, it's better late than never.

This product released back in March, back when things were starting to take a turn for the worse, and is still somewhat popular now. It's also one of the cheaper hobby offerings out there right now as supply and demand in the hobby has taken over and driving hobby box prices to outer space or in coffee terms, prices at Starbucks.

It has been a few months since I have opened any baseball hobby product, so I couldn't wait to dig in.

*takes a sip, begins to rip*
Every hobby box of 2020 Topps Opening Day comes with 36 packs of 7 cards each. Boxes have no guarantee hits and box prices have doubled from what they were from roughly $30 to $60 pushing $70 a hobby box.

*takes a sip of coffee*

The base card set consists of 200 cards. It uses the same design/photography of flagship Topps just a condensed checklist. The only other difference is the Opening Day logo in the bottom corner.
Gleyber for the PC!

Was expecting big things from Acuna this year, hopefully it will still come

Where did Vlad go...
The same strong rookies led by these guys above make an appearance on the Opening Day checklist as well. Luis Roberts first official rookie card made it's debut in this product and was one of the hottest cards in the hobby for quite some time. However it's a short print that falls 1:360 packs and is card 201. So if you're building the base set, no need to worry about adding it.

*takes another sip, begins to think about breakfast*

Parallel offerings in Opening Day are small, which isn't a bad thing. The following parallels can be found in this product, Red Foil (Target), Purple Foil (Meijer), Blue Foil, OD Black Foil 1/1, and Printing Plates 1/1.
These Opening Day blue foils fall 1:12 packs. I got excited to see a Bellinger.

*decides to wait a little longer on breakfast as a final decision on it still lingers*

There are multiple insert offerings in Opening Day with many in every box to find.
There are 15 Opening Day inserts, 1:2 odds, to collect. What's Opening Day without some form of Opening Day pictures within?

24 Mascots fall 1:5 packs. This has been a standby insert in this product line since the beginning

2020 Topps Sticker previews are featured in here as well. There are 10 cards/stickers to collect that fall 1:10 packs

Spring Has Sprung falls 1:7 packs and has 25 cards to collect. The checklist features players from the past, from today and rookies.

Then I found this card backwards in the pack...
Come to find out, I pulled an extremely rare insert find of one of the hottest players in baseball. At 1:740 odds, The Lighter Side Of Baseball falls with a 25 card checklist featuring those other fun moments in baseball you don't always see on cards.

*was excited to find the Tatis Jr, but was surprised to pull first ever hit from Opening Day*

What's this?? A hit from Opening Day? They do exist!! Does that mean that Big Foot does too? These Opening Day relics fall 1:937 packs which is completely insane. I was hoping for one of those dirt relics (always wanted one) from the Diamond Relic line but a hit is a hit from this product.

*a bagel with veggie cream cheese it is. toasts bagel, refills coffee and gets ready to close out this post*

The Cabrera relic hit and Tatis Jr short print were nice surprises and I was happy to also add some rookie cards I needed and a Judge and Gleyber for the PC. One of my favorite inserts in here are the Opening Day cards with it's photography and the parallels used in Opening Day are sometimes, including this years, better than flagships.

I know for the most part this product is aimed at the kids, but I think it's a fun break with surprises within. I also know plenty of adults who enjoy this one as much as I do. Or maybe we are just adult/kids. Either way, go give this one a try.

Ratings (ratings based on 1-5 🍵)

Design 🍵🍵🍵
Photography 🍵🍵🍵
Inserts 🍵🍵🍵
Hits 🍵🍵🍵 (most of the times, 9/10, this is non applicable)
Price 🍵🍵(based on today's values. If release time value this is a five cupper)
Value 🍵🍵(same as above)

Thursday, August 27, 2020

It's That Time Of Year

*cup of coffee in hand, ready to blog*

The temperatures are starting to dip and the smell is in the air, fall is creeping upon us.

Fall is Pumpkin flavored everything, sweatshirts, foliage and most importantly, football.

Fall is simply football.

On a normal year, we are blessed to be able to watch some Preseason games around this time-yes I said blessed as I actually enjoy preseason-and right about now it would be winding down. However, it's 2020. There is no preseason and at this point we are hoping to make it through a regular season.

