Friday, August 14, 2020

Coffee Break:2020 Prizm Baseball Blaster Box

*time for another coffee break, both in form of coffee and in breaking a box of cards. Coffee is finally ready, cards are sitting here, let's do this*

One of the hottest brands in the hobby collecting world right now it Panini Prizm. It doesn't matter if it's rookie cards, second year cards or eighth year cards, those cards are selling for outrageous prices....for basketball and football anyways.

Then there is baseball. Poor, poor baseball Prizm. The forgotten product. The "other sport" when it comes to Prizm.

Why do you ask and may already know the answer to, it's because there is a lack of an MLB license which leads to logoless helmets and no team association. Die hard MLB collectors tend to avoid or ignore Prizm baseball or any Panini baseball in general because of this which is sad because they are truly missing out.

I am not one of those collectors as I have made it very clear I am a fan of Panini baseball products. Especially when it comes to products like Donruss and Prizm which have been long standing products I have collected for years.

*takes a sip, gets ready to rip!*

Each blaster box of 2020 Prizm baseball comes with 6 packs of 4 cards. There is also a 8 card bonus pack that comes with 4 purple prizms and 4 white wave prizms. There is also a chance at autographs in those and blasters run $20.
* another sip of coffee, puts aside the bonus pack for last like always when it comes to knowing where the "hits" or special cards are*

My usual effectiveness of remembering to take a regular base card picture failed for this post, but I do have the picture of the rookies which is the same design so you get the drift. Though there isn't much here to celebrate for in this box when it comes to rookies.

Overall there is 250 cards in the base set broken up into three tiers, similar to Select. I assume each level has it's own scarcity. The higher numbers are the ones that are Tier 3 when it comes to this product so it's not to hard to know which tier your card falls in as long as you have the information to do so.

Which is why I am providing it for you! Cards 1-100 are Tier 1. Cards 101-200 are Tier 2. Cards 201-250 are Tier 3. I actually haven't looked to see which cards and Tiers I have yet.

*takes a big gulp, coffee is good this morning*

Just like with Optic I broke not too long ago, Prizm has so many parallels you can't even count them on four hands! You would actually need 7 plus hands!!!

Here is an overall look,
BASE PARALLELS: Silver, Teal Wave, White Wave, White Sparkle, Blue Mojo /175, Red Mojo /149, Lime Green /125, Neon Orange /100, Red Wave /99, Power Plaid /75, Blue Wave /60, Snake Skin /50, Navy Blue Kaleidoscope /35, Burgundy Cracked Ice /25, Gold /10, and Forrest Green Flash #/5.
HOBBY PARALLELS: Blue, Red, Red-Orange, Tiger Stripe SSP, Gold Vinyl 1/1.
FOTL PARALLELS: Shimmer /7 and Purple Shimmer #/7.
QUICK PITCH PARALLELS: Blue Donut Circles /199, Red Donut Circles /99, Bronze Donut Circles /25, Teal Donut Circles /15, Gold Donut Circles /10, White Donut Circles /5.
RETAIL PARALLELS: Carolina Blue, Cosmic Haze, Green, Pink, Purple, Red/White/Blue, Black Finite 1/1.
That's 37...THIRTY SEVEN PARALLELS in this product. We might as well had rounded it up to 40 at this point. They will save that for 2021.
Here is what I pulled,

Silver Holo


Red Mojo /149

Remember, I will have the other special base parallels, but saving those for last.

For now, insert time!

The inserts themselves have parallels. Some more than others. The basic ones are just, Silver, Gold /10, Black Finite 1/1, and Gold Vinyl 1/1.

Now On Deck has 15 cards in the set to collect. This one has many of the bigger rookies in it including Robert and Franco

Scorching comes with 10 cards in it's set and I bet the parallels on this design look spectacular!

Brilliance has 10 cards in the set as well, but also has close to 20 parallels.

Top Of The Class has 30 cards in the set to collect with names like Bobby Witt Jr to find as well.
and my final insert was also my only parallel insert in a holo silver of

Brady Singer in Warming In The Pen

*Takes another sip of coffee before ripping the final pack. Come on autograph....let's go!*

My purple parallels weren't too shabby. Stephen Strasburg will find a new home along with Justin Verlander so that works out pretty well.
The White Waves were much better than purples

PC player in Gary Sanchez and then

Some Trout! Super Dee Duper!

*feels stoked about the Trout find. Takes a happy sip and feels like breaking into a dance*

My box wasn't mind blowing by any stretch and I didn't pull an auto like most have told me blasters have, but the Trout ending made me happy so that's what matters. Not too mention I found some rookies and a Sanchez for the PC.

I have a strong feeling if Panini had the MLB license or a split of it with Topps, that Prizm would be Top Dog like it is in other sports. I think it would even bypass Topps Chrome but that's just me. For now though, I will enjoy it as it is, a forgotten treasure.

See you in 2021 Prizm baseball.

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  1. Boy, the font on that "Scorching" insert is weird. It looks as though it says "Soorohinq".

  2. Sweet Verlander! I would buy Prizm before Chrome every time. Chrome is metallic flagship which I do NOT care for most every year. Prizm parallels (yes, there are too many) show more creativity in design. Love them. I have the Altuve. I've been picking up his base parallels with every affordable opportunity. So far, I've managed several numbered ten or less.

  3. Those are nice looking cards. Maybe I'll grab some someday! And I agree with Brett Alan, weird font on the scorching.

  4. My buddy has been bugging me to dig through these basketball insert boxes he sold me a while back, because he wants to see if he sold me any Prizm stuff. He told me even Lebron base cards sell for crazy money. I know for sure there weren't any Lebron or Kobe cards though, because he sold them to another guy.


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