Friday, July 29, 2022

Would You Rather? Opening Up Stuff Edition

 *takes a sip, sits down for today's latest post on Cards Over Coffee*

Welcome back to another Would You Rather? Today, I wanted to challenge you a bit more.

The game is called, Would You Rather. In this series you will be given two choices and you must make one decision sort of like The Matrix. Each decision you make will also have a problem tied into it and you will have to decide which is the better of the two choices. 

You will also have to live with your decision for the rest of your make the right one.

*takes another sip before starting today's new series*

*sits in the dark alone wearing all black clothing and sunglasses*

*in a deep voice sitting in the dark*Hello Readers, my name is Mattpheus. I am the leader of the sport card universe and can offer you the control of your future.

I have two pills to offer you *holds hand out with both pills* that will lead you on your path today. Each pill gives you both an reward and a penalty.

Today, you can take the Red Pill and only buy retail for the rest of your life but guaranteed a hit with every purchase. However, each retail item costs the same as it's hobby counterpart. Retail Packs=Hobby Packs, Blaster Boxes=Hobby Boxes, Mega Boxes=Jumbo Boxes, and etc.
Or you can choose the Blue Pill and buy hobby at retail prices, but never expect a single hit (sort of like retail is now)


Make your decision below in the comments.

I will be awaiting your choice with my cup of coffee in the dark.

Both pills will cause diarrhea, sorry.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

I hope you enjoy this new segment and I hope a lot of you join in on the conversation.

Have a great Friday.

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*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. As a small budget collector, I'm inclined to take the blue pill. Hits are a pleasant surprise, but not essential to the enjoyment of opening packs.

  2. Diarrhea for life? No thanks. But Hmm I'd go with the Blue pill. I like Hits but not all of them are worth all the massive noise about them. If the choice had been between the 2 sets pictured I would go blue with A&G

  3. I'm a cheap-ass who doesn't pay hobby prices for pretty much anything. But I suppose a retail pack for the price of a hobby pack with a guaranteed hit isn't so bad, so I'll go red.

  4. Blue pill. Can't remember the last time I bought a hobby box. I'm sure when I did... it was heavily discounted.

  5. The adrenaline rush of getting a hit off cardboard crack. I'll take the red pill. Umm listen, man, I'll even trade you a sticker auto card I just pulled, for the rest of that bottle of red pills. C'mon, man, it's a great deal!

  6. Sounds like two sh*tty options!


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