*takes a sip of coffee with fingers crossed hoping to see a full season of football*

Somewhere in-between the preseason and the regular season is what I consider Madden Season or Madden Holiday. It's when the yearly Madden NFL game releases. It's something I have celebrated on a yearly basis since 1996 but even dabbed into years before that.

This years edition releases tomorrow, unless you are rich and can order the special editions, which is a little later than past years but once again this is 2020. Just like every year, I have the game on preorder and expect a late Friday night playing the latest edition.

It's the one and only video game I play. So I wouldn't consider myself a big time gamer. I don't even play this game online or against anyone else, I play the game the way I have always played it in Franchise Mode against the "computer".

*takes another sip. The warm coffee soothes his soul*

I am sure many of you have read the post title and clicked the link expecting to see some cards, but not today. I do hope you read this at least, but if you skip over it, don't worry, as card posts will return next time.

For those of you still reading, I am going to break down how I play Madden every year.
  1. First I choose my team, which is obvious but part of the step, which that team is always NY Giants of course
  2. Then I fix the settings, the key ones I always adjust is playing on All-Madden level, I fill my own roster and I always make sure they're 5 minute quarters like I have always played. The 5 minute quarters are equal to 15 minutes in a real game in Madden time. I also make sure there is no accelerated clock. I want as much authentic game experience as I can get.
  3. The next part is fixing the roster. I will trade off all high salaried players, any player that I consider old which is 29 or above and build a roster around younger player and rookies. This may not always translate to a great first season, but as rookies and younger players progress along with building other pieces in the offseason, by year 3 my team is usually making a run for the Super Bowl.
  4. My defense is built on speed at linebackers, corners and safeties. Those are the positions I will pay the most and give the best draft picks up for.
  5. My offense is built around the QB. You need a good QB in this game to get anywhere. Then I make sure to have WR's, TE's who have speed and can catch. Their overall doesn't matter to me for those positions. Running backs don't really play much of a role in my offense so I can use whatever the roster already has as long as they are fast and young. The oline has to have power and equal run/pass block skills protection.
Once this is all set up, I play. And I "play to win the game."

*another sip of coffee, checks the time to see if it's closer to Madden yet, not close enough so continues to blog. Since the new game isn't here to talk about, decides to talk about the previous game in the meantime*

Winning wasn't easy in the beginning of Madden 20, which will soon be known as the previous years game, or actually for me over the long haul of the game. Which is what I need. I like a good challenge that makes me use my noggin', so after restarting my first season a few times, I finally got my head on straight and started to win more.

By season 3, I was in the Super Bowl and walked away with the trophy. It took me another four seasons to win my second one. I played another three seasons without a Super Bowl before I decided it was time to start all over again and build a new Giants roster.

The newest roster led me to three Super Bowl wins in five seasons. I averaged thirteen wins a season in my final run of the game before I decided after winning my last Super Bowl, it was time to hang up my controller and wait for the newest Madden.

That final Super Bowl though, was one to remember,

NY Giants vs KC Chiefs

The game came down to the final quarter. I took up most of the quarter being down 10-6 and ate up time on my slow drive down the field. I managed to score a touchdown on a screen pass from Kyler Murray (yup I traded for him) to Saquon Barkley to take a 13-10 lead but knew my lead wasn't safe. In the final minute, Patrick Mahomes led his team all the way to my ten yard line. Luckily for me my defense, which was probably the best one I ever had in the game, stopped them at my two yard line on a 4th down play. The game wasn't over yet though. There was still 30 seconds left, they had two time outs and I needed to get out of my end zone so I wouldn't get a safety and give them two points and a chance. There was only one decision this coach had to make, hand the ball to my play maker, but make him run up the left side where the line is stronger. So that's what I did and it paid off with a 8 yard run getting me out of the end zone and where I ran the game clock out.


(dance breaks to Flashdance what a feeling)

Now onto the celebratory pictures. Yes, I document every Super Bowl win.
Patrick Mahomes looks on disappointed as the confetti falls

As my team celebrates midfield

I shake hands with their coach, that's no longer Andy Reid at this point in the game

Super Bowl MVP. This linebacker had 40 sacks and was the seasons MVP as well. I drafted him in the second round. Quite the player.

