Friday, January 26, 2024

Home Field Advantage

Hot coffee, warm morning, laptop open and a new card to show off. It's time for some Cards Over Coffee!

But, before I kick off today's post, I have a couple updates on my shoulder. 

First Update, on Wednesday I went to see Ortho, they examined me and decided to take my arm out of the sling because they don't want me to end up with a frozen shoulder and have the rest of my arm stiff either.

However, there was no clear answers on what to do going forward yet. There is still the fracture, but they are also trying to figure out if I tore anything. The consensus was there's a good possibility that I tore my rotator cuff, but need an MRI to tell if I did that or any other damage before they move on with a treatment plan. Hopefully I didn't tear it as that would stink as I didn't even pitch an inning in the big leagues yet and the fact it would take a long time for rehab.

Second Update, I called MRI yesterday and they are fully booked. I cannot get in until February 6th. So, even more waiting for answers to come when all I want is simply to have my arm back. You don't know how good life is when you have both of your arms. Especially your dominant one.

*takes a sip*

Speaking of update, my buddy Shane pulled a really cool card that I wanted from this year's Topps Update. It's an insert I have wanted for a few years now.

And guess I own one.
Home Field Advantage. I think these are some of the coolest looking inserts out there and the bonus here is that it's a NY Yankee with future stud Anthony Volpe. I love the art appeal to these and how it showcases the player and the city they play for and how it's represented.

Don't tell me you don't agree.

I also like the fact that these cards are not easy pulls. I believe they are one-per-case hit so it brings me back to the good ole days of the 90's when inserts looked great and weren't easy to pull. Nostalgia hits with this one.

The ultimate goal in my collecting is to land a Ken Griffey Jr one. It's my main baseball PC and it features a coffee cup on the front. How does that not sound like a perfect fit into my collection?

Thanks again Shane for the trade.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

Speaking of Home Field Advantage, I have a feeling this weekend's NFL Championship games will belong to both home teams. There is just something about playing at home and it feels since the season started that this is what its been coming to.

I hope everyone has a great Friday. Take care and I highly recommend not falling on any ice.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*


  1. It's kind of crazy how hard it is to get in to see a doctor these days. My co-worker was telling me her doctor's office called her to cancel an upcoming appointment and she was forced to reschedule in early March.

    1. I actually got in today after calling many times lol

  2. I bet that card looks better in hand than the photo and the photo is great. I fell on the driveway over a year ago and my shoulder is still hurting sometimes. I agree, don't fall. Happy Friday!

    1. Most cards are really hard to capture on camera. And yes, much better in person


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