Saturday, December 24, 2022

Shiffrin Into Gear

*sits down, gets ready for a new post and new surprise for you guys on Cards Over Coffee*

Let's just get to it already, the big surprise....I have started a new PC. Yes, I have tons and tons of them already started, but I wanted to add to that. To me, you can never have too many. You need to give yourself variety in a hobby that can sometimes fall flat or lead you down an empty road over time if you don't.

My latest PC is something that started out of the blue.

Where I live, we don't have many, if any, big time hometown athletes. Today's person is borderline on this but was close enough that I counted it.

*takes a sip*

Mikaela Shiffrin wasn't born here, but she spent some time going to school at a local skiing academy which is roughly half an hour from where I live. 

She has 77 total career wins, is an Olympian skier, World Champion, has 14 medals between the Olympics and the World Championships in which 8 of those are gold. To say she is dominate in her sport would be an understatement.

When I saw that she had some cards in a couple of Upper Deck products, I decided to go and chase some down.

She had many cards in the 2021 Upper Deck Skybox Metal Universe product with multiple parallels and 90's looking inserts.

Dots parallel /299

Blast Furnace. Looks amazing.

Skybox Premium Insert

Intimidation Nation

Reaching For The Stars die-cut. One of my favorite adds.

A Cut Above

Fresh Foundation

Fresh Foundation Dots /299

Green Galaxy acetate insert. This one I believe is a case hit pull.

Mikaela also had some cards in 2021 Goodwin Champions,
Orange Premium parallel

And a relic insert.

On TCDB, I am ranked as the 2nd among collectors of Shiffrin with 11 cards. The leader has 18. 

But, I also have a lot more that could be added and if any of you have any of her you don't see pictured above, let me know and we can work out a pwe trade!

I am also hopeful I can add an autograph one of these days.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

As I said above, if you have any of her cards, just drop me an email at and we can work out a trade.

Thoughts on Shiffrin, my collection and a local athlete that you collect welcomed in comments.

Have a great day.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. She has a couple in SI for Kids too. They aren't current but you shouldn't have too much trouble finding them I would imagine

    1. I think I have at least one of them. Need to track down my SI For Kids mags

  2. Great to see Mikaela get some love on the blogs. Definitely never saw the Championship Galaxy card before. You saved me some time as I had a Shiffrin-themed post scheduled for next week.

    1. I look forward to that post!

      I knew another blogger collected her but couldn't remember who

  3. She has relatives about an hour-and-half northeast of here, which may be why she ended up at that skiing academy.

    1. Yes, I believe her father lived in NH and skied locally before they moved back to Colorado.

  4. A. I'm with you on having as many collections as your heart desires. Everyone is a different and has their own collecting rules.

    B. Not 100%, but I think I first heard of her at this year's Winter Olympics. Hope she bounces back in 2026.

    1. A. Absolutely. There should be no limit.
      B. I hope she does as well.


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