Kyler and Saquon celebrating

Me in the background while my players get all of the action with the trophy


It's not quite as good as your real team winning a Super Bowl, but ranks pretty high up there with how you feel when you take home the trophy.

*takes another sip of coffee before closing*

In roughly 31 hours, the newest edition of Madden should arrive at my doorstep and take some time away from my card hobby. But, you know what, sometimes a break from the card hobby isn't a bad thing. I have been seeing a lot of political/angry/fed up card collectors all across social media so a quick step away, especially right now, isn't a terrible thing.

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Freshly Perked:Heroes

Freshly Perked is a new series that will be focused on my mail days throughout the week. I will only post this series on the weekend whether it's a Saturday or a Sunday to recap my mail days. Hope you enjoy!

This should be a fun new series on the blog that takes a look at cards I don't always show off on all of my social media reaches or even in a regular blog post on here. Not that they aren't as important, but it's more because they are smaller type mail days that don't require a big long rambling.

*goes over to coffee maker to grab a cup before moving into this post, but realizes the coffee maker didn't brew all the way through. Opens up the cover, sees that the a good chunk of the water is still held up with the grounds. Slams the cover back down, gives it another tap and for some reason or another, coffee maker is going. Being resilient for that need of a fresh cup will help you get what you want*

This weeks mail days come from a trade, a steal of a deal and some generosity.

First up, I saw a buddy of mine post a 2020 Prestige Heroes insert of Patrick Mahomes and instantly fell in love. Kinda of like when you see that big coffee mug you simply need.

So I went and found the checklist to see if any Giants players were on it and discovered that Eli Manning was. This led to a tweet by yours truly looking for that said Eli Manning card.

I ended up getting a pretty quick response after my tweet and the person wanted to do a pwe trade in which they were looking to trade for Braves cards. So I spent a good hour looking for a few of equal value and replied to that person's tweet to never hear back from them. There is nothing worse then not responding to someone. That is my biggest pet peeve in the hobby. Well, besides wasting time looking for stuff in a failed trade. This person hit both but I am not one to shout out there names from a hill top in song.

Remember that the next time you try to trade with me. I am looking at all of you.

*takes a big gulp a little angry, picks up the pile of cards nearby and looks through them again. Be one with the cards. Be one with the cards*

Fortunately, a Jets fan by the Twitter handle @pbasniper said he had a blue parallel version he would happily pwe for free my way before he threw it away. Read that again and catch the key word Jets fan in there to see why he would toss Eli away.

I was very happy to hear that after my first failed attempt to land this card.

The card arrived in a few days and was as spectacular as I expected, maybe even a little more with the Giants blue also involved.

Back of the card showcases more of the fun comic book art creativity.

This would be a fun rainbow chase, but probably a costly one. I will just be happy to own a copy of it.

A well earned thanks to @pbasniper for this mail day.

*takes a sip of coffee feeling better about the missed trade*

Next up, I pulled off a very quick trade with @GarrettAdair who had a couple of Xavier McKinney cards for sale. Yes, I put both trade and for sale in the same sentence. Knowing I couldn't buy, I reached out to Garrett about a trade and he happily obliged knowing they would be going to a good home.
Prestige Blue Extra points parallel /299

And autograph. My first Xavier autograph and it accomplishes my biggest want out of this years Giants draft class. His signature though, could use some coaching.

Xavier McKinney was a second round pick by the Giants and fills in a much needed position that has been a gaping whole for some time. With him and Peppers side by side, the Giants secondary got a little bit better. Big expectations are all around for Xavier.

Thanks for the trade Garrett!

*coffee coffee coffee...and cards. Three sips before the finale part of this post*

Finally, my wife could see my disappointment on one of our latest Walmart runs to look for cards and the shelves were so bare I could have set up my blogging station there with laptop and coffee and changed the name to this blog to No Cards Over Coffee.

Which wouldn't be quite as good as this one.

She and I share the same eBay account so she had a notification that one of my cards was ending and landed it for me as a surprise really cheap. I had actually forgotten it was ending.
This 1996 Zenith Z-Team Barry Sanders creeps me to only three more cards away from having the set. I am only missing Troy Aikman, Deion Sanders and Dan Marino from completing it. This is a slow moving snail of a 14 year set build. I know someday I will get there but first it would be nice to see a Aikman pop up. None are on eBay from what I can tell.

