Friday, July 1, 2022

Coffee Break:2022 Donruss Baseball Hanger Box #2

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I hope you enjoyed the last Donruss Hanger break, because deja vu, we are at it again with another Hanger Box of 2022 Donruss baseball.

Let's see how today's break goes in comparison to the last box.

*takes a sip, begins to rip*
Every 2022 Donruss Baseball Hanger Box comes with 50 cards which is a lot of base, 6 holo orange parallels, 2 diamond parallels, another parallel and a couple inserts. Each Hanger Box is $15.98.

Aaron Judge base for my collection.

Some Retro '88s however some variations of them as well. I don't ever remember referring to Ichiro as Ichi.....
My best Diamond King. He has played okay in pinstripes this year.

There are 280 cards in the base set to collect.

Now onto parallels which Donruss offers the following,
Holo Blue, Holo Orange, Holo Pink, Holo Purple, Holo Red, Independence Day, Liberty, Yellow, Red /2,022, Career Stat Line /500 or less, Season Stat Line /400 or less, One Hundred /100, On Fire /75, America /50, Presidential Collection /46, Voltage /25, Artist Proof /10, Press Proof /5, Number One 1/1, and Printing Plates 1/1.

Independence Day parallel again for my bonus parallel in my break. Luckily I don't have to see Ruth with a B on his hat.

My Orange Holos this time are,
Nothing too outstanding but a Dodgers card that may make a surprise to someone's mailbox.

Now onto my insert finds, once again my Diamond Parallels were inserts.
UNLEASHED!! My favorite insert for 2021 Donruss has returned! Very cool! This years Unleashed has 20 cards to collect.

Bomb Squad with 10 cards in the set to collect. Another great looking insert.

Inserts also have the following parallels,
Diamond, Pink Fireworks, Rapture, Vector, Silver /349, Blue /249, Red /149, Gold /99, Green /25, and Black 1/1.

The inserts once again set this product apart and honestly because of this, I would rather open Donruss than Topps flagship. Read that again if you need to.

Thoughts on my break welcomed in comments. I want to hear truly if you would rather open this than Flagship but do it without the logo worries in mind.

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*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. If both companies utilized MLB logos, I'd consider opening 2022 Donruss for the inserts. But I still prefer the Topps base card design over this year's Donruss. It's close though. Neither are personal favorites.

    1. I guess I am okay without logos still. I mean yes I prefer them, but this was much more fun that Topps was

  2. I'll still pick Topps over Panini if they're side-by-side on a shelf and I haven't sampled either of them yet. The lack of logos will always be a problem -- and the fact Panini has no idea what a card back is.

    1. The logos I push by. I opened both Flagship and this and I found this to be more thrilling. The base design is probably better for Topps along with the photography, but the inserts win in the end for me.


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