Friday, June 2, 2023

Coffee For The Summer

*sits down, gets ready for a new post on Cards Over Coffee*

*ooops, left coffee on counter, gets up, gets coffee, now sits back down and gets ready to post*

*takes a sip first

I assume by now most of you have seen my long gaps of posting on here. That isn't done on purpose, that's done because life is busy and life comes before blogging and even the hobby. I didn't always realize that, but as I got older that realization hit me in the face like that first sniff of morning coffee.

With so much going on, I have had to take a step back in the hobby. This has caused me to blog less, fall behind on mailing stuff out and even do anything card related.

This step back will be a giant leap back when next week begins.

Next week kicks off a very busy time in my life as I put more family time ahead of the hobby. This also means today's blog post will be the last for awhile, I don't expect it to be forever but who knows. This also means I will be taking a step back on trading as well, which I have already begun the process of. However, I have not forgotten about you I owe mail days to and there is quite a list of you.
  • Tom From Angels Blog (Batman return)
  • Dennis from Too Many Verlanders blog (upcoming trade)
  • @cjbosu2000 from Twitter (Christmas card return)
  • Grady M from Twitter (rest of trade)
  • Tim B from Twitter (rest of trade)
  • Bryan MC from Twitter (rest of trade)
  • Rick Mckee from Twitter (rest of trade)
  • Dion from Autograph Blog (upcoming trade)
  • ImitationBacon on Twitter (rest of trade)
  • @DarkCards66 on Twitter (trade)
  • Chester Copperpot on Twitter (RAK back)
I hope to get something out to all of you soon. It's just been hard to sit down, look for cards for some of you, get them packed up and out. Finances also play a role in this as well. They are very tight this year so all of these returns will be PWE until I run out of stamps. But, at some point, you will all be caught up.

Thanks to everyone on that list for being patient with me.

*takes a sip, feels some hobby anxiety wanting to get these mail days caught up*

I think that's all of my updates on here. As I stated above, I hope to get all of these mail days out in the next month or so. I hope to be back on here blogging at some point and maybe pick up trading then as well.

I hope all of you have a safe, spectacular summer. Don't forget to drink your daily brew and have a cup for me as well.

I will be available on Twitter (@collec_sport)/email ( for those of you who want to contact me. I also hope to find some time to keep up with reading the blogs in the blogsphere as well.

*takes one loooooooonnggg sip to cover the summer on here*

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. I understand how priorities change with life and its challenges. I am always looking at that and sometimes things change by the minute. The hobby for me is always down the list of priorities from more important things. Coffee is up there towards the top. Take care of the important things because the hobby is ready for all of us when we are ready for it.

    1. Totally agree, and I have been. Had time today for a post that I hope everyone appreciates

  2. Now I lay me down to sleep,
    with a wax pack between my feet.
    Dreams of cards throughout the night,
    and coffee with the morning light.
    May the Java be with you!

  3. I understand the family thing... as I too have had to put family ahead of the hobby in recent months. Hope to see you back on here sooner than later... but totally understand if you don't.

    1. Yes, I have noticed your long gaps between posts as well but I get it. Family comes first. This stuff will always be here, family may not


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