Friday, June 30, 2023

Too Many Cards (not really)

*sits down, laptop is fully charged, coffee is ready and now it's time for cards over coffee*

A couple of weeks ago, Too Many Verlanders blog sent me a package that contained a lot of great cards and being behind on blogging, I haven't had the chance to show them off until today.

Dennis, as many other bloggers and former bloggers know, sends out some of the most generous and fun filled mail days out there.

Not that some of you others don't.

This time I was in shock as I continued to dig through the package as he just about hit up every part of my PC and hit it up well from shows he had gone to.

I sure hope you are ready and have your coffee in hand as I reveal this one. There were so many cards I had to group some.
Lots of G-Men.

 More here (yes a Yankees insert is hiding in the top corner)

And even more Gmen! (that Hilliard is awesome)

Danny Dimes. Panini doesn't do a lot of things right with cards, but they did these photos right.

Kerry Collins

90's numbered cards (to be fair, I knew these were coming because I claimed them)

J-Dom. One of the very few Yankees I still collect and both of these are new to that collection.

90's insert (bonus it's a Yankee)

You would think the cards above were enough, me to, but then came more! And of course I always appreciate Too Many Cards (and hope you all appreciate my play on his blog name)

This time some NY Giants hits and you want to know the crazy part, I have 6,000+ Giants cards and not a single one of these hits was a dupe. That's impressive. He either had intuition or stood outside my bedroom window watching me drink coffee and sort them. Either way, I am good with it.
Great Expectations from Illusions of Darius Slayton. I have great expectations of him this upcoming season.

Rookies and Stars NFL Authentic of Slayton.

Eli Manning manufactured Throwback Patch

Optic Donruss Threads of Sterling Shepard.

Finest Autograph rookie of Steve Smith.

Jerrel Jernigan Topps Chrome autograph.

Was this the end of this mail day? Nope. There were two more cards in this very loaded Too Many Cards I appreciated mail day.
Gary Sanchez manufactured MLB Commemorative patch.

And then this Game Floor piece of Shareef Abdur-Rahim that he had in his trade bait blog post I couldn't just leave there. I love unique relics and this for sure was one of those.

Thanks again to Dennis for his generosity and I hope you enjoyed what I sent you as much as I enjoyed this one.

*takes a sip and begins to sort these out with the other Giants cards*

*looks out the window to see if Dennis is there*

Hope everyone has a great day and thoughts on my mail day welcomed in comments.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. Wow, I'm pretty happy that all of those Giants hits were new to you! Also, you should dust in your bedroom...

  2. Very nice variety. Patches, Autos and a piece of the Floor? More coffee? Have a nice weekend!

  3. The Abdur-Rahim relic is cool. Back when he was with the Grizzlies... he was one of my favorite players. Started following him when he was at CAL.

    1. I kept pulling his cards, especially his rookie year

  4. Great stuff! Dennis is a good guy!


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