That does it for the very first Freshly Perked. I will see how this kind of post is received before I do another down the road. As I have said before, mail days for me right now are few and far between so I never know when the next could be!

*takes a sip of coffee, thinks over what breakfast could be today and decides on a bagel.......yes again. *

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Pleasantly Surprised

*only 48 degrees here this morning, only one thing can warm up such a colder start to the day, a nice hot cup of fresh brew. Pours a cup, brings breakfast along, and gets ready for another Cards Over Coffee*


They come in all shapes and forms, but no matter the form they come in, they are always nice whether it's for yourself or for someone else. It gives you that warm feeling on the inside when you either give one or receive one. You get those butterflies in your stomach of excitement for that grand finale moment when you or another person sees their surprise.

Sometimes those surprises come from the least likely of places.

Take these Pistachio muffins. Taking a glance at them you must be thinking disgusting, believe me I did.  I thought with all of that green I would mutate into something if I ate them. At the same time how cool would it be to mutate into a super nut. Though I am a bit nutty it seems at times as it is.

So I didn't try these for the longest time until my wife actually made me try it. Yes, made me. Sort of like one of those wedding cake picturesque moments.

Let me tell you what though, that one bite led me to be a big fan. These are the best stinkin' muffins I have ever had. EVER. And I have eaten a lot of muffins as my stomach shows. These are also coincidentally my breakfast this morning.

That was quite the pleasant surprise and I was happy to had taken the chance on them. Before you ask, no, I did not mutate. At least yet.

Another pleasant surprise I had recently was when a Twitter follower known as @bmw3679 asked for my address out of the blue and said he had checked over my want lists and wanted to send me something.

At first, I was very hesitant on sending someone I hadn't interacted with much my information, but, I was glad I did.

As I said, some surprises come in the least likely of places.

It wasn't too long before I received my mail day from Brad, @bmw3679, and inside the package was some Kerry Collins (posting some other time) and then something wrapped in white paper.

*takes a suspenseful sip of coffee. I expect you to do the same at this point*
On the outside of the white paper, he wrote this.

I had no idea what could be in there, but whatever it was, it was finishing up a rainbow I was trying for and with so many rainbow attempts out there for me, I had no idea which one it was going to be.

*takes another suspenseful sip of coffee. I expect you to do another at this point*


Inserted in packs of 1996 Select Certified football at the odds of 1:200, were these Mirror Blue parallels. The one and only card I was missing from completing my extremely rare and tough 1996 Select Certified rainbow for Rodney Hampton. There were only 50 sets produced of this card. Which may not sound that tough in today's collecting world, but in the world of the 90's these were beyond rare.

So rare I have never seen a Rodney version...EVER.

Here is the back of the card. Each of the cards in the rainbow have their own labeling.

But, looking at one of the cards isn't enough. You need to see the beauty of all of them together.

*another sip of coffee before the big reveal*

Here is the rainbow all together. 

From top left to bottom right, Base, Artists Proof, Premium Stock, Red, Blue, Mirror Blue, Mirror Red, Mirror Red Premium Stock, and Mirror Gold.

How great does that look? And what a pleasant surprise from the least likely of places.

*another sip for the final part of this post*

I am still in awe of this completed rainbow and I couldn't have done it without the help of a surprise. Many thanks to Brad again for helping me complete this rainbow and I have tucked the note in behind the Mirror Blue so I can always remember and document how it was completed.

As for those pistachio muffins, I could only handle one this morning. They are very heavy but very good. I will let you know if I end up mutating and become a hero.

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Blocked In

*sits down with a freshly brewed cup from the Keurig, was it because his coffee maker was broken? Nope. It's blocked in right now and since life can't go on without coffee, so goes to the second best route*

Why is my coffee maker blocked in? Well, that's because my wife and I have been on a canning spree.

(there's the ole coffee maker in the back)

Between the amount of pickles, dilly beans and salsa we have made so far and haven't had the chance to put away yet, there's no counter space for my beloved best friend Mr. Black+Decker. He's the one friend I can usually rely on throughout my day. Always has my back and my fills my soul.

