Monday, August 10, 2020

Behind The Scenes

*sitting here cup in hand wondering if you guys believe what I type in this section is real or not. Light bulb shows above my head, what about a short behind the scenes post to show you how legit this is....*

And before I begin today's post, this blog and everything I put on here is as real as it gets unlike a lot of those so-called "reality TV shows". I have never, ever gotten into any of those. That's not reality. A real game of Survivor would be leaving those people on an island to survive with cameras watching them. Not play a game, unlock food, vote people off the island or something along those lines.

Real survival just like this real blogging.

*takes first sip of coffee*

I do have a couple of Coffee Breaks I could have posted about today in 2020 Optic baseball blaster box and 2020 Prizm blaster box but I thought I would go behind the scenes a little to show you what this blog is all about. Which in the end is simply Cards Over Coffee.....and an added breakfast food occasionally. But that would have been a long weird title for this blog so it's simply and mainly, Cards Over Coffee.

*another sip*

Most mornings I am able to blog on here are the same, first I get up and check Twitter for any notifications and scroll through a little. Sometimes that site can be a drag when you see so many collectors not getting along occasionally so it can be a very fast scroll. Then I will check out rest of the blogs and leave comments where applicable and move to turning my laptop on while I grab my cup of coffee to sit and blog.

This morning though, I am hoping to continue work on my football rookie card sorting. I have been tearing apart my rookie card binders for all sports, moving the good cards into penny sleeves and toploaders while also moving the lesser rookies into boxes. I have also been pulling out set needs I had forgotten about. I haven't decided if I will keep all cards in boxes or if I will stick with binders as well.

More updates on this project will be on here soon. I haven't gotten too far with it yet and want to get more done before I start a long drawn out detailed post.

I have been through roughly 10 teams so far and today I am sorting my, insert throw up face emoji, Patriots. In case you are wondering, I am not pulling out Tom Brady's left and right. In all reality there is none and more of the players in comparison to Shane Vereen. Also some set needs luckily.

*sets down his stack of cards, takes a bite of bagel, sip of coffee and moves on*

Every morning brings a variety and not every morning I have time to blog on here since most of these posts take over an hour for me to accomplish. That's also adding in breakfast time and coffee pouring breaks.

You can't have Cards Over Coffee without both elements.
Just to prove I didn't just snap a picture for today's post just to have something to blog about, here's a look back at a post I did last week about bagels and veggie cream cheese. Legit. Put that blue check mark next to the blog's name immediately.
*next sip of coffee, bite of bagel, back to keyboard*

Remember that day I spilled butter on my keyboard? Still cleaning that off when I hit some keys. That day I had a dead coffee maker? It happened. The day I had a bug in my coffee? Gross to think about again, but yeah, it's real. You read this as I do things which is part of the fun world I have created on here. I hope you enjoy it along with feeling sorry for me in some of those situations. Nobody should have their coffee ruined.

I know today's post isn't that long, but I wanted to give you a quick behind the scenes look at what happens on Cards Over Coffee not that you don't already read it. I have got a lot of errands to run today so gotta down this coffee, eat this bagel, finish these Patriots cards and start my day.

Cheers! *tipping my mug towards the computer screen, expecting you to do the same*

*smiles picturing you tipping your mug towards the screen in a return cheers and continues to finish coffee and breakfast*


  1. I've never really questioned bloggers stories. Although I guess there could be some fictional posts out there. Anyways... I just switched from Philadelphia over to Lucerne garden veggie spread. I like how it's harder. And by the way, I had two sips of coffee while reading this post and commenting.

    1. I would love for this to be a blog bat around and see what a Chronicles Of Fuji is or a What Night Owl is...

    2. If I wasn't so swamped, I'd totally do it. Right now things are crazy for me... which might make the post more interesting. Unfortunately, I don't think I could handle one more thing on my plate. Maybe this is something I'll target during my Thanksgiving break.

  2. "A real game of Survivor would be leaving those people on an island to survive with cameras watching them. Not play a game, unlock food, vote people off the island or something along those lines."

    I think what you're describing is pretty much the TV show Naked And Afraid.

    1. Is that actually real and unscripted? I feel a lot of the reality TV just isn't reality

  3. Man, I feel like pushing that bagel and cup of coffee a little bit farther away from your laptop, just in case ;-)

    Thanks for the behind-the-scenes look, and keep up the good work!

  4. I enjoy the blog even though I don't enjoy coffee *gasp, I know*

    1. What?! (insert Minions face) despite your dislike of coffee I am glad you are enjoying the blog


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