Monday, December 12, 2022

Filling In Needs

*takes a sip on this cold, snowy covered Monday Morning. has cards next to laptop and is ready for Cards Over Coffee*

I find it very useful to post your needs on blogs.

Whether that be a Top 10 Want List, Set Needs, A Santa Sized list or a simple post, there is always someone reading-even if you have a small crowd reading-that see your needs and sometimes can fill them.

In a post about a week ago, I talked about how it was Allen And Ginter season and that I was on the lookout for Non-Sport personalities in the base set. I made a list, checked it twice and someone saw my post and provided me some of those needs.

What I didn't expect though, was the bonuses and one was quite the surprise.

*takes a sip before moving onto today's post*

@jrl1828x8 on Twitter read that post and messaged me telling me he had some of the base cards non-sports I was seeking.

Keep in mind this mail day was sent RAK style.
If you are into the NFL like I am, you know Scott Hanson. He works for NFL Network and hosts the NFL RedZone channel which features the biggest parts of the games.

Morgan Murphy is a stand up comedian and has done some writing on the comedy show 2 Broke Girls. One that I actually can admit to enjoying. Yes, I said it. Don't spit out your coffee.

If you have Facebook and like any comedy at all, I am certain you saw Charlie Berens video shorts on there. I would be surprised if you haven't. His videos always pop up for me since I follow Dude Dad on there.

Dave Hause is a singer/songwriter and Rachel Balkovec is the first full time female manager and manages the Yankees Class A minor league team, the Tampa Tarpons.

These were the cards I was expecting. Then came a few surprises.

*takes a sip*
I don't get into politics at all, nobody would want to know my opinions on today's topics :) However, I do collect a lot of politicians and political figures on cards. That I, and you, can handle.

I hope. No political arguments in comments. Just coffee.

And the biggest surprise of them all....
Mr. Alice Cooper..RELIC CARD!! This was the one card from my want list I didn't think I was going to get. So, so cool!!!

HUGE THANKS to James for this incredible mail day and surprises.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

I have been fortunate so far with being able to get some sets filled, a few other needs knocked off just for taking a minute out to post about my needs.

I hope you do the same and that you have success in filling your needs.

In comments today, tell me about your favorite card from this mail day and has someone ever helped knock off important cards from your lists.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

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  1. I don't know about the mail yet because it hasn't been delivered yet. I am into my 2nd cup of coffee. I am working on a set build for 2019 Topps Heritage Baseball. I have about 75 more left to get to finish. They are all SP's. I have one in an in-progress trade. Who knows how many more pots of coffee I will need to complete the set. Snowy here as well with a possible 9 inches in the next day or two. Stay warm!


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