But, it's creeping in on Fall and this is the kind of stuff we do when it is around the corner. Well except buy a bunch of Pumpkin spice stuff, more on that another time. For now, I will enjoy the smells that all of this brings.

I always miss summer with the sun and warm temperatures around this time of year as it starts to get a tad cooler, but there also comes that time where I am ready for it to cool down. It's been one of the hottest summers on record here so I don't mind moving into the next phase. That's what great about having four seasons unlike a lot of places where it's summer all of the time. I wouldn't survive and need the variety in my life.

*takes another sip of coffee, gets ready for the cards portion of this post*

In the hobby, I have also been blocked in by my want list for years. There is so much I want in the cardosphere that I want to keep expanding my list on but I don't. I have been blocked in by whats already on there and don't feel like I should keep adding to it until I knock more down. Occasionally I am able to knock down a card or two, but there are still so many big ones on there that I may never get to accomplish it or be able to add to it.

Or will I?

In my latest trade with Dions Autograph Collection, I really made some headway on a few of those wants. Especially when it comes to my baseball want list.

First up, we will take a look at some football cards I traded for that were not on my want list but were cards I wanted. Yes, there is a difference in that.

Cards On The Want List:Usually dream cards you hope to own
Cards You Want:Spur of the moment, fits your collection cards.

Here they are,

Three more Daniel Jones rookies for the PC. I really need to do a complete number update on my Jones collection.

Prizm Jones rookie. This was technically on my want list as I wanted a second one for my PC. Just in case he breaks out and I don't get another. So I will partially count this as a want knocked down despite already owning one. We will get to the real knockdowns soon.

I crossed off a much wanted Drew Lock Prizm rookie a few weeks ago, but, when you see another in a trade you grab it. This time though, its a Red White and Blue version. Prizm sure is pretty. Just like our canning jar of goods.
*another sip of coffee. Looks at his hand of remaining cards and smiles knowing what's remaining to show off*
And now onto the big part of the trade for my want lists. These were actually cards I thought I would never own of Hall Of Famers but finally do now.

I do own a rookie of Gwynn with the O-Pee-Chee version, but to me it's a knock off to the Topps one and really wanted the real brand. Now I have it. Yes, the centering on it isn't beautiful, but that's not what I am about. I just wanted the rookie card.

Second card, George Brett rookie. I know many don't care for this design, but I do. I like the color schemes and to me it's one of the iconic Topps designs.

And lastly, a Rickey Henderson rookie! Holy Topps Rickey Henderson Batman! This one I never thought I would have in hand.

*takes another sip, realizes one more item was stuck behind the Henderson. I guess you can say that Henderson had it blocked in....*
This one wasn't on my want list for basketball, but it's such a cool piece I added it,
Also in this trade was a 1988 Fleer Michael Jordan sticker. Great centerpiece for my MJ collection.

*few more sips to finish up this post. Trying to decide what breakfast will be*

Three big milestones in this trade knocked down and now my want list needs an update. I will have to look at my baseball want list again to see if there is room to expand or will I still be blocked in by what remains.

I just hope my coffee maker won't be blocked in much longer by an ever expanding canning operation. Will be doing some spaghetti sauce today for the first time but also will be purchasing a shelf hopefully to store this stuff on. I can't go another day without my coffee maker in sight.

Friday, August 14, 2020

Coffee Break:2020 Prizm Baseball Blaster Box

*time for another coffee break, both in form of coffee and in breaking a box of cards. Coffee is finally ready, cards are sitting here, let's do this*

One of the hottest brands in the hobby collecting world right now it Panini Prizm. It doesn't matter if it's rookie cards, second year cards or eighth year cards, those cards are selling for outrageous prices....for basketball and football anyways.

Then there is baseball. Poor, poor baseball Prizm. The forgotten product. The "other sport" when it comes to Prizm.

Why do you ask and may already know the answer to, it's because there is a lack of an MLB license which leads to logoless helmets and no team association. Die hard MLB collectors tend to avoid or ignore Prizm baseball or any Panini baseball in general because of this which is sad because they are truly missing out.

