Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Finished Cup:1995 Skybox Impact Countdown To Impact

 *coffee is ready, cards are next to me and it's time for a new cards over coffee.*

So yesterday I posted an Unfinished Cup, which is a set that needs completing to today a Finished Cup meaning......you got it, a set I completed.

It almost took me 30 years to complete this set, I never know why it takes me that long but it has to do with my focus on the hobby, but it's officially done, and I can celebrate.

The 1995 Skybox Impact Countdown To Impact fell 1:20 packs. There are 10 cards in this set. I posted this as an Unfinished Cup back in March of this year so I finally focused and got it done.

Here were the four cards needed to finish this one up,

Some big time names in there. Which is the way I work with all of my set chases tackling the top guys last.

Here is the 10-card set in all of it's glory,

Yes, I am smiling behind my mug that this is finally done.

*takes a happy sip and may have done a little happy dance*

*gets back to blogging*

Thoughts on my latest set completion welcomed in comments.

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

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  1. Big fan of Favre... but sometimes I wish he waited a little longer than 3 seconds to pass the ball. Congratulations on completing the set.


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