Thursday, January 11, 2024

Worth The Wait Part 1

It was certainly worth the wait.

My mail day from @90sNicheFBCard was a long time coming, by long time I am talking over a year. I know that sounds bad, but I know he was busy with life and to me, that comes first. Life and family come before hobby, I think some people struggle to understand that, but I go with that philosophy and always will.

So, over that time our trade continued to build, and I sent him stuff on and off throughout that time, so I know on my end, I was all set. Because once again, life can get in the way, so I wanted to make sure I was covered just in case.

We had a lot of fun along the way joking about when he would mail, but he kept telling me by Christmas I would have it. And he didn't break his promise.

A box arrived from him with my name on it and I was immersed in what had been collected over that time. Some I knew about, some I didn't and then there was a big surprise at the end. 

You will have to wait until the Part 2 to see that and the Giants cards in this mail day will be posted on Big Blue Cardboard if you want to see those.

While you wait for those posts, let's check out what I am showing off today.

First up, some new Griffeys,

(say what you want about Panini baseball cards, but this card is stunning)

Then came some new Judges,

(not sure what these are, but this card is thick and heavy)



A couple new JDoms,

(this one makes me think of Austin Powers)

And a cool Babe Ruth,
Check it out. Always like a nice die cut!

And then some set help for my 1997 Fleer Metal Marvel 

Huge one here with Sanders. Now I have the best two in the set and am roughly three away from completion.

This wasn't even all of the cards that I could have put into Part 1. I just didn't want to flood the post, but I will say I saved some amazing stuff for Part 2 and for my Giants post.

Stay tuned for more from this mail day.

Hope everyone has a great Thursday.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. You have some very nice shiny cards! The next entry you could be like Paul Harvey with "the rest of the story". We are getting ready for a weather reality check for the next ten days here in Central Minnesota. YIKES! Coffee up?

  2. If you think that Judge card is thick, wait till you see the ones with jerseys in them. I have one of Ketel Marte and it's a beauty.

  3. That Marvel Metal insert set is awesome! Hope you finish that set soon... and show it off on your blog.

    1. I will definitely show it off. Just hard to find the final few


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