I am not one of those collectors as I have made it very clear I am a fan of Panini baseball products. Especially when it comes to products like Donruss and Prizm which have been long standing products I have collected for years.

*takes a sip, gets ready to rip!*

Each blaster box of 2020 Prizm baseball comes with 6 packs of 4 cards. There is also a 8 card bonus pack that comes with 4 purple prizms and 4 white wave prizms. There is also a chance at autographs in those and blasters run $20.
* another sip of coffee, puts aside the bonus pack for last like always when it comes to knowing where the "hits" or special cards are*

My usual effectiveness of remembering to take a regular base card picture failed for this post, but I do have the picture of the rookies which is the same design so you get the drift. Though there isn't much here to celebrate for in this box when it comes to rookies.

Overall there is 250 cards in the base set broken up into three tiers, similar to Select. I assume each level has it's own scarcity. The higher numbers are the ones that are Tier 3 when it comes to this product so it's not to hard to know which tier your card falls in as long as you have the information to do so.

Which is why I am providing it for you! Cards 1-100 are Tier 1. Cards 101-200 are Tier 2. Cards 201-250 are Tier 3. I actually haven't looked to see which cards and Tiers I have yet.

*takes a big gulp, coffee is good this morning*

Just like with Optic I broke not too long ago, Prizm has so many parallels you can't even count them on four hands! You would actually need 7 plus hands!!!

Here is an overall look,
BASE PARALLELS: Silver, Teal Wave, White Wave, White Sparkle, Blue Mojo /175, Red Mojo /149, Lime Green /125, Neon Orange /100, Red Wave /99, Power Plaid /75, Blue Wave /60, Snake Skin /50, Navy Blue Kaleidoscope /35, Burgundy Cracked Ice /25, Gold /10, and Forrest Green Flash #/5.
HOBBY PARALLELS: Blue, Red, Red-Orange, Tiger Stripe SSP, Gold Vinyl 1/1.
FOTL PARALLELS: Shimmer /7 and Purple Shimmer #/7.
QUICK PITCH PARALLELS: Blue Donut Circles /199, Red Donut Circles /99, Bronze Donut Circles /25, Teal Donut Circles /15, Gold Donut Circles /10, White Donut Circles /5.
RETAIL PARALLELS: Carolina Blue, Cosmic Haze, Green, Pink, Purple, Red/White/Blue, Black Finite 1/1.
That's 37...THIRTY SEVEN PARALLELS in this product. We might as well had rounded it up to 40 at this point. They will save that for 2021.
Here is what I pulled,

Silver Holo


Red Mojo /149

Remember, I will have the other special base parallels, but saving those for last.

For now, insert time!

The inserts themselves have parallels. Some more than others. The basic ones are just, Silver, Gold /10, Black Finite 1/1, and Gold Vinyl 1/1.

Now On Deck has 15 cards in the set to collect. This one has many of the bigger rookies in it including Robert and Franco

Scorching comes with 10 cards in it's set and I bet the parallels on this design look spectacular!

Brilliance has 10 cards in the set as well, but also has close to 20 parallels.

Top Of The Class has 30 cards in the set to collect with names like Bobby Witt Jr to find as well.
and my final insert was also my only parallel insert in a holo silver of

Brady Singer in Warming In The Pen

*Takes another sip of coffee before ripping the final pack. Come on autograph....let's go!*

My purple parallels weren't too shabby. Stephen Strasburg will find a new home along with Justin Verlander so that works out pretty well.
The White Waves were much better than purples

PC player in Gary Sanchez and then

Some Trout! Super Dee Duper!

*feels stoked about the Trout find. Takes a happy sip and feels like breaking into a dance*

My box wasn't mind blowing by any stretch and I didn't pull an auto like most have told me blasters have, but the Trout ending made me happy so that's what matters. Not too mention I found some rookies and a Sanchez for the PC.

I have a strong feeling if Panini had the MLB license or a split of it with Topps, that Prizm would be Top Dog like it is in other sports. I think it would even bypass Topps Chrome but that's just me. For now though, I will enjoy it as it is, a forgotten treasure.

See you in 2021 Prizm baseball.

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Design 🍵🍵
Photography 🍵
Inserts 🍵🍵🍵
Hits Not applicable
Price 🍵🍵
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