Monday, December 26, 2022

Chasing Chevy

*sits down after a long Christmas day, gets ready for new post on Cards Over Coffee*

*forgets coffee on the counter, how is that possible?, gets back up gets coffee, adds some leftover non-alcoholic eggnog as creamer and sits back down*

*takes a sip*

When I think about Christmas, I can't think about Christmas without thinking about Chevy Chase.

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation is not only my favorite Christmas movie, but my favorite movie overall. And Chase, who I grew up already been a fan of, is lead.

For me, it only made sense to make Chevy a PC in my collection.

Up to this year, I only had an autograph card and some relic ones in my collection until I decided it was time to add upon that after doing some research and finding out he has plenty of cards out there.

251 to be exact.

*takes a sip before moving on with today's cards*
One of the first adds I did, was the Super Glow Blue base card. I thought this card looked really cool.

Next up, Chevy was featured in many of the 1992 Star Pics SNL cards. I have all but one of them now.

Weird thing is, despite being a big fan, I never once watched him on SNL. I wasn't really into SNL. I still not a big fan now but do enjoy a couple of the sketches I will watch time to time.

I need to add the final SNL card at some point.

Up next, a couple of 1994 Comic Images Boris 4 featuring two of Chevy's movies in art style. The top one is of him in the comedy Nothing But Trouble and the second one features him in European Vacation.

And my favorite adds and ones I considered to be his rookies, 1988 Hostess Hot Summer Flicks Stickers from the Funny Farm movie,


Pretty cool finds. I didn't know these even existed.

*takes a gulp to finish up the cup, gets another cup ready and takes a sip of eggnog then puts some eggnog into his mug for creamer again*

There are plenty of other Chevy cards out there that I need to add that are non relics/autographs, but there are also lots of autograph/relics I don't expect to ever add.

I currently reside as the #1 Chevy Chase collector on TCDB sitting 4 cards ahead of second place.

Thoughts on my adds and your favorite Chevy Chase movie/show is welcomed in comments.

Have a great day!

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. Nicely worded title. I've seen him in a few movies. I think my favorite is Caddyshack.

    1. Thanks. I thought the title was creative and I enjoyed Caddyshack as well

  2. I loved watching SNL as a kid, but Chevy was a little before my time. As for movies... I enjoyed the Vacation films and Fletch. Spies Like Us was okay. I saw that movie in the theaters.

    1. I need to see Fletch still. I have seen bits and pieces but not the whole movie

  3. Love the Canadian content in the form of Hostess stickers. Grew up with Hostess chips!


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